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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nigerian Policemen Fighting Each Other In Lagos… Pictures

I don’t know why I find this funny, even though it’s pretty embarrassing, but the story in Ajegunle, along Lagos-Abeokuta Express is hilarious and sad at the same time. 3 police men engaged in a brawl over reason unexplained at the time.

People were seen scampering for safety, and nobody could tell what caused the fight, which got so messy that the policemen wrestled and dragged themselves on the ground.

The three fighters are corporals serving in the elite Mobile Police Force.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have a few thousand words for you guys. Check out the pictures:

Don’t Come To Me For Marriage; Go For Younger Actresses – MAMA G Warns Randy Nigerian Men

It is really a case of different strokes for different folks. While a horde of actresses like Eucharia Anunobi, Mercy Johnson and Dakore Egbuson have had numerous tales of postponed weddings trailing them, one woman who would not want a hint of that is celebrated actress, Patience Ozokwor, popularly called Mama G. To this end, the actress has sent out a stern warning to all those men who think every actress gets carried away by the mention of the word ‘marriage’.

While on a location at Asaba, Delta State, where she went to shoot a new movie recently, the actress confided in some close associates that she has had to warn several men who are besieging her for her hand in marriage that she was no longer in the market for marriage. The actress noted that it was baffling that men would be worrying her for marriage, when there are lots of younger actresses looking for good suitors in Nollywood.

Our source said that Mama G’s new disposition may not be unconnected with the rumours making the rounds that she has become the toast of Nigerian men in spite of the fact that she is a grandmother.

“I do not blame the woman at all. Of course, she is a very pretty woman and it is obvious that her beauty has blossomed even as she ages gracefully. Most of the times these rich men send emissaries to her, meaning to profess their love to her, and the disturbance is increasing by the day. They usually go through people in the movie industry, especially those working as production assistants, who by virtue of their jobs have the contacts of most star actors and actresses”, NFC was told.

According to a close associate of Mama G’s she is also being careful of most Nigerian men, because of the way they behave, especially when they are dating celebrities.

“She knows that most men, especially the randy ones, will go out of their ways to say anything so that they can always make references to that in future. She sees herself as a responsible woman, which is why she is keeping everyone at bay. More so, she is an intending grandmother, and has so many people looking up to her”.

When is love enough to make a commitment?

Samson has always loved the good things of life. When he was a boy, one could tell that he was on his way to becoming the master of his game. He graduated when his mates did and immediately got a job in a reputable bank. Not too long, he went back to school for his masters and doctorate. These degrees gave him added advantage over his peers, so he got promoted and headed a branch of the bank in a short time.

It was time for him to marry, so he decided to settle for nothing less. Nnenna is an American citizen, who also worked in a bank. He planned that both of them should resign and relocate to the States for their white wedding and a beautiful life.

Nnenna left for the States to hasten things for both of them or so she said. Before that they traveled home to see her family for the marriage introduction. Samson on the other hand was busy getting set for his resignation. He sold all he had, sent the money to Nnenna to get a place for them in the States. He was advised against leaving his job permanently by his friends, but he did not listen and finally he relocated to the States.

He got to America to meet the biggest shock of his life…

Paul Play

Trust comes with time
Paul Play, Musician
Relationship has to be about love and commitment. Commitment comes with time. It is that time you take in developing trust between the two of you. The time to know your partner’s strength and weaknesses.

I don’t subscribe to people who meet themselves today and are married in three or six months. You don’t know your partner, whatever you get you deserve. I’m not saying problems don’t come up in marriages of twenty years and above, but you already know what you are expecting from your partner. The person you just met you do not even know him or her. It takes time to say l know this person or that person. If you don’t know the person well enough, why go into that ‘business of forever’ with the person?

For a relationship to work it must take time to grow, there must be commitment which also comes with time and trust. I feel for the young man, but I am sure he has learnt his lessons.

