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Thursday, September 23, 2010

'No Tithe, No wedding' - Pastor Adeboye declares at Redeemed

Members of the fastest growing church in Africa, The Redeemed Christian Church of God are in shock as their respected General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has decreed that defaulters in the payment of tithe would no longer enjoy their marriage being blessed by the church. It was gathered that during the last Holy Ghost convention that held between August 9 -15, 2010, at the Redeemed camp, Pastor Adeboye had a private meeting with his senior pastors where he told them to inform their parish members that henceforth, anybody who does not pay his or her tithe is not faithful and as such will not get any assistance from the church. Furthermore, he stated that it will be a major criterion for ordaining pastors. If you want to be ordained as a pastor and you default in this area you will be disqualified. This includes deacons and deaconesses. Also if you want to get married in the church, your tithe record will be the deciding factor. Parish members were informed that from their head assemblies, they will send their tithe envelopes for upward review at the headquarters. Pastor Adeboye said this new rule will show the members obedience to the church and to God.

Source: Encomium mag

I'm too angry to comment. I will leave that to you guys...


Hooray for Nollywood!

No makeup artists or luxury trailers ... Nigerian actress Wumi during a shoot. Photograph: Ludovic Careme/Corbis

Inspired by Bollywood musicals and Brazilian soap operas, the Nigerian film industry is now the second largest in the world Die-hard fans have known for some time that the Nigerian film industry is truly unique, but even they may be surprised to discover just how big – and lucrative – it has become.

A new festival, Nollywood Now, takes place in London from 6-12 October and is the first major event to celebrate the second largest film industry in the world. Its chief aim is to draw wider attention to the success and popularity the films enjoy across Europe, and particularly the UK.

Nollywood makes about 2,400 films per year, putting it ahead of the US, but behind India, according to a Unesco report last year. Nigerian film-makers tend to operate in a fast and furious manner; shoots rarely last longer than two weeks, cheap digital equipment is almost always used and the average budget is about $15,000 (£9,664). The finished products often bypass cinemas altogether and are instead sold directly to the "man on the street" for about $1.50 (£1). Most films shift between 25,000 and 50,000 copies globally – although a blockbuster can easily sell up to 200,000.

So, what exactly is it about the films that resonates so much with their audience? For all of their populist appeal, Nigerian films are very rooted in local concerns, according to Nollywood Now's creative director, Phoenix Fry: "Many of the films have looked at how traditional beliefs co-exist with Islam and Christianity, Nigeria's main religions," he says. "There are some superb sequences using quite simple video effects to transform aunties into demons, or show evil animal spirits being driven out from the possessed."

This view is shared by Nigerian director and producer, Ade Adepegba, whose feature film Water Has No Enemy, explores corruption in his native country: "Nigerians are the largest group of Africans living in the UK, and the majority of them live in London," he says. "Nigerian films still hold their strongest appeal to first generation immigrants who feel a deep attachment to their homeland. So, at the moment nostalgia is the main reason for the appeal of Nollywood."

Ultimately, it's the way the films are crafted, rather than their juicy content that gives them universal appeal, says Fry. "The storytelling is so good. Nigerian filmmakers really know how to entertain their audiences. They've studied the populist genres from other countries – Bollywood musicals, low-budget horror and Brazilian soap operas, for example – and reworked these to appeal to anyone with a love of drama."

The process is tried and tested, and the main reason Nollywood is currently in such rude health, but how long can it stay that way? It's hard to see how an industry that prides itself on producing so much in so little time won't start to lose its momentum in the coming years. Diversifying is probably its best hope of lasting success, but loyal and long-standing fans may see that as a betrayal of its origins.

Adepegba believes that widening its scope will serve Nollywood well in the long term: "The industry needs to start making films with deeper social and artistic values – the path to even greater success," he says.

In October, Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence, and thanks in no small part to Nollywood, its creative industries are under the global spotlight like never before. Film-makers need to make the most of these new opportunities to showcase the country by accurately portraying its flaws as well as its triumphs. This may mean tackling less savoury subjects regarding everyday life in the country, such as crime, corruption and abject poverty. It will not please everyone, but to ensure the legacy it deserves, Nollywood audiences should demand no less.

Story by Ludovic Careme/Corbis


Banky W MAMA 2010 performer


Lagos, 22 September 2010: Change is in the air as MTV and Zain lock down Banky W, Fally Ipupa, Teargas and Daddy Owen to deliver a series of spine-tingling live performances at the upcoming MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (MAMA). The four artists are the first performers to be announced for the 2010 edition of the Awards, which take place on Saturday 11 December 2010 at the Eko EXPO Hall, Lagos, Nigeria.

