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Friday, September 10, 2010

15 Highest paid Nigerian Actresses

Have you always wanted to know why our female celebs look good everyday, with new sets of cloths and make ups(Very expensive ones), brand new cars, e.t.c... The reason for this is very simple and that is the amount they charge per script they wanna act on. Below is the list of the HIGHEST PAID NIGERIAN ACTRESSES

15. Unche Jumbo --- N 450,000 per script
14. Fathia Balogun --- N 500,000 per script
13. Mercy Johnson --- N 600,000 per script
12. Funke Akindele --- N 600-700,000 per script
11. Oge Okoye --- N 600.000 per script
10. Chioma Chukwuka --- N 700,000 per script
9. Rita Dominic --- N 1m per script
8. Ngozi Ezeonu --- N 1m per script
7. Joke Silver --- N 1m per script
6. Stella Damasus --- Goes for anything that suits her.
5. Kate Henshaw Nuptal --- N 1m per script
4. Omotola Jolade --- N 1.5m above per script
3. Patience Ozonkwo --- N 1.6 m per script
2. Ini Edo --- N 1.8m per script
1. Genevieve Nnanji --- N2m per script

Don't be Amazed....they worth it...don't they??

Why Gender Equality Is A Problem For The African Woman

Marie Elise GBEDO graduated from Law School in 1984. She is the first African women candidate for presidential elections (2001 and 2006).

As many a people are against the agitation for gender egalitarianism by the feminists, so also I am against any father who deprives his female children their fundamental human rights because they are girls, or any mother who deprives her male children of their fundamental human rights because they are boys.

In June, I wrote an article that was published in our dailies titled: ''Surname: Why Not Mother's Name?'' that article welcomed a lot of thanks from readers but mainly the thanks were replete from the women side, because the issue I addressed in that article concerned them. I regret that I could not answer the question of one man who called my line asking what could be done to influence the right of the girl-child in our society, because my cell phone was a shocker. It has outlived its purchased money. But my advice to the man is, perhaps it was only female children he has and did not intend to marry again, he should Will all his property to them. (Lawyers are in the better position to advise him). So, when the world people see him no more, his relatives won't be intimidating the wife and children, thereby causing them turn abject destitute.

In the African traditions and as well in the Christendom, except by false interpretations of the two traditions, I don't think that any of the traditions allow women headship, except by permission and in the kind of government called Democracy, which effect we have seen in a part of Europe where woman is a ''king''

The human head allowed the word, democracy, run in their senses more than it's boldly written on the Dictionary. Democracy now runs in our blood and in our veins than we could possibly explain. It is this government that brought about the axiom: “What a man can do, a woman can do better”, by the feminists. There is no right thinking mother or woman who can subscribe to that axiom, because unveiling literarily, what men do, women can't try them let alone, doing it better.

This axiom has brought divvy into many married homes today. Imagine a home where the man gives an order and the woman thwarts it because of equality! The issue of headship is no more found in our homes, because the African woman is fighting for equality with the men.

Any right thinking woman has to give the men respect, likewise any right thinking man has to love the woman the agape love. The measure of success of any (man) husband is not by mental or physical ability to make money, but by the loving and kind way he treats his wife and children.

The advent of “what a man can do, a woman can do better, by the feminists, has created the spirit of disrespect in wives to their husbands, and in girls, t the boys resulting to the men now treating the women with poorly rated love and shelve the issue of ''weaker vessel'' by the side, which women even no longer believe today they are.

Christian women no longer subscribe to Genesis 2:21-24: ''God proceeded to build the rib that He had taken from the man into the woman and bring her to the man'' And even, the Moral Man in the bible told his critics in His days: ''Did you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and the female?'' With this, can we not see that there is supremacy built in the man over the woman?

Christianity is the most saleable religion in the world today, and many cultures or traditions are dropping for it, because the knowledge of the subject is profound.

When the Creator of the world told the Man of Morality, as recorded in Genesis 1: 26, ''Let Us make man in our image, according to our likeness'', He did not say, let Us make a man and a woman at the same time. So, there is supremacy!

Even before man was created, the Man of Morality whom He, the Creator created ''Came to be beside Him as a master'', according to Proverbs 8:22-30,''the Firstborn of all creation'' He's not a woman!

The bible figuratively called this Man, Lamb of God, and it showed he's a husband. Remember? An Angel once said; as recorded in John 1: 29; Revelation 21: 9,''Come here, I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife''. We could be imagining who the Lamb's wife is but they are the Man's faithful-anointed followers. (Revelation 14:1,3).

While He was a Model to the Christians, 1 Peter 2: 21 did not terse the truth as it chronicled: ''The head of every man is the Christ; as the head of every woman is man; and the head of Christ is God''. But today, most women do not remember this or are ignorant of it, but rather do remember and use the feminists slogan: ''What a man can do, a woman can do better''. Who told you!

This slogan has corrupted the minds of these women that respect to their husbands and the role a mother is supposed to play in the house are now thrown into the bins for the much touted ''gender equality''. This is why many homes today are comatosed because the headship principle was not applied. And the family could not find success, love, peace and happiness, which are factors that shouldn't lag in marriage.

As men have been assigned the headship, if the feminists like it or not, I don't subscribe to a man dominating his wife, as many men commonly do, without blinking an eyelid. Man should assign the wife honour, treat her as a prized possession, and consider her feelings, always treating her as a human being who also deserves respect and dignity.

And, also, in all these, the woman should not forget that the proverbial goat that wanted to be fat as the cow had its anus burst.

Elaborations are much in my head, but I will close this article with the knowledge in 1 Peter 3: 3:7,''œrather a man to harshly dominate the wife, he should assign her honour as to a ''eaker vessel'', the feminine one. This is a note the African woman should understand and use.

It was not written in Africa or by Africans, but on the marble of history.

So, Gender Equality: Why A Problem For African Woman?

Story by Odimegwu Onwumere/

PHOTO: Ex-Governor’s Mistress Mysteriously Dies In US Mansion


When a female guest suddenly dies inside the residence of a Nigerian politician it easily raises a red flag.

THEWILL can report that the mysterious and sudden death of a 47 year-old elegant woman, Ms. Chinwe Masi inside the high brow Potomac mansion of former Abia State Governor, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu has left family and friends of the deceased uneasy and wanting answers.

Though details of the incident are still unclear, records obtained exclusively today from the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland showed that Ms. Chinwe Masi was pronounced dead on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 8.48pm after paramedics and fire service personnel arrived at the 14900 River Road, Potomac, MD residence of Chief Kalu in response to a 911 call made by someone in the residence believed to be Orji Kalu.

THEWILL gathered that the deceased and Orji Kalu, 50, were romantically involved but we could not ascertain the length of the relationship as at press time.

The deceased, a resident of the city of Hyattsville, Maryland who was once married to Mr. Okechukwu Ogbonna had just returned from Nigeria after a short visit. Her friends and relatives said she was full of life during her stay in Nigeria. THEWILL could not confirm how long she had been at the residence before her sudden demise, but the police said she was visiting when she died.

Montgomery police personnel have so far ruled that her death occurred from natural causes but added that an autopsy would reveal the exact cause of death. Ms. Chinwe’s friends and relatives who we spoke to however, do not believe that she died of natural causes. They allege that something diabolical which modern science cannot detect must have been responsible for her sudden passing.

"You never know with Nigerian politicians, you know our country, the Whiteman does not understand juju," one of her relatives who opted to remain anonymous told THEWILL during a call.

But a female spokesperson for the Montgomery Police said; "On Thursday 08-19-2010, fire rescue personnel responded to a 911 call at 14900 River Road, Potomac, MD. The call was not by the female who needed help. Chinwe Masi, a 47 year-old female was pronounced deceased at the scene by responders. The cause of her sudden death is undetermined. Usually an autopsy would reveal the exact cause."

Chief Orji Uzor Kalu is believed to be married to Ifeoma Ada Kalu though knowledgeable sources allege their marriage has been rocked by series of crises and scandals. Several calls to his mobile phone and an SMS were not responded to.

