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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2face At The 8th Annual African Festival—Fest Africa in Baltimore! [PICTURES]

Tuface headlined the 8th Annual African Festival—Fest Africa 2010 that took place in Baltimore, US on the 14 – 15th August where children aged 10 and under were admitted free. Find pictures from event below and Catch 2face live in Concert on the 26th of september at Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos – Powered by Flytime Promotions, Silverbird and Now Muzik

Story by Dro

Monday, August 30, 2010

...If your child is gay?


Homosexuality is fast becoming a phenomenon worldwide. Even in Africa where hitherto it was unheard-of. The easiest explanation is perversion. At least in the layman’s understanding. Otherwise what would make an able-bodied man turn on another man in search of sexual gratification when a lot of women abound?

In the western world, it’s even a subject of legislation and has somewhat polarized developed societies. Familyline conducted a short survey to determine the disposition of parents on this vexing issue. Views of some respondents are presented below:

Mummy T
First and foremost, it is a devilish spirit, more terrible than that of dogs . There is no doubt about it. Before answering the question perse, what factors could make a child gay? Idleness is a factor .

When our children are idle, they become the devil’s tools. Secondly, not bringing them up in the fear of the Lord is not right. It is your foundation that determines the type of structure you would build on it. If the foundation is weak, whatever you have on it will definitely collapse.

Too much freedom can be dysfunctional. Children should not grow without proper supervision.
When a child becomes gay, the best thing is not to disown him. He needs counseling , parental attention and commitment. He needs God more than ever before. Such child needs to be re-generated in God’s way. Thorough intercessory prayers is required because it is evil in God’s sight.

In Islam, it is disgusting. That is why God provided us with the Sharia law. It’s not only meant for Moslems , but for everyone. No parents would be happy with such development . I only know that I would seek God’s help, as it is beyond me.

God forbid! Where would he inherit such? Any child that engages in such is destined for hell fire. Such a child needs serious prayers and counseling. Most times, the blame should be on parents. We shirk our responsibilities, get preoccupied with things we don’t need and give less attention to our homes. Sometimes, we are busy, but guilty. Since it has happened, the best way out of it, is to seek God’s mercy and grace. It’s absolutely a sad thing, but the only solution is God.

My child a gay? No, No, No. Biblically, we all know how immoral and disgusting act it is. Now, seeing him/her as one of them is an issue. No physical effort would solve it as it is a spiritual issue. I think a fervent prayer is just the only help here. No level of shouting or beating would do, no. I believe in God Almighty that He would take control.

May God have mercy on this generation. It’s a sign of the endtime, which we must as quickly as possible reject. The child should be committed to God Almighty for total deliverance, because he’s no doubt possessed with the evil spirit . May God help us.

My child will never be gay in God’s name. I would have laid for him a good foundation from the very beginning. It happens in most foreign countries and I heard there are some here in Nigeria. But in the Biblical era, they were destroyed and I know God will still destroy them should they fail to turn away from such a disgusting tendency.

Though homosexuals may persist in their perversion , their judgment is imminent. It shall descend on them just like in the days of Noah when they least expected.

It is apparently caused by an evil spirit. When one lacks the spirit of God, the demonic spirit finds the heart empty and occupies it. It further goes out and brings with it worse terrible spirits. And what happens? The end of such a fellow is worse than his beginning.
If I notice such tendency in my child, I won’t take it with levity.

The best way to correct a child is not to disown him. First, we must love him and pray ahead of any other step to be taken. Secondly, we should ask him what really motivated him to be gay. But to me, I think it is more of a spiritual and psychological problem. No sane person would be interested sleeping with or making love to people of same sex. It is absolutely uncalled for. I would first stop his education and seek divine solution to the problem before he/she continues school.

I have been hearing of gays, and I regard them as beasts and nothing more. It’s one of the signs of the end time. If my child is homosexual, which I know cannot be, I would not mind that he should be disciplined publicly. This would definitely change one or two things in him. After this, we can think of the way out.


Nollywood Has Failed Me — Steph-Nora Okere

Steph-Nora Okere

There are two Stephs in Nollywood that are popular. Before Stephanie Okereke, there was a Steph-Nora Okere. Trained as theatre artiste from the famous University of Ife, the Owerri-born actress garnered fame and fortune at the nascent stages of Nollywood but it looks like she has started singing a different song as her fortunes both as an actress and as a practitioner in Nollywood has nose-dived. Unlucky in love, Steph, as colleagues call her, has had relationships, some people say, with the wrong men.

The list includes Tony One Week, erratic and violent Jim Iyke who used to batter her on the streets and finally a marriage with Yoruba heartbreak kid Lanre Falana, which finally led to what she has called a marriage in process that never came through. Now free from all enncumberances. Steph seems to be getting her groove back. We spoke to Steph a few days ago and the actress gave us some insights into what she had been up to in the past few months.

BEING one of the few truly trained professionals in Nollywood, has Nollywood met your expectations

At the beginning yes, Nollywood seemed like it would meet my expectations , my colleagues and I had hopes that we would quickly climb up the lather, but the intrusion of massive unprofessionalism into all facets of Nollywood has long truncated that growth, so as it is am not impressed at all and my expectations have long been quashed. Our dreams and ambitions seem dwarfed by this development.

A lot of people are singing songs of praise with the level where Nollywood is now. We are regarded as the second largest movie producing culture in the world. Are you happy with that?

I wonder what is there to be happy about. I wonder why we are celebrating mediocrity. Which Nigerian movie has won anything on the international stage. Is it not Indian movies that are winning International laurels. Those who are rejoicing that we have been voted as the third largest movie producing culture in the world, have they asked about the quality of work we are doing or is it only about the quantity. They did not say we are the second “BEST” movie producing culture but the second “LARGEST”, producing nonsense. Listen, where Nollywood is now is expected knowing that we came from nowhere to get to where we are now. The stage we have gotten to is such that we have to decide to either kill the industry or take a rain check and know how to salvage it.

It looks like you have not been active in the industry for a long while now. What happened?

Have been around the industry but I have been taking my time to study what is going on and looking for a way to make myself relevant in the industry in that, I am repackaging all the stuff I have to offer so that I do not end up like the rest of the people in the band wagonof mediocrity. The works I am preparing to do now are of international standards. So let's just say I have been around but just repackaging my stuff, taking a rain-check to know exactly what to come out with. I am a trained professional don't forget that. I have to hold up my training differentiate myself and set standards for others to follow.

Are you saying that right now there are no standards for the industry to look up to?

Yes, I strongly believe it is time for us to come back in truth and put down standards that will sustain the industry and also lay standards for whoever intends to join Nollywood. Not what has happened in the past where groups of people come together for their personal interest in pretence that they want to restructure the industry. It is not so difficult to restructure the Industry if we all are sincere to ourselves. If we are agree that there is a need to do things better then all hands should be on deck with a sincere heart and if we do not do that pretty soon, some other interested bodies might do it for us and trust me, we will be worse for it.

What other interested bodies?

Government, the corporate sector, outside interests, business that do not understand what we do.

Is that not what Nollywood has been advocating?

Yes, but not when we the practitioners will not be in control of opur destinies and our futures. Not when we would only become hired hands in an industry we helped build and brought to international attention and recognition.

What are the major challenges you have faced in your Nollywood walk?

My major challenge at the beginning was basically proving myself to an industry that was just kicking off and that I have tried to do over the years with my works , at each stage of my career, I have had to prove my onus and as it stands, I don't think I have done badly, but presently, the challenge I am facing is how to make further positive impact on the industry such that my presence will be relevant now and well after I have left the industry, something like leaving your footprints on the sands of time and these are the reasons why I have taken a break and gone back to the drawing board.

It looks like a new trend is emerging where actors are becoming musicians and musicians are looking for ways to get involved in
Nollywood. What do you attribute to that? Is it the restlessness of the artistic spirit or is it the need to make more money?

Yes I have noticed it. All I have to say is that, a lot of people have some burning desires inside them to do a lot of things especially as an artiste, so whatever input any of my colleagues have made into the arts apart from acting, I it is believe is borne out of that desire to do stuff and not necessarily because they are no longer relevant to Nollywood. By the way, I am presently in the studio working on my music, and if you must know, I was into music long before I went into acting and this part of me, I intend to share with my fans.

Your marriage broke up sometime back and you have never told us the reasons why that happened

Well, as u said, I have not really come out with the main cause of the breakup, well this is borne out of the fact that I didn't want to rush into making statements to the press that I am not sure about or that I may regret in the future. Without making too much explanation or excuses, I would simply tell you that what I had was a marriage process that was truncated and I intend to grant a proper interview on that. That is why I have taken my time to be careful on what I say about that relationship for now.

So many Nollywood marriages are breaking up. is it the pressures of the work, the lives artistes live or what?

Marriages are breaking up in Nollywood same way it is breaking up world over. Truth is, it is not just a Nollywood thing, it is a trend world over, mainly because of economic changes. A woman can no longer sit down at home waiting to be fed. One income families don't work anymore. Women need self fulfillment and actualization. That challenges the men. This is the reason you go into a court and you see lots of couples going in for divorce and hey not all of them are from Nollywood, it's just that folks in Nollywood are popular figures that get their stories put into the public by the press.

Looking at yourself and the life you have lived. Would you like to change anything about yourself?

Nothing my brother, absolutely nothing, because I believe God made me the way I am for His and the purposes of my life and He allowed anything I have encountered in life, whether good or bad, to happen for a purpose, so I have no regrets.

Story by ND

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My church will grow bigger if I become President----Pastor Kris Okotie

Pastor Kris Okotie

Pastor Kris Okotie, a law graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) founded the Household of God Church in 1987 after hitting the airwaves with his rare musical talent.

Okotie, born on June 16, 1959, has once again declared his intention to slug it out with other prominent Nigerians who are warming up to take control of Aso Rock next year. A member of Fresh Democratic Party (FRESH), the man of God said he has all it takes to govern the country and take it to the Promised Land.

In this interview with REPORTER, Michael Jegede, in Lagos, Okotie insisted that Nigerians must rise up to the challenge of doing away with the government of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the 2011 general elections. He equally dwells on other pertinent issues of national interest.

Why exactly do you want to become the president of this country?

Well, I have said this many times and I will like to say it once again. Ours is a divine mandate deriving from God’s desire to answer the prayers of the oppressed masses of this nation, who have cried out in pains, in agony and their cry have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabath like we see in the scripture and He has come down to deliver. Every system of oppression, every agency that violates man’s freedom and incapacitates and incarcerates him has always been dismantled by the instrumentality of the almighty God, and Nigeria will not be an exception. So that is part of the reasons outside of the love of the country and the fact that I identify with my people and their suffering and the marginalisation that has been going on for so many years.

The present democratic dispensation came into being in 1999, over 11 years ago. Do you feel that the people have not benefited much from democracy that you want to come out and make a difference?

Definitely! The whole system was hijacked by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and because they are like a business conglomerate that has incapacitated the Nigerian people and disenfranchise them, it has become needful for those who are progressives, who believe in the Nigerian experiment to come out and salvage our nation. What is worth doing is worth doing well. I believe that posterity will judge us harshly if we forsake Nigeria at this time of her greatest need. That is why I believe that Reverend Kris Okotie should come out to vanguard a process of redemption that is inevitable in the politics of our nation.

What has the PDP not done that you feel you will do under whatever platform you emerge as the president of the country?

The PDP hasn’t done anything. Outside of the years of Olusegun Obasanjo, particularly in his last term, the PDP has done nothing. I believe that the Obasanjo leadership set the pace, such that if subsequent government had built upon what he had established, there would have been hope for this nation. But because you have a group of people who do not have any ideological connectivity and a disjointed assemblage of men and women with antithetical political philosophy, they have shown themselves to be incapable of ensuring continuity. And since their common denominator is just to amass wealth, which is why you have seen that it is just business as usual. Grab as much as you can is their philosophy. And that is why we cannot even begin to say that they have anything because really nothing has happened. The development of our nation has stagnated. We have been working, perambulating in the wilderness of retrogression. There has been no cohesion, no inspiration. To my mind, it has been a journey in futility.

Would I be correct to say that you are giving some level of credit to the Obasanjo administration, which has been widely condemned by the generality of Nigerians?

I believe that General Olusegun Obasanjo set the pace in the war against corruption and he had a blueprint, economic blueprint that if (late President Umaru) Yar’Adua had accepted, he would have set Nigeria on the right path. But because the politics of the PDP is fragmented and polarised, they do not see themselves as a cohesive unit. There are too many fragments within the PDP and as such when Yar’Adua took over, rather then building on the foundation of Obasanjo, with all due respect, he resorted to vindictive purposelessness and the dismantling of structures that have been there to see Nigeria to the next level.

You are contesting on the platform of FRESH; what is the strength of the party at the moment?

We cannot compare to the PDP. There is no doubt about that because PDP is a behemoth. It is a gargantuan body. It is leviathan compared to us. But the thing about the Fresh Democratic Party is that it presents a platform for the articulation of the grievances of the people. We ventilate their need and so we believe that even though we do not have the structures compared to PDP, our greatest advantage is the discontent and the disenchantment of the Nigerian people as far as the present administration is concerned. And so we believe that as a foundation, we can actually bring a new government in place because the Nigerian people are with us.

Since you are talking about becoming president, have you really done a wider consultation and do you not think that it is important to ensure that you carry your campaign to all parts of the country, instead of limiting yourself to Lagos and Abuja?

I have done a wider consultation. I have been to the six geopolitical zones. I have met various groups of Nigerians who are concerned about the present state of affairs in our nation. Whether you are in the north or in the south or in the west, our problems unite us. There is no food on the table. There is no electricity. Social infrastructure is nil. Educational system is down. Health is moribund. There is nothing going on. What we are seeing is what I call the political dramaturgy of the PDP.

At the moment do you have structure that cuts across the country?

We do. But that is not what is going to help the situation. I want to make it abundantly clear that we do not see the Fresh Democratic Party competing with the PDP. To say that is to abound a comprehensive failure. What we are saying is that the Supreme Being that is the Almighty God who governs the affairs of men, who has instituted law and order as to how men ought to be governed, and PDP has found itself wanting and the handwriting is on the wall that their time of occupation has come to an end. I believe that through the agency of the Almighty God, this oppressive machinery that has been put in place will be dismantled. And if you looked at the government of Nigeria in tandem, you will see that what I am saying is not in question. How did former President Olusegun Obasanjo become president? How did late President Yar’Adua become president? How did President Jonathan become President? They were not things that any political prognosis would have been able to capture. At the time that Obasanjo was incarcerated there is no one who had any prognosis politically that will say well, in a few months from now, a year from today this man is going to be the head of state. So, I am saying that I believe that the PDP has failed in its responsibility to govern Nigeria and Nigeria is greater than a group of men and women. And that is why I am saying that in the days ahead we are going to see a systematic dismantling of this political party.

If peradventure you become the president, what will happen to the Household of God Church?

Oh! It will be a bigger ministry. Wouldn’t you like to go to the president’s church? It will just create a wider platform, a more visible platform because in this New Testament age God expects us to operate in the church and hold secular offices as well. That is why everybody ordained Christian who is a priest today has some secular work they do. Whereas, in the Old Testament once you are a priest, your activities are restricted to temple. But there is a new priesthood, which enables us to serve in the church and hold secular offices. So, it is a very unique period in the revolution of the church. So, my emergence as the president of our great country will only enhance our ministry.

How would you react to the kidnap of some Executives members of Lagos State Council of the Nigerian Union Journalists (NUJ) in Abia State? What does it tell about the level of insecurity in the country?

Well, if you ask me, I will say it is the political ineptitude on the part of the PDP-led Federal Government. When you have people who do not understand the convolution involved in governance of a state that is as multifarious in terms of ethnicity and religion like what we have in Nigeria, this is certainly the result you are likely to get. There is no connectivity ideologically in the PDP. They are just a business conglomerate. They are only interested in the mercantile aspect of politics. They are not interested in good governance. The welfare and security of the people they claim to be governing are of no importance to them. That is why we have this sustained state of social neglect. You don’t need to study rocket science to provide security for the people. There is a disconnection between the people and the government. That is why you can have journalists at that level of authority being kidnapped and government has no answer.

What is your perception on the issue of zoning of the presidency?

It is a partisan political contraption that has no relevance to the Nigerian people because it is not in the Constitution. So, if a political party like the PDP that has been characterised by perfidy and mendacity takes upon itself extra constitutional measures within the organisation of their own party, to my mind that is their own business. I want to say that history, posterity will come together to judge what is going on in Nigeria. There are some eminent Nigerians within the PDP who ought at this point in the evolution of our nation to stand up to oppose the aberration and abnormality that we are seeing in that party. And I am hoping that when the time comes these men who have shown themselves to be such great men will come against their political party for the sake of saving this nation. This is because if these ones within the party don’t stand up against the plan of some of these PDP members, this nation is going to go under and God is going to hold them responsible. There are so many of them within the PDP. Today, they ought to be what I describe as living ancestors of our political genealogy to make sure that there is continuity in our nation. And the responsibility comes upon such men to stand now for our nation and not to be swallowed by the vortex of the confusion in PDP to stand aside and take a stand and say that we will not accept and make sure that Nigeria get a wholesome leadership in 2011 even if it is against there political party because they owe it to Nigerians. Most of them are what they are today because of this country. And they owe it to this nation.

Jonathan has assured that he is going to do everything possible to give Nigerians a free and fair election in 2011. Do you believe his words?