Smooth R&B artist Banky W is the first Nigerian artist booked to perform at this year’s show, while South African outfit Teargas will be representing the best of South African Hip Hop on their MAMA debut.

Kenya’s Daddy Owen will make his mark as the first ever Gospel singer to perform at the MAMA Awards, showcasing the unique Gospel
vibe that’s successfully made the cross-over into the mainstream music consciousness. Congolese star Fally Ipupa makes his second appearance at MAMA, after his exciting collaboration with Mozambique’s Lizha James and Uganda’s Blu3 at MAMA 2009 in Kenya.

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, “Banky W, Teargas, Fally Ipupa and Daddy Owen are all thrilling performers that epitomize the awesome spirit and passion of contemporary African musicians. Their involvement in this year’s awards is sure to guarantee that 2010 will be the most creatively inspiring and exciting MAMA event so far.” Commented Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa, “Music in all its genres or origins strikes a chord with our continent as it provides a platform to express ourselves at each turn in our daily lives.

The choice of the performers at the 2010 edition shows an excellent choice of musicians with a wide appeal in the continent." The “crown prince” of African R&B, Banky W is the stage name of Olubankole Wellington, whose ultra-smooth voice, writing and production skills and uncanny showmanship and dance skills have catapulted him into the contemporary music spotlight. Born in the United States to Nigerian parents, Banky moved to Nigeria, West Africa at the tender age of 5, getting access for the first time to the traditional African music and rhythms that are deeply rooted in his sound and which form the basis of huge hits such as Lagos Party and Strong Ting. Using his everyday struggles as a source of inspiration for his music, Banky has gained an army of followers around the world thanks to his heartfelt lyrics, larger-than-life presence and mesmerising live show, and has won numerous awards including the Urban Independent Music Award for R&B/Soul, The Nigerian Entertainment Award, and the highly coveted songwriting award from the John Lennon Foundation.

Charismatic South African Hip Hop trio Teargas is made up of Ntokozo “K.O.” Mdluli and two brothers: Ezee “Ma-E” Hanabe and Bantu “Ntukza” Hanabe. Five years after their critically-acclaimed debut album “K’shubile K’bovu”, Teargas is riding high on the success of their third album “Dark Or Blue”, which was released at the end of 2009, spawning a host of hit singles including “Go Away”, “Party 101” and “Mhlobo Wami” and winning them Best Rap Album at the 2010 South African Music Awards.

Bringing his uplifting, Gospel-fusion sound to MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain, Daddy Owen is the self-appointed creator of “Kapungala“ - a jubilant mash-up of Gospel with Kenyan genres Kapuka and Lingala.

Daddy Owen has already enjoyed an amazing 2010, receiving massive radio airplay for hit tracks Tobina and Kiriro, and sweeping the boards at the 2010 Groove Awards, East Africa’s annual celebration of Gospel music, where he took home gongs for Male Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year (“System ya Kapungala”), Video of the Year (“Kiriro”), Central Song of the Year and Collabo of the Year (“Kiriro” – Daddy Owen ft Allan Aaron & Kerah).

Fally Ipupa, nicknamed “Dicap La Merveille” (DiCaprio the marvellous) by his Congolese fans, is riding high as one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s most successful music exports. A silky-smooth voice, skilful songwriting skills and a larger–than-life personality
that have made Ipupa a hit in Africa and on the international music scene, reaching the hearts of many with his infectious blend of soukous, ndombolo, pop and R&B.

Teargas said, “We are truly honoured and excited to be given the opportunity to perform at one of Africa’s biggest ceremonies and to reach our fans in the rest of Africa, and the world. We’d be lying if we weren’t a little nervous about being told that more than one billion people might be watching! We’re interested to see which other great African artists we’ll be collaborating with.” Known for its awe-inspiring staging, exhilarating music and gripping musical collaborations, the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain was created in 2008 to recognise and reward Africa’s finest contemporary musicians.

Past winners have included:

Amani (BEST FEMALE 2009)


Samini (BEST PERFORMER 2009), P Square (BEST GROUP 2009)

Zebra & Giraffe (BEST ALTERNATIVE ACT 2009)






Daddy Owen MAMA 2010 performer

MAMA 2010 performers Fally Ipupa

MAMA 2010 performers Teargas

Story by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel