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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I will insure my eyes and my lips – Nuella

Nuella Njugbigbo

When Jennifer Lopez some years ago announced that her bursts and behind were both insured, many highbrows were raised. Those were her selling points, and she wanted security for them. That's life in Hollywood. What will we say about a Nigerian actress who says she wants to insure her assets too. DEBORAH NWOKOCHA had a chat with Nollywood actress Nuella Njugbigbo, who disclosed plans to insure her eyes and lips.

Where is Nuella from?

I am from Ozubulu in Anambra state. I am from a family of five, that is mother, father, two brothers and I am the only girl. I am the first born and the only girl in my family.

Was it fun being the only girl?

It was not fun at all. That is why today, I have a lot of female friends. I remember when I was young that I always asked my mother when she would give me a sister and she would say I should go and talk to God and tell Him I wanted a sister, and that He would give us one.

There is the good side of it too. My brothers looked at me like I am their all. Though my mum is a disciplinarian and I still have to do my chores but I was still doted on. I was very secure amongst my brothers.

Tell us a bit of your Nollywood story

I have been in the industry for five years now. The major movie that launched me is ‘Lord of Marriage’, but I don’t know which movie brought me to lime light because I have been doing very good movies and anyone I do I get positive response. The industry has been kind to me. I have had no scandals, and my roles have always been easy for me to play.

I have always wanted to be on T.V, but I actually thought I was going to be a broadcaster but as time went on, I found myself loving movies. I remember when I use my pocket money when I was still in school to rent movies. My mum would scold me and ask why I would always waste my money on movies. It happened that one day, I was watching a movie and I saw something that I liked. I was watching Genevieve and I said to myself that I like her and I wished I could do what she was doing. Then I called a family friend of mine and told him I wanted to join the movie industry and asked what it was like. He just said ok and that he would call me if there is an audition. But then I was still in school so I was combining school and work. I write script also and I have written a lot of scripts.

I wrote Next of Kin, Heart of Slave, Lord of Marriage, Bloody Ring, and others.

What role would you say is the most challenging?

The movie I played my most challenging role is yet to be released. I have shot it but it is not yet in the market. The movie is a mixture of love and war, kidnap and all of that. It was produced by Mofe Ekene Okonkwo.

You said you wanted to be a broadcaster before coming into the movie world, did you pursue a career in that?

No, I just did a one year programme in fine art. I should call it creative arts because it combines visual art and theartre art. I borrowed some courses from Theatre arts like scripting and directing. That was where I got the idea. I tried to read mass communication in school but I wasn’t given. I was given Public Administration.

Who are your role models in the industry? I love Genevieve and Liz Benson. They are my role models. As a member, what do you think of the crisis rocking the A.G.N and aren’t the members given a right to have a say in the crisis?

They are giving us though, but…infact, they are trying to sort things out. But I think it is the normal to have crisis because at the end there will be long lasting peace. We can also build a steady organization so there are things that come with it. Though we are having misunderstanding with each other, but we are trying to sort things out. We the members have talked and aired our minds and opinion. Infact, it is getting better.

So who is your own A.G.N’s president?

He is Segun Arinze.

And not Emeka Ike?

It depends on where you are coming from.

What about the election that proclaimed Emeka Ike the president?

No comment.

For you and other members of the Guild, whom do you people see as your president?

No comment.


I don’t want to come between anybody. It is your right and you have a right to choose who should lead you.

It is our problem; we will sort it out and tell you people. It is already been taken care of.

What do you think is the way forward for Nollywood and all concerned?

The way forward I would say is more funds. We need money and support especially from the government. We need fund for something like a Nollywood village and fund to curb piracy. Piracy is our major problem and if we can curb to the barest minimum it if not stop it, the market will be better and the sky will be our starting point.

What misconception have people had about you because of the roles you have played?

A lot of people see as some one that likes trouble and looks for it, but I don’t like trouble.

That means the roles you play are more of trouble?

Not really. I mix them and I am lucky I have played different roles. There is no kind of role I have not played. I have done that of a prostitute, an unfaithful wife, a stubborn sister, a boy friend snatcher. I have done a lot, but a lot of people see as been naughty. But I am not naughty it is just my job and I try to do it very well.

You have been in the industry for five years, where do you hope to see yourself in the coming future?

I hope to see myself on the very top, the toppest top if there is anything like that, from there, to Hollywood.

How best can you describe yourself?

I am a very calm person and I could be very considerate. I go out of my way to make to do things for people. That is the way I see myself. I hate to be used and taken for granted and if anybody does that, I go off my limits and you see the other side of me and you will ask; is this her? Though I am not an outgoing kind of person, I am still not an introvert. I am neither here or there. Sometimes I want to be here; sometimes I want to be there.

What is your source of inspiration?

The fact that I have God, I have somebody that will never turn his back on me no matter what comes my way and the fact that I believe in myself, I believe in what I can do and my abilities.

All the while you have been in Nollywood, would you say that the journey has been worthwhile?

It has. Although it has been it has been strenuous, but it is worth it. I have sacrificed a lot, in terms of time, hardwork and every thing it takes, but it has been worth it because I love to do it. It is something I like to do though sometimes with the false rumour and misconception, we still got there, and I didn’t know I was going to get here, though I knew I was going to get there, but I didn’t know it was going to be that fast.

Apart from the fame, will you say you are making a lot of money?

At first I won’t lie to you, it was not coming. You know when you are starting, you have to get there first and let people know you can do it and when they now see you and know you can do it, they start coming and they will pay you. I will say that I have worked hard and people have seen what I can do so I will say that the money is coming.

So far, can you rate the number of movies you have done?

It should be like more than 25. but a lot of them have not been released. In recent times, likes since January I have really worked. I have moved from one location to another.

What is that thing you have and love that is in you?

The fact that I am strong willed and that I don’t give up on any thing. I believe that the only time something ends is only when life ends because better things are yet to come. Physically, I love my eyes and my lips and if I have my way I will insure them, infact, very soon I will insure them.

Any funny moments? I was by a pool side relaxing with a friend when a guy walked up to me and called my name. I turned and said Hi to him; he answered and said; so finally this is you, so I can look at these lips. He went on and asked if he can have a taste of my lips. I was like how, and asked what he meant. He just said that he was serious. And with what I saw in the guy’s eyes, I knew he was ready to do it and people were watching and wondering what was going on. The guy was seriously telling me that he wanted to do it and I asked him what he wanted to do.

What about what a fan has done to you? There was a time at the airport, a fan saw me, he just dropped his bag and ran towards me and he was like; oh my God can he hug me, before I responded, he just picked me up and turned me around and he was saying that he couldn’t believe it was me and that he was happy to see me. At the end of the day, he missed his flight. I get to meet crazy things a lot. I have met a woman that hates me because of my movie. It was in the market though.

Which role have you played that is opposite of your real person?

I played a stubborn and wicked sister. I stabbed my sister in the movie. The woman went over bode. I think she is not used to watching films. She was complaining about me and even after I passed, she kept on talking that she doesn’t like me.

How do you cope with male compliments?

I cope with my male admirers the way I should cope with them. Before I came into the industry, I had them, but now they are more and I would say it has been fantastic. They are my fans and I love them, they brought me to where I am so I cannot do without them but I try to keep it at bay you know, I am very careful and I know where to draw the line.

Are you into a relationship? Yes I am.

Is it a serious one?

I don’t know about serious but I know that I am in a relationship and I am cool with it.

Are you hoping to walk down the aisle with him?

I don’t know but if it happens that way fine and if it doesn’t, fine too.

But you should know your level of commitment and where you both are headed?

Yes I do, but as you know man proposes and God disposes so I can never tell. We might want to be with each other for the rest of our lives but we don’t know if that is what God wants for us.

What will you say is your greatest assets as an actress?

It’s obvious. I know I have great lips and eyes, which stands me out. I know many people who give comments about my lips and eyes. In fact if I had the chance, I will insure both of them because they are like assets to me.

What do you have to say to the younger and up coming ones that are looking up to you?

They should hold on and believe in themselves. If they don’t, they might go off and get into things they might regret in the future. So they should believe in themselves, in their talents, they should work on it and build it. If some body says you are not good, you watch yourself and if you see that you are not good, you should go into your room, shut your door and work on yourself. Pick a role model and try to emulate and learn from the persons work.


Basket mouth voted number two comedian in Africa

Basket mouth

Mr Okpocha Bright, a.k.a Basket Mouth, has been busy junketing around the world instead of devoting his time and resources to making Nigerians laugh. In what seems like a deliberate design, the talented stand-up comedian has actually been spending more time abroad than in Nigeria.

But such fly-by-night trips have not been in vain. Sources close to the comedian told Life and Beat that he was recently voted second best comedian in Africa by MNET‘s Studio 53 Extra.

So far the comedian has been on several tours all around the western world, effortlessly breaking into the mainstream comedy scenes. Recently he performed alongside Gina Yashere of Def Comedy Jam in Long Island, New York before moving on to feature in Kojo‘s comedy show in London.

Also Basket mouth performed during the famous Blues Room Comedy Show and at the Rhodes Comedy Nite, both of them in South Africa, and will perform in Atlanta and some other major cities in the United States of America.

Meanwhile Basketmouth has rescheduled the second of edition of his prime comedy concert, Lords of Ribs, following the success of the maiden edition in London. The show has been fixed for October 10, 2010. This time, comedians from different parts of the world, including Gina Yashere, Trevor Noah, David Kau, Kevin J, Eddie Kadi, Ali Baba, Okey bakassi, Bovi and Gordons.

Music artistes billed for the concerts include Tuface,MI,jessy jagz,banky W,Dare art Alade,Terry G and BEZ. Basketmouth,who will be the host of the show, has promised a fun packed event

Story by Chux Ohai

Photos from P-Square’s Official Glo Brand Ambassador Ceremony

By now you have probably heard about P-Square’s multi-million Naira Globacom deal. After months of speculation, the talented duo were officially announced as Glo Ambassadors last week. During the ceremony, Peter and Paul were presented with their official Glo ‘jerseys’ and introduced to the rest of the Glo family which includes other Glo ambassadors who had their contracts renewed on the same day.

The event was another opportunity for the crop of Globacom ambassadors to reaffirm their commitment to the company for endorsing them and for taking such a commendable step to lift Nigeria’s entertainment industry to a higher pedestal.

P-Square, the newest addition to the list of Glo ambassadors, described the endorsement as a welcome recognition of the group’s contribution to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and indeed Africa, adding that this would spur the duo to greater achievements in the music industry.

Globacom’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Mr Mohamed Jameel, said that the engagement of P-Square as brand ambassador and the renewal of the contract for others showed Globacom’s willingness to always recognise the vast, shining talents that abound in the country.

“P-Square remains a well focused and popular music group and the youths of this country and this continent find the group worthy of emulation. The choice of P-Square to join our brand ambassadors was therefore not misplaced. We have carefully selected our crop of brand ambassadors and we believe they represent the very best in their chosen professions,” he disclosed.

“We have been actively projecting enterprising Nigerians who have excelled in their fields of endeavour. We are of the firm belief that their faces would help fire the aspirations and dreams of many youths to reach for their goals and rule their world”, Mr Jameel added.

He also said that the feedback from the public largely influenced the renewal of the contracts of the ambassadors as there has been wide acceptance and recognition for the step taken by Globacom to lift the status of Nigerian stars.

Stars whose contracts were renewed at the event included Rita Dominic, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, Jim Iyke, Mike Ezuruonye, Nuhu Aliyu, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal and Ini Edo-Phillip Ehiagwina. Others were Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda, Funke Akindele, Nonso Diobi, Sanni Denja and Mohammed Yakubu.

Also on the bill were Pasuma Wonder, Original Stereoman (Ekwe), Ego Ogbaro, Sammie Okposo and ace comedian, Basketmouth.

Congrats to P-Square and the rest of the ambassadors. has a special P-Square article you’ll definitely want to read coming up next week.


Absolutely FALSE! Jim Iyke responds to vicious online rumours

Over the last few weeks, a number of disturbing stories about superstar Nigerian actor Jim Iyke have popped up on various gossip sites online.
These allegations include speculation that Jim contracted HIV from his “married Sierra Leonean secret lover” and that she has given birth to a child fathered by Jim.
The rumour peddlers also included a photo of Jim with an elderly Caucasian woman as supposed evidence to support the fallacious story.

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are real people but this seriously crosses the line! The situation is being addressed by Jim’s Management and PR company who have contacted the police, taken legal action and just sent out a press release on the issue.


Here is the press release from Jim Iyke’s Management and PR Representatives – Face Front Concepts

Our attention has been drawn to the malicious story currently circulating the net about Nollywood Star actor, Mr. Jim Iyke. The bogus story, as with stories of its kind is fabricated and riddled with lies. The timing is intentionally designed to coincide with Mr. Iyke’s commencement of a tour to promote his new comedy “2 DOLLAZ”.

The source of the story is a Nigerian journalist who has recently earned a reputation for blackmailing entertainers in exchange for not peddling lies in the media about them. Mr. Iyke has now filed a criminal petition in Lagos, Nigeria against this unscrupulous journalist and is in the process of starting legal action in Ghana and Amsterdam against the offending websites and companies.

Mr. Iyke holds members of the press in very high esteem and has indeed enjoyed a good relationship with them. However, in this case, he is forced to legally defend his rights against journalists, websites and newspapers who insist on publishing defamatory statements about him.

Jim is thankful for the support he enjoys from well meaning people around the world despite the lies and negative campaign instituted by these people. He will go ahead with plans to release his films later this year.

For further inquiries, please contact Mr. Iyke’s management company at

It is really distressing that such malicious stories will be published without any sort of confirmation. We all love gist but disseminating slanderous unconfirmed stories such as this is utterly unethical!
On a brighter note, Jim is busy promoting his new movie “2 Dollaz“, a follow-up to the hit comedy movie “1 Dollar”.
Here are some exclusive promo photos of Jim!


Mother Goose Investigations - Boys and Girls, What They Are Made Of

Everyone knows what little boys and little girls are made of. Boys are made of gastropods like slugs and snails as well as puppy dogs' tails, except puppy dogs attached to puppies are quite nice (even though for a time people had some preference for dogs without tails) and snails have a certain appeal. Frogs and snails is another variant, and frogs can be even more beautiful than snails.

Girls meanwhile are made of sugar and spice-some spices are not very nice, a lot of people don't like curry for instance, and Bombay mix can be pretty pungent. The next line is 'all things nice' which serves well as a rhyme, but 'getting drunk' to point out something innocuous is quite nice, but it can't be what they were getting at. 'Nice' in this sense probably more likely means well-behaved.

The rhyme dates back to the 19th Century, the first version of the poem said that boys are made of 'snips and snails', a snip being an elver or small eel. There were various other stanzas, now lost, describing babies, old men, old women and so on.

These terms often appear in pop culture, especially it is difficult to define the non-biological difference between boys and girls, apart from what we give people. All it really does it construct some similes about boys and girls, and similes by their very nature aren't concrete. The Greek symbols based on circles-the boy has an arrow pointing to the right, and the girl has an upside down cross-seem to get no closer to who is who. It is strange how long the prudishness to the difference has been going on. It makes you wonder if it comes from a child asking 'What the opposite sex is made of?'

Paul Wimsett is an eBay seller and has also self published work on Createspace and

Article Source:

Astro Analysis of Spiritual Illuminati

Spiritualism is a way of life in which the seeker dedicates his entire life towards spiritual pursuits to gain the knowledge of the ultimate God and inner selves. Many seekers are drawn to this path to attain various types of mystical power and miraculous experiences, being bestow upon by dedicated practise. Spiritual illuminati are an advanced seeker that practices the mystical form of faith for enlightenment. There are the different paths to experience the supreme, like devotion, renunciation, mystical techniques etc.

Factors responsible for spiritual illuminati:

· Ascendant: indicate general mental and physical abilities of a person.
· 5th house: indicates feelings, sentiments and devotion
· 9th house: provides clue of religious activities like pilgrimage, construction of religious monuments.
· 10th house: indicates anusthan which is the worship of higher order in which the seeker follows specific rules and regulations.
· 12th house: indicate salvation
· Jupiter: significator of religion, wisdom, spiritual thoughts philosophy and salvation.
· Moon: significator of mental tendencies of a person.
· Saturn: significator of detachment to worldly comforts.
· Ketu: mystical practices and experiences are indicated by this planet.