With all due respect to the President, who is also my kinsman because we come from the same zone. To my mind that is just political rhetoric. He does not even have the capacity nor does he understand the convolution and complexity. He just came in. He was excluded from the active duty of the member of the cabinet, while Yar’Adua was in charge. So, I think he needs time to study the mess that is in government before making such statement. Because, to my mind, it is absolutely impossible within the period of time that is left for him to organise things in such a way that we can truly have free and fair elections and all of the laudable things they are suggesting that they can do. It is impossible and time will prove it. Mightier men than him who have been in position of authority have not been able to achieve what he is aiming at. I still believe that if President Olusegun Obasanjo couldn’t do some of these things, there is hardly anyone from within the PDP who can do any of those things.

The northerners seem to be bent on ensuring that power remains in the north till 2015. Do you see northerners voting for you in the next election?

Yes, I do.

What gives you that conviction?

I am convinced the north will vote for me because I know they know who Reverend Kris Okotie is. I virtually grew up before them. In 1981, I became a recording artiste. There were lots and lots of our friends and brothers in the north who embraced my music. And they know my worth as well. In the past 30 years or so I have been in the limelight and they have observed me. I am very sure that if you go up north and ask them about me and they will tell you what they think about Reverend Okotie. One thing about the north is that they are more transparent in terms of honesty more than some of us here in the south because here we are more diplomatic. You ask a question, they will rigmarole and they will never say yes or no. But up there, you are more likely to find a yes, when it is a yes and a no, when it is a no. So, I believe that if you place Reverend Kris Okotie beside Jonathan and ask people of integrity that of these two men, which one will prefer to take, I am absolutely confident that a greater majority will say Reverend Kris Okotie because they know me well. If I say yes, it is yes and if I say no it is no, and I have no score to settle with anybody. I am doing this basically because I love this country and because the Lord has asked me to do it. So, it is sacrifice on my part. That is why I have never joined the PDP. If I was looking for political power, I would have joined them. But because I will not compromise philosophy and my understanding of governance, I have stayed outside of that political party.

A number of prominent Nigerians like Atiku Abubakar and Orji Uzor Kalu who left PDP and became major critics of the party have returned. What does it tell about the kind of politics we practice in Nigeria? Do you think the Nigerian electorate can trust the words of those in the political class anymore?

It is difficult to say because of the present arrangement. I will say that those of them who want to help Nigeria, who desire to see Nigeria become great will have to go back to the PDP because that is the only way they can assess what is going on in that party. Because if the progressives within the PDP exit the PDP, what you are going to have is something that will be so inimical to our existence that Nigeria will fizzle out in no time. But I think that if they are going to resist certain aberrations within the PDP, then they are better strengthened being members of the party than being outside of the party. It depends on why they are going back there. But I think that with the crisis that is before Nigeria today, all who have connection to the PDP should get back there. That is my thinking, so that they can help to stop Nigeria from plunging from the edge of the precipice. If that is the strategy, then it makes sense. It does make sense because you can’t fight the party outside of the party. It is always better to be within the party. So, I am expecting that some of these progressives who are back in the party will garner enough influence to say no to the enthronement of a new colonialist propensity that we have seen within the PDP. I am hoping that these men and women who are within the party can bring forth a renaissance in our nation so that in 2011, it will be a war within the party for the survival of our nation. That is how I see it.

What would be your candid advice to the Nigerian youths in terms of political violence and thuggery as we approach the 2011 general elections?

Number one, any young man who allows himself to be used by an unscrupulous politician is foolish because the only use they have for that person is within an election period after which they don’t even care whether he exists or not. So, I just hope that they have learnt a lesson from that. But basically, there are three areas. I call them the tripartite coalition of evil responsible for the state of politics in our nation. The first will be mysticism. Then you have elitism. And then you have Satanism. This is what I call the tripartite coalition of evil responsible for the state of politics in Nigeria. Now, mysticism derives from the situation where some people have built a mischief around them that without them nothing can happen and have created an impression in the minds of Nigerian people that if they do not go along with a political party or an individual that person is doomed to fail. These ones must be demystified, just like we are seeing in Edo State. Elitism, the elite, these are the ones who have arrogated for themselves a natural representation for the people. They feel that they represent the Nigerian people. So, they decide what direction, which party, who is going to be governor even though they are not democratically elected. These ones have to be made to realise that elitism is a medieval concept and has no place in the 21st century democracy. The third one is what I call Satanism and that is where it comes to violence. These are the ones who foment trouble. Once they recognise that their wishes are not being met, they create a state of emergency, just like that person that used to be in Ibadan. These men will take ballot boxes in their hands. The police can’t arrest them. Nobody can talk to them because if you do there will be violence. So, these are the adversaries. That is why I call it Satanism. And until they are made to understand that nobody is above the law, and that they must subject themselves to the Constitution of this nation, there will continue to be breakdown of law and order. And so once we can eradicate mysticism, elitism and Satanism, we have a better atmosphere that will be conducive for election, and even free and fair election.

As a man of God, what do you foresee for the 2011 general elections?

This is what I see. I see God, Almighty God stepping in, what we popularly know as Divine intervention. I see God and God alone stepping in to salvage the Nigerian state. I see the weakness of the Nigerian people that they are unable to fight against the political party known as the PDP that held them in slavery and political captivity. That has marginalised, impoverished them, repressed and suppressed them. And I see God responding to the cry of the weak, and coming down to salvage the Nigerian people, to save them from this kind of draconian leadership of the PDP. In 2011, I believe that there will be an implosion within the PDP that it will be so fragmented and polarised and bulcanised that it will not survive thereafter. And that out of this hardships will rise a new Nigeria. The political cynicism, the reawakening and reminiscence of the Nigerian people so that we can become what have been created to be as a great nation amongst the comity of nations so that Nigeria can take her rightful place. With people like me in the vanguard of this process, I believe there is a great day ahead for Nigeria.

Story by Michael Jegede

Why I took-on Reuben Abati–Banky W

If you call him the new sensation ,you may not be wrong. Call him the newest success story in entertainment in Nigeria, you won’t be wrong either. Banky Wright has definitely made an impression on the Nigerian entertainment scene. You know what ladies?

The multi-talented Industrial Engineer and showbiz maestro is available and sizzling. Read all about it in this interview he granted Samuel Olatunji. Excerpts:

I’m sure you must have heard this. That Banky W just came like that and “blew people’s minds” like that. Is that correct?
I think the truth of the matter is, there are very rare instances in this business , when you see somebody that is successful and describe him as an upstart. What a lot of people don’t know is that , I have actually been in music professionally since 2002 and this is 2010.

So it has taken me 8 to 10 years to get to where I am now . Like anything, you have to pay your dues, you have to go through your rough times. The thing about my kind of music, is you have to do it for the love of it for many years before you’re successful. Yes , some people in Nigeria probably knew when I moved back home, but the fact is, I’ve been working on it for a very long time. If I didn’t put in all those years , I wouldn’t be where I am now. But I thank God.

How was it when you came to Nigeria?
It was okay. I was studying Industrial Engineering in the United States. It was while I was in the university that I started to record for the purpose of releasing an album. It just kind of grew from that point slowly but surely . We thank God and we thank the fans because without God and the fans, we won’t be where we are today.
I learnt Dele Momodu said once, when he saw you perform, that you have to leave that place and come to Nigeria.

Is that true?
I actually met a number of people prior to moving back to Nigeria including Kenny Ogungbe, 2face, Julius Agwu, and Basket Mouth. A bunch of people would come for events in the United States and because we performed in the same event , would call me afterwards and ask “what are you still doing here, you need to come to Nigeria where you should be”, but for me, it was a bit of a tough decision, because none of my immediate family lives in Nigeria. Everybody had kind of moved.

My parents live in another African country and my siblings live in the US. It was hard for me to say let me come back. You know Lagos is for the strong, Lagos is not for the weak at heart or for the unstable but in any case, I thank God for everybody, because they gave me encouragement. People were coming to me from Nigeria and saying “…you know what, guy this thing go make sense for Naija and you know we are there now”.

What did you do when you came to Nigeria? Did you do things differently?
I can’t be Terry G, I can’t be D’banj, I can’t be Psquare. On my best day, I can try. I can imitate, I can do whatever, but I still will not be as good as D’banj and guess what? D’ banj can not say you dey do me wrong, because that is me. I think the key is trying to be successful at being who you are. Even for the artists that I’ve signed-on, I look for people who are doing their own thing, who are being themselves in their genres , doing something other than just saying “oh pass me your love” is a radio hit.

It doesn’t work. So, for me, I knew from the word go that I’m an RnB artist and that is what I will always be. I rap every now and then, but you know I’m Banky W and I’m okay with who I am and I guess my fans are okay with who I am too. So that is how it has always been and that’s how it will always be. That’s part of the reason why I’m successful and I’m thankful to God and to my fans.

So what should we expect before 2010 runs-out?
2010 is almost over, so I think we will try and finish strong as a company. As EME. Actually this month, we are shooting a couple of videos from The W experience album , because the first two songs, Strong thing and Lagos party did very well and they helped the album do very well . We want to show people some other parts of the album they don’t know yet and we have some excellent and talented new artists we are working on . We are producing their albums.

We are shooting Wisky’s video this month as well and then CO’s video will follow. We just want to kind of finish the year on a very strong note by the grace of God and then we can go into 2011 and properly launch their careers. I don’t think I will do another solo album until maybe towards the end of next year, because now, I want to kind of focus on collaboration. For instance on my two new artists and help them get to where I feel they need to be and then I will come out with another solo album.

So are you still pushing “Strong thing”?
Well Strong Thing has done very well. People still love it and we thank God for that. But we are going to be shooting some other videos from the album like No be lie, Omoge you too much. We will try to do videos from some other songs that people love.

Why don’t you just pitch your tent beside somebody who already has a structure and avoid all that stress?
That’s an interesting question. The thing is , I was never satisfied with pitching my tent with just anybody . You have to share your pie with that person . I always had a vision of where I wanted myself and my company to be and I kind of felt like I can never achieve it, if I do it alone or without people of like mind or signing with another record label that was already established.

It made sense to us from day one when we started EME Records in 2002 and till now, my manager and I are also business partners. We have a vision of where we are going, but we are nowhere close to it. It is important to us to really work on our vision than to just latch-unto someone else’s vision. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not something right for us. I think we have made the right move, despite the fact that it is more stressful and more expensive. We’ve come a long way and I’m so grateful to God for that.

When did you move to Nigeria?
February 2008.

Two years now, and you are a multimillionaire?
You know I can’t answer that kind of question.

But you are a multimillionaire?
I receive it in Jesus name (laughs)

Is it true that when ladies see Banky W, they’re wowed?
I don’t know. Maybe you have to come to my next show and see for yourself, (laughs).I’m grateful to God for the love and attention that I get from fans. Of course it’s a plus too , because I know R and B obviously takes the ladies to some ecstatic level and it elicits some vibes from them.

The important thing is for me to maintain a level head and focus on my goals, because it is very easy to get lost in the height of everything . I thank God for my family and my up-bringing. That helps me stay focused. My associates are also important.

How has 2010 been for you?
It has probably been one of my best years ever. It’s been an incredible year and I’m grateful to God for everything I’ve been able to do this year . I think it’s just going to get better by the grace of God. 2010 has been excellent.

So, why did you take on Reuben Abati?
I did that, because fundamentally I think it is important for young people to speak-up and to stand up for what they feel is right. Let your voice be heard. I think that is the way Nigeria will change. The days of just sitting-by and letting anybody do whatever they want are gone.

I think we need to, kind of, take the power back as young people. Any change that has happened in history occurred because some set of young people or young at heart stood up for themselves, for their country and for what they believed in. Of course Uncle Abati is a respected and renowned writer , but in this instance, in my opinion, he’s wrong and he was speaking on things he is not necessarily knowledgeable about.

He was contradicting himself and bringing up examples that were contradicting the point that he was trying to make. His article actually inspired me to speak. I was like, you know what, you said this but this is actually the case and I thank God that I’m not the only artist that spoke-up. Eldee also wrote something, Rooftop MCs also wrote something and young Nigerians around the world spoke-up for what we thought was right and we’ve met and we’ve discussed, so there is no beef.

I call him Uncle Reuben and he respected what I did .I think going forward is important for us to keep that mindset of if you don’t like something, say something about it. Do something; don’t just sit down and be like, oh, whatever. I felt it would be wrong for me to sit there and not say anything especially when he mentioned me and my comrades and things that we’ve worked so hard on and tried to discredit us. There is no way you can say that and we’ll not voice out.

Is it true Steve or someone else wrote your article?
(Laughs) Well, I think you should talk to Steve himself. He knows me well . I don’t think he was surprised by my article because he knows the kind of person I’m and where I come from and my background . But he didn’t write the article . Anyone who doubts my writing ability can check out my blog at Sometimes, I write articles about serious matters like corruption, politics and all that, like I just wrote about my househelp whom I think was born to torture me. I write too. It’s one of the things I do and I enjoy it.

So how close are you to the Chocolate boys?
I have been fortunate enough in my music journey. I’ve met people who share my values and views about life generally. I think we are quite similar. In fact we are very similar … Jesse Jagz , Ice Prince and the whole Chocolate City family … we just kind of connected a long time ago and so we have been quite cool and tight and we have done things together in business and the musical end.

I thank God that we have prospered , because we’ve influenced each other . We have challenged each other and helped each other. I think if we were not in music and we happened to meet in any other setting , probably we would have ended up being friends, so I thank God for that kind of relationship, because you need such people around you.

When will Banky W get married?
I’ve answered this question before. Honestly I don’t know. I will get married when God gives me the right woman and the resources to take care of her and our children the way I want . Marriage is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life, because your partner will be with you till the day you die.

Your spouse may make your life a living hell and you’ll have to settle for a divorce or contemplate divorce and that is just the nightmare that nobody wants to experience . I would rather take my time and not rush into making a wrong choice . I also want to make myself a better man in all aspects of life, so when the right lady comes into my life, I would be able to take that step. I’m not shy about settling down. Whenever it happens, it happens. But since I don’t have the lady now, I’m just going to focus on myself and make myself a better man.

So, when will you have the lady when good ladies abound everywhere?
Well, it’s more complex than that. Marriage is more than somebody being pretty or somebody being able to cook or somebody going to church. It’s actually the combination of so many things and also has to align with where you are in your life because everybody has what they want to become in life. But trust me, when I feel it’s the right time, I won’t think twice. I will get married, but it’s just not time yet.

Has any woman taken advantage of you?
I don’t think “take advantage” of me is the right word. I think I’ve been quite vulnerable. I’ve been in love a number of times and may be the person offended me but I think everybody has been heartbroken or gone through that kind of situation where you are not happy and it maybe that you are the person that caused it. Nobody is perfect and we all go through these things, but I think life is about these experiences.

You know some people are lucky enough to know who their wife is. She may be first girlfriend that they dated. Some of us have to go through different relationships. You break a heart and someone breaks yours in return. Most people have gone through that and my case is not different. But it makes it sweeter when you meet the right person after you might have gone all through that. You will say this is the person I’ve been waiting for all along. So I’m praying to God that will be my experience.

But why don’t guys want to marry earlier nowadays?
I don’t know about that. I can speak only for myself and like I said before, I am not opposed to it . When I feel it is the right time I will get married . You need to get to that point and I am not there yet and I think it is more important for you to wait to make the right decision than for you to rush because you want to do it. Eventually you realise after you’re married that you made the wrong decision and then you are stuck with it or you want to back-out which nobody wants to do. So I would rather do what I am doing now.

There are situations where some ladies will say to an artiste “I will get down with you at any cost”. How do you handle that? Do you just pray, run away or get down and play it safe?
Well, I think the important thing is to keep a level head and be focused. Because of the nature of our business , it is very easy to be distracted by unwanted attention of this kind. For me, yes , there are women out there who will want to get down with you at any cost as you put it, but I think the most important thing is to stay focused.

I don’t think I’m where I want to be and I don’t think my company is where I want it to be. Those are the things that I am looking at. So, as long as you stay focussed on your priorities and you surround yourself with people that help you stay focused, you will not get lost in distractions.

Let me put you on the spot .In a month, how many of your female fans want to get down with you?
I don’t know, you have to ask my female fans.

Unfortunately I don’t know them?
Then you won’t get an answer to that question.

Okay, how many of them do you get down with?
None! Zero! (Chuckles) I want to leave as a no comment.

How do you differentiate between a woman who is attracted to you because of money or fame and one who genuinely loves you?
Well, that is a question that I honestly can’t answer well, because I am still trying to figure that out. The truth of the matter is that anybody who meets me today already sees me as successful, so that is something I am still trying to figure out. When I figure that out , I will get married. It is something that I don’t know how to handle yet. I think the best situation would have been to marry somebody that I dated from when I was 18 but since I didn’t do that, you know you pray and you try to be discerning in the things you do. You pray that God guides you to the right person.

When did you start dating?
I don’t know o. When I was very young, I suppose.

I know someone who is ready to swear that you and Kel had something together?
That’s very funny. The funniest thing is that, Kel is like my baby sister. She has never been my girl. In fact you know Metal, the company that Kel and Osagie own, works for EME and we have an interest in Metal. So we’ve had a working relationship for a very long time so much so that Kel and Osagie are like my junior sisters. It’s like they can come and tell me the people they are dating, the issues they have…

You know, it’s like I am the big brother of the crew. So, I have never had anything to do with Kel. But the funny thing was that when we started we always thought people would think we had something going-on with each other, so we did a video shoot to be suggestive, but it never amounted to anything. So when we gave up on it was when the speculations started.

So who have you dated in the industry?
I have not dated anybody in the industry. I have never dated an artist or an actress.

But very soon you will…?
Do you have an actress for me?
What does the future hold for Banky W?
Hopefully great things. Hopefully much success in music and outside music. It is as God gives me grace and as fans continue to accept what I do.

Who else would you love to do a collabo with?
Well, I’m actually in the process of doing a lot more now. I am doing stuffs for Sultan, and 9ice for instance.

Give us a glimpse of what to expect from you and 9ice…?
Oh, it’s a very good song. It’s a different kind of song and I don’t think people will be expecting it but I am excited about it . I will collabo with anybody that is making great music. I love great music. I buy CDs of artists that do great music. I don’t accept CDs from people. I buy and I listen to them. If you do great music, I will love to do a collabo with you.

Story by Samuel Olatunji

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I will insure my eyes and my lips – Nuella

Nuella Njugbigbo

When Jennifer Lopez some years ago announced that her bursts and behind were both insured, many highbrows were raised. Those were her selling points, and she wanted security for them. That's life in Hollywood. What will we say about a Nigerian actress who says she wants to insure her assets too. DEBORAH NWOKOCHA had a chat with Nollywood actress Nuella Njugbigbo, who disclosed plans to insure her eyes and lips.

Where is Nuella from?

I am from Ozubulu in Anambra state. I am from a family of five, that is mother, father, two brothers and I am the only girl. I am the first born and the only girl in my family.

Was it fun being the only girl?

It was not fun at all. That is why today, I have a lot of female friends. I remember when I was young that I always asked my mother when she would give me a sister and she would say I should go and talk to God and tell Him I wanted a sister, and that He would give us one.

There is the good side of it too. My brothers looked at me like I am their all. Though my mum is a disciplinarian and I still have to do my chores but I was still doted on. I was very secure amongst my brothers.

Tell us a bit of your Nollywood story

I have been in the industry for five years now. The major movie that launched me is ‘Lord of Marriage’, but I don’t know which movie brought me to lime light because I have been doing very good movies and anyone I do I get positive response. The industry has been kind to me. I have had no scandals, and my roles have always been easy for me to play.

I have always wanted to be on T.V, but I actually thought I was going to be a broadcaster but as time went on, I found myself loving movies. I remember when I use my pocket money when I was still in school to rent movies. My mum would scold me and ask why I would always waste my money on movies. It happened that one day, I was watching a movie and I saw something that I liked. I was watching Genevieve and I said to myself that I like her and I wished I could do what she was doing. Then I called a family friend of mine and told him I wanted to join the movie industry and asked what it was like. He just said ok and that he would call me if there is an audition. But then I was still in school so I was combining school and work. I write script also and I have written a lot of scripts.

I wrote Next of Kin, Heart of Slave, Lord of Marriage, Bloody Ring, and others.

What role would you say is the most challenging?

The movie I played my most challenging role is yet to be released. I have shot it but it is not yet in the market. The movie is a mixture of love and war, kidnap and all of that. It was produced by Mofe Ekene Okonkwo.

You said you wanted to be a broadcaster before coming into the movie world, did you pursue a career in that?

No, I just did a one year programme in fine art. I should call it creative arts because it combines visual art and theartre art. I borrowed some courses from Theatre arts like scripting and directing. That was where I got the idea. I tried to read mass communication in school but I wasn’t given. I was given Public Administration.

Who are your role models in the industry? I love Genevieve and Liz Benson. They are my role models. As a member, what do you think of the crisis rocking the A.G.N and aren’t the members given a right to have a say in the crisis?

They are giving us though, but…infact, they are trying to sort things out. But I think it is the normal to have crisis because at the end there will be long lasting peace. We can also build a steady organization so there are things that come with it. Though we are having misunderstanding with each other, but we are trying to sort things out. We the members have talked and aired our minds and opinion. Infact, it is getting better.

So who is your own A.G.N’s president?

He is Segun Arinze.

And not Emeka Ike?

It depends on where you are coming from.

What about the election that proclaimed Emeka Ike the president?

No comment.

For you and other members of the Guild, whom do you people see as your president?

No comment.


I don’t want to come between anybody. It is your right and you have a right to choose who should lead you.

It is our problem; we will sort it out and tell you people. It is already been taken care of.

What do you think is the way forward for Nollywood and all concerned?

The way forward I would say is more funds. We need money and support especially from the government. We need fund for something like a Nollywood village and fund to curb piracy. Piracy is our major problem and if we can curb to the barest minimum it if not stop it, the market will be better and the sky will be our starting point.

What misconception have people had about you because of the roles you have played?

A lot of people see as some one that likes trouble and looks for it, but I don’t like trouble.

That means the roles you play are more of trouble?

Not really. I mix them and I am lucky I have played different roles. There is no kind of role I have not played. I have done that of a prostitute, an unfaithful wife, a stubborn sister, a boy friend snatcher. I have done a lot, but a lot of people see as been naughty. But I am not naughty it is just my job and I try to do it very well.

You have been in the industry for five years, where do you hope to see yourself in the coming future?

I hope to see myself on the very top, the toppest top if there is anything like that, from there, to Hollywood.

How best can you describe yourself?

I am a very calm person and I could be very considerate. I go out of my way to make to do things for people. That is the way I see myself. I hate to be used and taken for granted and if anybody does that, I go off my limits and you see the other side of me and you will ask; is this her? Though I am not an outgoing kind of person, I am still not an introvert. I am neither here or there. Sometimes I want to be here; sometimes I want to be there.

What is your source of inspiration?

The fact that I have God, I have somebody that will never turn his back on me no matter what comes my way and the fact that I believe in myself, I believe in what I can do and my abilities.

All the while you have been in Nollywood, would you say that the journey has been worthwhile?

It has. Although it has been it has been strenuous, but it is worth it. I have sacrificed a lot, in terms of time, hardwork and every thing it takes, but it has been worth it because I love to do it. It is something I like to do though sometimes with the false rumour and misconception, we still got there, and I didn’t know I was going to get here, though I knew I was going to get there, but I didn’t know it was going to be that fast.

Apart from the fame, will you say you are making a lot of money?

At first I won’t lie to you, it was not coming. You know when you are starting, you have to get there first and let people know you can do it and when they now see you and know you can do it, they start coming and they will pay you. I will say that I have worked hard and people have seen what I can do so I will say that the money is coming.

So far, can you rate the number of movies you have done?

It should be like more than 25. but a lot of them have not been released. In recent times, likes since January I have really worked. I have moved from one location to another.

What is that thing you have and love that is in you?

The fact that I am strong willed and that I don’t give up on any thing. I believe that the only time something ends is only when life ends because better things are yet to come. Physically, I love my eyes and my lips and if I have my way I will insure them, infact, very soon I will insure them.

Any funny moments? I was by a pool side relaxing with a friend when a guy walked up to me and called my name. I turned and said Hi to him; he answered and said; so finally this is you, so I can look at these lips. He went on and asked if he can have a taste of my lips. I was like how, and asked what he meant. He just said that he was serious. And with what I saw in the guy’s eyes, I knew he was ready to do it and people were watching and wondering what was going on. The guy was seriously telling me that he wanted to do it and I asked him what he wanted to do.

What about what a fan has done to you? There was a time at the airport, a fan saw me, he just dropped his bag and ran towards me and he was like; oh my God can he hug me, before I responded, he just picked me up and turned me around and he was saying that he couldn’t believe it was me and that he was happy to see me. At the end of the day, he missed his flight. I get to meet crazy things a lot. I have met a woman that hates me because of my movie. It was in the market though.

Which role have you played that is opposite of your real person?

I played a stubborn and wicked sister. I stabbed my sister in the movie. The woman went over bode. I think she is not used to watching films. She was complaining about me and even after I passed, she kept on talking that she doesn’t like me.

How do you cope with male compliments?

I cope with my male admirers the way I should cope with them. Before I came into the industry, I had them, but now they are more and I would say it has been fantastic. They are my fans and I love them, they brought me to where I am so I cannot do without them but I try to keep it at bay you know, I am very careful and I know where to draw the line.

Are you into a relationship? Yes I am.

Is it a serious one?

I don’t know about serious but I know that I am in a relationship and I am cool with it.

Are you hoping to walk down the aisle with him?

I don’t know but if it happens that way fine and if it doesn’t, fine too.

But you should know your level of commitment and where you both are headed?

Yes I do, but as you know man proposes and God disposes so I can never tell. We might want to be with each other for the rest of our lives but we don’t know if that is what God wants for us.

What will you say is your greatest assets as an actress?

It’s obvious. I know I have great lips and eyes, which stands me out. I know many people who give comments about my lips and eyes. In fact if I had the chance, I will insure both of them because they are like assets to me.

What do you have to say to the younger and up coming ones that are looking up to you?

They should hold on and believe in themselves. If they don’t, they might go off and get into things they might regret in the future. So they should believe in themselves, in their talents, they should work on it and build it. If some body says you are not good, you watch yourself and if you see that you are not good, you should go into your room, shut your door and work on yourself. Pick a role model and try to emulate and learn from the persons work.


Basket mouth voted number two comedian in Africa

Basket mouth

Mr Okpocha Bright, a.k.a Basket Mouth, has been busy junketing around the world instead of devoting his time and resources to making Nigerians laugh. In what seems like a deliberate design, the talented stand-up comedian has actually been spending more time abroad than in Nigeria.

But such fly-by-night trips have not been in vain. Sources close to the comedian told Life and Beat that he was recently voted second best comedian in Africa by MNET‘s Studio 53 Extra.

So far the comedian has been on several tours all around the western world, effortlessly breaking into the mainstream comedy scenes. Recently he performed alongside Gina Yashere of Def Comedy Jam in Long Island, New York before moving on to feature in Kojo‘s comedy show in London.

Also Basket mouth performed during the famous Blues Room Comedy Show and at the Rhodes Comedy Nite, both of them in South Africa, and will perform in Atlanta and some other major cities in the United States of America.

Meanwhile Basketmouth has rescheduled the second of edition of his prime comedy concert, Lords of Ribs, following the success of the maiden edition in London. The show has been fixed for October 10, 2010. This time, comedians from different parts of the world, including Gina Yashere, Trevor Noah, David Kau, Kevin J, Eddie Kadi, Ali Baba, Okey bakassi, Bovi and Gordons.

Music artistes billed for the concerts include Tuface,MI,jessy jagz,banky W,Dare art Alade,Terry G and BEZ. Basketmouth,who will be the host of the show, has promised a fun packed event

Story by Chux Ohai

Photos from P-Square’s Official Glo Brand Ambassador Ceremony

By now you have probably heard about P-Square’s multi-million Naira Globacom deal. After months of speculation, the talented duo were officially announced as Glo Ambassadors last week. During the ceremony, Peter and Paul were presented with their official Glo ‘jerseys’ and introduced to the rest of the Glo family which includes other Glo ambassadors who had their contracts renewed on the same day.

The event was another opportunity for the crop of Globacom ambassadors to reaffirm their commitment to the company for endorsing them and for taking such a commendable step to lift Nigeria’s entertainment industry to a higher pedestal.

P-Square, the newest addition to the list of Glo ambassadors, described the endorsement as a welcome recognition of the group’s contribution to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and indeed Africa, adding that this would spur the duo to greater achievements in the music industry.

Globacom’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Mr Mohamed Jameel, said that the engagement of P-Square as brand ambassador and the renewal of the contract for others showed Globacom’s willingness to always recognise the vast, shining talents that abound in the country.

“P-Square remains a well focused and popular music group and the youths of this country and this continent find the group worthy of emulation. The choice of P-Square to join our brand ambassadors was therefore not misplaced. We have carefully selected our crop of brand ambassadors and we believe they represent the very best in their chosen professions,” he disclosed.

“We have been actively projecting enterprising Nigerians who have excelled in their fields of endeavour. We are of the firm belief that their faces would help fire the aspirations and dreams of many youths to reach for their goals and rule their world”, Mr Jameel added.

He also said that the feedback from the public largely influenced the renewal of the contracts of the ambassadors as there has been wide acceptance and recognition for the step taken by Globacom to lift the status of Nigerian stars.

Stars whose contracts were renewed at the event included Rita Dominic, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, Jim Iyke, Mike Ezuruonye, Nuhu Aliyu, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal and Ini Edo-Phillip Ehiagwina. Others were Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda, Funke Akindele, Nonso Diobi, Sanni Denja and Mohammed Yakubu.

Also on the bill were Pasuma Wonder, Original Stereoman (Ekwe), Ego Ogbaro, Sammie Okposo and ace comedian, Basketmouth.

Congrats to P-Square and the rest of the ambassadors. has a special P-Square article you’ll definitely want to read coming up next week.


Absolutely FALSE! Jim Iyke responds to vicious online rumours

Over the last few weeks, a number of disturbing stories about superstar Nigerian actor Jim Iyke have popped up on various gossip sites online.
These allegations include speculation that Jim contracted HIV from his “married Sierra Leonean secret lover” and that she has given birth to a child fathered by Jim.
The rumour peddlers also included a photo of Jim with an elderly Caucasian woman as supposed evidence to support the fallacious story.

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are real people but this seriously crosses the line! The situation is being addressed by Jim’s Management and PR company who have contacted the police, taken legal action and just sent out a press release on the issue.


Here is the press release from Jim Iyke’s Management and PR Representatives – Face Front Concepts

Our attention has been drawn to the malicious story currently circulating the net about Nollywood Star actor, Mr. Jim Iyke. The bogus story, as with stories of its kind is fabricated and riddled with lies. The timing is intentionally designed to coincide with Mr. Iyke’s commencement of a tour to promote his new comedy “2 DOLLAZ”.

The source of the story is a Nigerian journalist who has recently earned a reputation for blackmailing entertainers in exchange for not peddling lies in the media about them. Mr. Iyke has now filed a criminal petition in Lagos, Nigeria against this unscrupulous journalist and is in the process of starting legal action in Ghana and Amsterdam against the offending websites and companies.

Mr. Iyke holds members of the press in very high esteem and has indeed enjoyed a good relationship with them. However, in this case, he is forced to legally defend his rights against journalists, websites and newspapers who insist on publishing defamatory statements about him.

Jim is thankful for the support he enjoys from well meaning people around the world despite the lies and negative campaign instituted by these people. He will go ahead with plans to release his films later this year.

For further inquiries, please contact Mr. Iyke’s management company at

It is really distressing that such malicious stories will be published without any sort of confirmation. We all love gist but disseminating slanderous unconfirmed stories such as this is utterly unethical!
On a brighter note, Jim is busy promoting his new movie “2 Dollaz“, a follow-up to the hit comedy movie “1 Dollar”.
Here are some exclusive promo photos of Jim!


Mother Goose Investigations - Boys and Girls, What They Are Made Of

Everyone knows what little boys and little girls are made of. Boys are made of gastropods like slugs and snails as well as puppy dogs' tails, except puppy dogs attached to puppies are quite nice (even though for a time people had some preference for dogs without tails) and snails have a certain appeal. Frogs and snails is another variant, and frogs can be even more beautiful than snails.

Girls meanwhile are made of sugar and spice-some spices are not very nice, a lot of people don't like curry for instance, and Bombay mix can be pretty pungent. The next line is 'all things nice' which serves well as a rhyme, but 'getting drunk' to point out something innocuous is quite nice, but it can't be what they were getting at. 'Nice' in this sense probably more likely means well-behaved.

The rhyme dates back to the 19th Century, the first version of the poem said that boys are made of 'snips and snails', a snip being an elver or small eel. There were various other stanzas, now lost, describing babies, old men, old women and so on.

These terms often appear in pop culture, especially it is difficult to define the non-biological difference between boys and girls, apart from what we give people. All it really does it construct some similes about boys and girls, and similes by their very nature aren't concrete. The Greek symbols based on circles-the boy has an arrow pointing to the right, and the girl has an upside down cross-seem to get no closer to who is who. It is strange how long the prudishness to the difference has been going on. It makes you wonder if it comes from a child asking 'What the opposite sex is made of?'

Paul Wimsett is an eBay seller and has also self published work on Createspace and

Article Source:

Astro Analysis of Spiritual Illuminati

Spiritualism is a way of life in which the seeker dedicates his entire life towards spiritual pursuits to gain the knowledge of the ultimate God and inner selves. Many seekers are drawn to this path to attain various types of mystical power and miraculous experiences, being bestow upon by dedicated practise. Spiritual illuminati are an advanced seeker that practices the mystical form of faith for enlightenment. There are the different paths to experience the supreme, like devotion, renunciation, mystical techniques etc.

Factors responsible for spiritual illuminati:

· Ascendant: indicate general mental and physical abilities of a person.
· 5th house: indicates feelings, sentiments and devotion
· 9th house: provides clue of religious activities like pilgrimage, construction of religious monuments.
· 10th house: indicates anusthan which is the worship of higher order in which the seeker follows specific rules and regulations.
· 12th house: indicate salvation
· Jupiter: significator of religion, wisdom, spiritual thoughts philosophy and salvation.
· Moon: significator of mental tendencies of a person.
· Saturn: significator of detachment to worldly comforts.
· Ketu: mystical practices and experiences are indicated by this planet.