More to follow!


Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, 8 September 2010: MTV Networks Africa announced today that Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, the cast of “Glee” including Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Amber Riley, in addition to Rosario Dawson, Chris Pine, the cast of Jackass including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Magera and Steve-O, Kim Kardashian, “True Blood” cast member Joe Manganiello, Rick Ross and Romeo of the multi-platinum Latin supergroup Aventura, are set to present at the “2010 MTV Video Music Awards.”

In addition, the list of performances grows as Mary J Blige and Swizz Beatz prepare to hit the stage with Drake, while Bruno Mars will make his VMA performance debut at the 27th annual awards show, which will take place on Sunday 12 September at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Joining the red carpet festivities is Audrina Patridge from “The Hills” who will serve as the official MTV International “2010 MTV Video Music Awards” guest correspondent. Through special vignettes from behind the scenes, the red carpet and the main event, she will give international viewers the scoop on everything happening before, during and after the show.

A special premiere episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will tape from the “2010 MTV Video Music Awards.” Ellen’s cameras will be on hand to catch all of the VMA red carpet highlights and behind the scenes must see moments.

MTV Style has confirmed superstar model Coco Rocha will host's 'Red Carpet Report.' Coco will lend her style expertise to the VMA red carpet and interview celebrities about their fashion.

Previously announced presenters include: The Social Network’s Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Trey Songz, Ashley Greene, Selena Gomez and Ne-Yo. As previously announced, comedienne Chelsea Handler will host the show.

Other performers on the show include Linkin Park, Usher, Eminem, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Drake, Paramore, B.o.B, Florence + The Machine, along with Travis McCoy, Jason Derulo and Robyn who will perform with this year’s VMA house artist, deadmau5.

The “2010 MTV Video Music Awards” including a one-hour pre-show, will premiere on MTV base (DStv Channel 322) on 13 September at 20:00 CAT (repeated on 15 September at 17:00) and on MTV (DStv Channel 321 on 13 September at 22:00 CAT (repeated on 14 September at 17:00).

The “2010 MTV Video Music Awards” will be available to a potential viewing audience of more than 1.2 billion people via MTV's global network of 63 channels reaching 605 million households around the world as well as through syndication. In addition, its convergent programming & content will reach the entire interactive community, via MTV's more than 200 digital media properties around the world.

Story by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel

Boko Haram Storm Bauchi Prison In A Jail Break Move


The dreaded Boko Haram religious sect has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attack on Bauchi Prisons saying its men carried out the operation to free its members from Western influenced trials.

The sect in a pamphlet which it circulated on major streets in Bauchi however frowned at the name "Boko Haram" saying its name is "Jama’atu Ahlissunnah lidda’awati wal Jihad meaning people struggling to restore the implementation of Islamic Legal system and Muslim independence from Christian and this wicked government."

"We don’t want to be called Boko Haram," they warned as they went ahead to commiserate with Muslims in Jos over the Jos crises.

The sect in the pamphlets defended their actions saying they were provoked by government into violence explaining that they had preached peacefully for eight years before the present government suddenly attacked them inside a mosque, one early morning and killed its members.

The pamphlet was however not signed and had no individual name on it.

The sect members said since it is the intention of government to kill its members, it will continue to fight state.

The sect wrote: "Who ever has a hand in punishing their members they will not forget him.

"Who ever wants his wife to become a widow he should get ready and we will not forget the way our members are killed in Dutsen Tanshi Police station, Yankari terminus, who ever has a hand in killing our members from the state governor down to ward and district head we didn’t forget, and you will see what you wouldn’t like."

Both the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Prison Service, Mr. Olusola Ogundipe and the General Officer Commanding 3rd Armoured Division of the Nigerian Army, Major General Saleh Maina paid separate visits to the prison to assess the situation.

Ogundipe described the attack as unfortunate while Maina declined comments.

Bauchi State main prison touched by the Boko-Haram crisis on Tuesday night. Photo: NEXT