Bhakti or devotion:

The intense spiritual path of love and devotion to the God is called Bhakti.

· 5th house is appropriate to see the intensity of Bhakti.
· Lords of 5th/9th are benefice and related to each other, indicates higher level of devotion for the supreme.
· Spiritual planet Jupiter related to 5th house indicates devotion.
· Masculine planet/sign dominating the 5th house/lord indicate the seeker will worship male deity.
· Feminine planet/sign dominating the 5th house/lord indicate the worship of feminine deity.

Sanyaas or renunciation:

It is a state of dispassion and detachment from material life to attain spiritual enlightenment.

· Saturn is the major significator of renunciation.
· Saturn aspect a weak ascendant indicates sanyas -yoga
· Saturn placed in 9th house without having aspect of any planet indicate renunciation.
· Saturn posited in 10th house from ascendant/Moon and related to Sun in any manner by association/aspect/quadrant relationship, indicates sanyas- yoga.
· More than four planets placed in any house indicate sanyas -yoga.
· Moon in 9th house without having aspect of any planet, indicates sanyas.
· Moon sign is aspected by the lord of ascendant and Saturn, indicates a great snyasi.
· Ascendant is aspected by many planets being placed in a same sign.
· Lord of 10th house combined with 4 planets in quadrant/trine indicates a great snyasi.
· Lord of 9th is strong and being placed in 5th/9th and aspected/associated with Jupiter and Venus, indicates a snyasi of higher order.
· Saturn is posited in 10th in Pisces sign, indication of detachment from the world.
· Lord of ascendant is not aspected by any planet, but it aspects Saturn indicates detachment from material world.
· Saturn is not aspected by any planet, but it aspects the lord of ascendant indicates sanyas-yoga.
· Saturn and lord of ascendant aspect Moon sign indicate renunciation.
· If Saturn is placed in 5th/9th or having aspects on these and any four or more planets are in a house and one of these is the lord of the 10th house is the combination of sanyas.


They are the seekers of ultimate truth and inner illumination by practicing the art of uniting the body, mind and soul.

· Capricorn ascendant is the main instrument of being a yogi/mahatma.
· All the planets posited between Moon and Jupiter indicates a great yogi.
· All the planets lying between Saturn and Mars the seeker will be a great yogi.
· In Capricorn ascendant all the planets are posited between Sun and Mars, the seeker will be a great mahatma.
· Jupiter is placed in ascendant, Saturn in 2nd, Moon in 11th and the Venus in 12th house indicates a yogi.
· Saturn and Jupiter are placed 9th/10th house and in the same navamansa.
· Saturn in 10th and aspected/associated by Moon may give mass support to the spiritual movement of the seeker.


Article Source:

MTV Africa Music Awards 2010(MAMAs) To Be Held In Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria has been selected as the host city of this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs). It will be the second time in three years that the awards have taken place in Nigeria, following the inaugural MAMAs, which was held in Abuja in October 2008.

The most populous city of Africa’s largest country will play host to nominees and performers on Dec. 11 at the EKO Expo Hall, Johannesburg-based MTV Networks Africa announced on Aug 25th.

Nominees are expected to be announced in the last week of October. Voting will then be open to the public via a mobile-site ( and a website (

The 2010 MAMAs feature 12 categories including best male, best female, best video, best group, artist of the year, best anglophone act, song of the Year, best international act and MAMA Legend.

Best lusophone act and best francophone Act have also been added to the categories, giving recognition to Portuguese and French-speaking artists working on the continent.

The inaugural MAMAs took place in 2008 in Abuja followed by last year’s event in Nairobi, Kenya. Past winners include 2-FACE (Nigeria), Nameless (Kenya), Samini (Ghana), Wahu (Kenya), HHP (South Africa), D’Banj (Nigeria) and Patricke-Stevie Moungondo (Congo Brazzaville).