Bhakti or devotion:

The intense spiritual path of love and devotion to the God is called Bhakti.

· 5th house is appropriate to see the intensity of Bhakti.
· Lords of 5th/9th are benefice and related to each other, indicates higher level of devotion for the supreme.
· Spiritual planet Jupiter related to 5th house indicates devotion.
· Masculine planet/sign dominating the 5th house/lord indicate the seeker will worship male deity.
· Feminine planet/sign dominating the 5th house/lord indicate the worship of feminine deity.

Sanyaas or renunciation:

It is a state of dispassion and detachment from material life to attain spiritual enlightenment.

· Saturn is the major significator of renunciation.
· Saturn aspect a weak ascendant indicates sanyas -yoga
· Saturn placed in 9th house without having aspect of any planet indicate renunciation.
· Saturn posited in 10th house from ascendant/Moon and related to Sun in any manner by association/aspect/quadrant relationship, indicates sanyas- yoga.
· More than four planets placed in any house indicate sanyas -yoga.
· Moon in 9th house without having aspect of any planet, indicates sanyas.
· Moon sign is aspected by the lord of ascendant and Saturn, indicates a great snyasi.
· Ascendant is aspected by many planets being placed in a same sign.
· Lord of 10th house combined with 4 planets in quadrant/trine indicates a great snyasi.
· Lord of 9th is strong and being placed in 5th/9th and aspected/associated with Jupiter and Venus, indicates a snyasi of higher order.
· Saturn is posited in 10th in Pisces sign, indication of detachment from the world.
· Lord of ascendant is not aspected by any planet, but it aspects Saturn indicates detachment from material world.
· Saturn is not aspected by any planet, but it aspects the lord of ascendant indicates sanyas-yoga.
· Saturn and lord of ascendant aspect Moon sign indicate renunciation.
· If Saturn is placed in 5th/9th or having aspects on these and any four or more planets are in a house and one of these is the lord of the 10th house is the combination of sanyas.


They are the seekers of ultimate truth and inner illumination by practicing the art of uniting the body, mind and soul.

· Capricorn ascendant is the main instrument of being a yogi/mahatma.
· All the planets posited between Moon and Jupiter indicates a great yogi.
· All the planets lying between Saturn and Mars the seeker will be a great yogi.
· In Capricorn ascendant all the planets are posited between Sun and Mars, the seeker will be a great mahatma.
· Jupiter is placed in ascendant, Saturn in 2nd, Moon in 11th and the Venus in 12th house indicates a yogi.
· Saturn and Jupiter are placed 9th/10th house and in the same navamansa.
· Saturn in 10th and aspected/associated by Moon may give mass support to the spiritual movement of the seeker.


Article Source:

MTV Africa Music Awards 2010(MAMAs) To Be Held In Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria has been selected as the host city of this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs). It will be the second time in three years that the awards have taken place in Nigeria, following the inaugural MAMAs, which was held in Abuja in October 2008.

The most populous city of Africa’s largest country will play host to nominees and performers on Dec. 11 at the EKO Expo Hall, Johannesburg-based MTV Networks Africa announced on Aug 25th.

Nominees are expected to be announced in the last week of October. Voting will then be open to the public via a mobile-site ( and a website (

The 2010 MAMAs feature 12 categories including best male, best female, best video, best group, artist of the year, best anglophone act, song of the Year, best international act and MAMA Legend.

Best lusophone act and best francophone Act have also been added to the categories, giving recognition to Portuguese and French-speaking artists working on the continent.

The inaugural MAMAs took place in 2008 in Abuja followed by last year’s event in Nairobi, Kenya. Past winners include 2-FACE (Nigeria), Nameless (Kenya), Samini (Ghana), Wahu (Kenya), HHP (South Africa), D’Banj (Nigeria) and Patricke-Stevie Moungondo (Congo Brazzaville).


Friday, August 27, 2010

New Music: YQ – Efimile Remix feat. MI, Naeto C, Banky W, Eldee & IcePrince

Collabo of the year probably, the Efimile Remix has the best in the naija music – MI, Eldee, Naeto C, Banky W, and IcePrince. I find it hard to choose who had the best verse on here, but I’m sure with more listens I’ll choose one. The original track featured Da Grin in one of his first appearances.

YQ’s album I Am YQ drops on the 30th of August so definitely go cop your copy.

Thoughts on the track? Drop em.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nigeria: Soboma George, Militant Leader, Feared Killed in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt — A major blow was yesterday evening dealt on the federal government amnesty programme when the leader of "Outlaws" and major urban guerrilla, Mr. Soboma George, was killed by four men while two of his close aides were injured.

Conflicting reports said two girls who were in his company also lost their lives though it is not yet clear what led to the attack and by which group.

Information available to THISDAY said Soboma went to play football and was on his way out of the field around Nembe street, town Area, Port Harcourt, Rivers State when four men in French suit and driving a Corolla car accosted him.

Unsuspecting Soboma was said to have spurned their bold attempt to intimidate him and they shot him at close range with the automatic weapons concealed in their wears and immediately left the environment.

His aides who were too stunned for the attack could not react on time as some were wounded and are receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital.

Contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Dr. Rita Abbey, confirmed that they heard that there was shooting in town and that Soboma was killed but that they were yet to see his corpse to confirm.

The same information was available with other security agencies who are working on the theory that he may have been gunned down due to business transactions, retaliatory killings during his hey days in the creeks or may have been killed to break the confidence in the amnesty programme.

The problem seem to have led to the mobilisation of his boys to retaliate on any one perceived to be linked to the killing which may plunge the state into another orgy of violence which the government has worked so hard to stop.

However, Abbey said they had mobilised officers to the area to keep the peace and warned against any breach to peace as the police will not hesitate to arrest and detain anyone whose conduct threatens the peace of the area.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

African Beauty Queen and International Model Launches Luxury Fragrance Line

This fall African beauty queen and former Miss Liberia, Tammie Garr who has graced the pages of magazines such as Uzuri, Supermodels Unlimited, Maxim, and Liberia Travel & Life will launch her luxury fragrance line – ROYALTY.

Miss Garr has teamed up with top international perfumer Eddie’s Perfume to create a high end fragrance line. Her debut fragrance will be designed to echo Tammie’s own glamorous persona.

Tammie joins the ranks of other successful celebrities in developing yet another creative outlet that captures her spirit. That outlet is fragrance – expressing oneself through scent. Royalty by Tammie Garr is lush, floral and feminine.

Described as a sensual, soft and intimate fragrance with notes of patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla and bergamot that evokes the rich, plush feeling of creamy cashmere, this lush and sexy scent will be for the woman who is not afraid to embrace her inner strength with this delicate and subtle mist.

The initial luxury collection will comprises of: Eau de Toilette spray 1.7 and 3.4 oz; Eau de Parfum spray 1.7 oz; Body Lotion; and Eau de Parfum rollerball.

Tammie Garr’s ROYALTY will be avaiable for purchase at,, and top boutiques in LA, New York, Washington, DC, and Africa.

Miss Nigeria 2010, Ngozi Odalonu At The 2010 Miss Universe Pageant

The 2010 Miss Universe Pageant will be aired live on August 23rd, 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prelims were held over the past couple of days, and here is Nigeria’s representative, Ngozi Odalonu. Check out pics from the presentation segments

Ngozi Odalonu, Miss Nigeria 2010, poses in her national costume at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada August 16, 2010.


Mercy J

This may not be a good story for the fans of the controversial actress, Mercy Johnson who have been connecting her on the largest friendship networking site popularly called facebook. Reason being that, their goddess, mercy, has been seriously warned by her fiancé, Prince Odi to stay off facebook till they tie the knot. For those fans, you are to be informed that your star actress, Mercy has not been on facebook for almost one year now. The reason is that, her fiancé, Prince Odinosen has warned her that she should stay off facebook if she truly wants to be married to him.

The many crises which have tag the skillful actress ‘Most Controversial Nollywood Actress’ has become an issue to the extent that the sisters and other relatives of her fiancé are said to have all supported their brother’s stand over the Facebook issue.

If you ‘re one of the people that love to chat with Mercy Johnson on facebook, know for sure that the profile picture is of Mercy but the words therein are of Prince Odinosen, his fiance.

Story by Alonge Michael

2011: Jonathan Tears Nollywood Apart

As the 2011 general elections draw nearer, the decision of some Nollywood stars to collect N300, 000 each before campaigning for President Goodluck Ebelo Jonathan ambition has torn the Nigerian movie industry apart.

Some of the movie stars have formed a group christened Nollywood Stars for Jonathan, and their aim is to shoot a commercial geared towards campaigning for the President to remain in office for the next four years with the fee of N300, 000 for each of the stars involved in it. But the move seems to have torn the Nollywood stars apart as other popular actors have declined to be part of it.

Those that are currently in the campaign group which is headed by Francis Duru include Uche Jombo, Ini Edo, Paul Adams, Zack Orji, Pete Edochie, Emeka Ike and about 30 others. Most of the actors declined to pick our calls this morning to confirm whether they are involved or not.

Speaking with us on phone yesterday, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Segun Arinze, said he is not part of the move.

“I heard of it but I’m not involved. It is not that I’m against President Jonathan’s ambition, but doing it for a price is what I’m not comfortable with. I wish those involved good luck.”

Also, the Governor, Lagos State Chapter of AGN, Ernest Obi, denied his involvement in the project.

He is also of the opinion that if President Jonathan deserves the support of Nollywood practitioners, they should do so without putting a price tag on it.

A spokesperson of Square Image, the outfit in charge of Stella Damasus-Nzeribe’s image, said the sultry actress is also not part of the project.

“Stella is more of a role model and will not do that, though that doesn’t mean she is not in support of President Jonathan’s ambition. When the time for election comes, she will vote for the candidate of her choice without making any noise about it,” Square Image said.

The decision by some Nollywood stars to campaign for the President with a fee has attracted criticisms from Nigerians, who claimed that as role models, the movie stars should not be directly involved in politics, and if they must do so, not because a candidate is ready to part with some money.

“In America, Hollywood and other showbiz stars drummed their support for President Barack Obama during his campaign, and none of them received a dime for doing that. So I don’t know why our own stars here cannot emulate good things. Does that mean they can’t support other good candidates that don’t have money?” Femi Adebodun, a movie buff asked.

Story by Bayo Adetu

Families plot to reconcile 9ice, Toni Payne

If the information reaching Week end Showbiz is anything to go by, then, 9ice and his estranged wife, Toni Payne, may soon come back together, as a reconciliation process is being planned by their family members.

NFC gathered that the reconciliation move was initiated by Payne’s family members who are desirous to see her return to her matrimonial home.

According to a source, “A reconciliation move is currently going on between the two families. It was suggested by Toni Payne’s family and I believe it will Families plot to reconcile 9ice, Toni Payne work.”

But further enquiry by NFC revealed that the reconciliation might not totally be successful as 9ice and Payne seem not to be enthusiastic about it.

Speaking with NFC, another source said, “9ice and Toni are not eager to come back together as husband and wife as they seem to be content with their present individual status.”

However, attempts by NFC to speak with both 9ice and Payne were unsuccessful, as they refused to pick their calls as at the time of going
to press.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Da Grin: Made Popular by Death

Late Da Grin

The first time to hear that a young man called Olaitan Olaonipekun, popularly known as Da Grin was living was when he died, but not the last to hear the name. He was a Nigerian rap act who was stolen by death in a ghastly accident in his own car – Maxima. He died on April 22 2010. Until his death, his music was not popular as Da Grin is popular today. He is awash on the Nigerian news, and indeed, international. Some people who will not cry for a lost relation were forced to cry. Many thought that the news of his death was a mere joke; some thought it was an expensive one. Some were saying that God should let it be a rumour. All the radio stations were slamming or jamming his music – back-to-back and front-to-front. We’ll never understand why you have to go now.

Da Grin was a huge talent, according to his admirers. He was rapping mostly in his native language – Yoruba – and scantly in English Language. His music is the trend of the epoch in the western part of Nigeria he came from. Some of his Yoruba brethren who don’t or were misled by western world not to understand Yoruba and can’t speak were jealous when they first heard his music. One of them said: When I heard the guy, spit in Yoruba I kind of used to get jealous that I couldn't speak Yoruba that well. He made me so proud to be a Yoruba guy. He made it so cool. He connected with his fans on such a real level. You just felt he was talking directly to you... you actually "felt" him. His energy came through in every word he uttered. I have video footage on my phone of my oyinbo female friends singing the hook, and some of his lyrics to idi-nla. That's how much I used to bump this guy. He was just oozing talent and originality. TBH I don't take an overwhelming majority of Nigerian rappers seriously. Even the most mainstream and heralded ones. Dagrin is pretty much the only one I comment about because I think most of the others are just clowning wannabes and cheap imitations of western rappers.

His death is affecting a lot of his admirers and has spoilt days for them. He died when they are beginning to enjoy his music – just 23. His death make many have lumps in their throat and can’t not cry again. Some feel like crying, but lose their voices and senses. The fear of not seeing him again envelopes the entire limited team of his fans. They are asking, so Da Grin is nowhere to be found in this world again?

They are hoping the doctor's incessant strike didn't contribute to the early exit of Da Grin? They are asking why his manager didn’t or other artistes think ahead and transfer him to hospitals like Eko Hospital, St. Nicholas etcetera.
They are saying that they are really disappointed.
They are feeling that the Police contributed their own quota but they are not sure of the medical team.
But they are consoling themselves, saying, we are just unhappy for your demise. Da Grin, you'll never be gone to those you loved and have touched their hearts in many ways. Your "thought-provoking" renditions are still with us in every steps of the hustle...

Some persons are asking how strong death is. They are rhetorically asking why Da Grin will die when he is needed most and was already reaching the acme of his music career. Those who love the rap genre are finding it hard to believe that he is gone forever. They see him as somebody that would have made a change in the Nigerian music industry. They wish they have a wand of power that can bring him back, they will not hesitate. Can anyone fill the vacuum Da Grin has left in the hearts of his fans? It hurts so bad that Da Grin was lost so soon!

One George Austin sees Da Grin as a legend no matter what the opinions of others are. He sees him as a mentor of a sort whom death was so envious about. Austin writes: “Like a fire that burnt through the field of an industry called music; particularly the rap genre, Da Grin came, he saw, but he never conquered death. For the short time he had reigned, where even legends strive to; he created a style that none could imitate; touched the lives of music lovers like no one else; and gave hope to the teeming youths that it is possible to make it in this country if you got style. But, he went up in a blaze of glory when we least expected it at 23”.

One Wales Loniskolobo sings a different song from Austin. For him, Da Grin is not dead. He sees Da Grin as coming back from a show-travel very soon. His words: “Hmmm! Firstly, Da Grin is not dead, is not dead, is not dead. He went for a show in heaven, so he is coming back soon…friends be ready to see him again...”

Loniskolobo’s expectation that Da Grin will come back soon seems to be a hope in one Bolo who says he can’t wait to see him, and he says, “Da Grin, words can’t express what you mean to me. Even though you’re gone, we are still a team. In the future, I can’t wait to see you. When it’s real, feelings are hard to conceal. Can’t imagine all the pain you feel… Give anything to hear half your breath. I know you’re still living your life, after death... soldier boy.”

Da Grin didn’t deserve death at this time; he deserved to reap the fruits of his hard labour of unrelenting exploration of the musical art. His death seems to be a portal to unifying those in the music industry he left to mourn him, and it calls for such. One Benson Gideon says, “It is time we foster unity among ourselves (artistes in Nigeria) and stop being biased against one another. Da Grin’s death is a wake-up call in the Nigeria’s music industry... when he was alive he had few thousands of fans but now that he is dead, the whole country is Da Grin’s fans... What a world?”

While Gideon may be insinuating that it could be the perceived enmity in the industry that might have contributed to Da Grin’s untimely death, he was perhaps oblivious that the dearth of equipments in the Nigerian hospitals could be why Da Grin died. Someone suspected to be a Kenyan suggested thus: “So sad, saw the pictures the other day after the accident. Couldn’t believe how terrible the accident was. But the most shocking was the bed he was lying on. He had to sort of help or support wires and cables which I usually see when someone is in intensive care after accident. I pray for his family and friends, but mostly for Nigeria. Light Up Nigeria! Light up your roads!! Light up your streets, your hospitals, your buildings!!! And such sad scenarios will be avoided. He was young, talented, and so much potential. Robbed away. When will enough be enough? Your country has so much money. Where is it going? You all drive around in flashy cars, but you are all denying yourselves of your social economic rights. Healthcare, security…”

This other person says, “may God punish those bloody animals that always park their trucks indiscriminately on the roads; punish the government officials that were supposed to control such criminally-vehicle-parking and the ones that misappropriate funds meant for street lights and proper ICU equipment at the hell-hole called government hospital. May God punish the sick profiteering auto dealer that sold him a previously accidented and refurbished Maximum with no air bags”.

However, it’s so sad to lose Da Grin, let alone, say good-bye. But, what can we do? According a statement, “we are like pencil in the hands of God, God giveth and taketh, and pray God will console his family and make them heal fast, though it is not easy...
No matter how we pray against death, it’ll come…it’s inevitable…So, please tell people how much u love them while they can still hear it…show them how much you care when they are alive...”

But, one thing remains as a bet in people’s minds: Da Grin could have won an MTV or Grammy awards if he was alive.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author and Media Consultant, is a Columnist and the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State, Nigeria.

Story by Odimegwu Onwumere/