Benita Nzeribe

Personal belief
Benita Nzeribe, Actress
Love and relationships are personal, because a certain style worked for Mr. A doesn’t mean it will work for Mr. B. I think we should listen to our hearts when we are about going into relationships or affairs that have to do with the heart. We should also talk to ‘the God’ we serve about it. What you believe in will work for you.

Nonso Odogwu

Love Forgives
Nonso Odogwu, Actor
Love is a sweet feeling; we don’t even practice it in this world. Love is in-fact God, it is giving and forgiving and of-course
trust must be the binder. I love listening to both sides of stories before concluding. The man in this story told us his side; I wish the woman in question was here to defend herself. There are always two sides to a coin. If he ever loved the woman, he should forgive her.

DJ Jimmy Jatt

Fifty percent commitment is ok
Jimmy Jatt, Musician/ Dj
I don’t think time matters, it is relative. How well you know the person is very vital to commitment and trust. In today’s world, marriage is a contract; there should be trust to make it worth while. If you can get at least fifty percent of someone’s love, I think it’s fair. You can work on that and get the best out of it. You never can tell you can turn fifty to a hundred percent in the end.

Alex Lopez

The victim calls it quit
Alex Lopex, Actress
The man in the story is very stupid. How can you do that for a woman you are not even married to? Life is fair; it is what you make of it. Love is also what you make of it. So, if you have a loved one, a fiancĂ©e or fiancĂ© who cheats on you all in the name of love or beats you or she claims she is seeing only you, whereas there are other guys. Then love is enough when the victim eyes gets open and he or she calls it quit. It is enough when you have dated him for twelve years and you notice he doesn’t intend to marry you. And you walk away.

Nollywood split over Tonto Dikeh

•She’s in order- Ope Banwo
•She is looking for extra fame-Charles Novia

Tonto Dikeh’s role in her recent movie, Dirty Secret, has continued to generate controversy among movie lovers and practitioners. Many have berated the fair skinned actress, claiming her role in the movie is un-African, untraditional and shameful. Others say she is only being a professional and she has the right to choose what role to play.

Absolving the actress of guilt, Barrister Ope Banwo, the CEO of Stingomania Records believes the actress has the right to act any role and that others do not have a right to impose their morality on her.

“I believe as an actress, she has the constitutional right to do any movie she wants. While we may not like her moral code, we do not have any right to impose our morality on her.

We may choose not to watch the movie , but we should not condemn her for taking her professional acting to new levels. Comedians tell dirty jokes too, how come we are not condemning them too? Musicians sing lewd songs too. Or do we have another standard for musicians , actors and comedians”, he said.

Lending her voice to the controversy, respected artists manager, Ms. Mildred Okwo took a feminist stand on the issue. She wondered if this is not just a case of the tabloids picking on a woman. “I wonder why everyone is condemning Tonto. Did she act the film alone or is this just another case of the tabloids picking on a woman”, She queried.

Speaking further, she said “…first, I have to know exactly which film everyone is talking about, because we like to gossip without facts in this country. If it is indeed a porn film, censors board will not release it , so I suspect that people are being less than truthful with the facts”.

Julis Agwu said acting is all about make-belief ,but Africa is not yet ripe for such exposures. He said “…first as a trained theatre artist, I believe that acting is make-belief. But I don’t think Africa is ripe enough for such exposures considering womanhood and ??Motherhood. Be that as it may, the buzz is also helping to popularise the movie!!!”

On the other hand, popular movie producer, Charles Novia was against the actress’ role in the soft porn movie.“…first, the ‘soft porn’ movie is a debased genre, in my opinion, for a segmented immoral audience. Such movies strive to sell more on sexually simulated scenes than the subject matter.

Most producers who delve into this genre usually look out for actors and actresses whose careers are at an abysmal low or who just wish to re-invent themselves from the attendant controversy such movies would generate. I cannot rate her as a truly trained thespian, because there are moral tenets in being a fully trained theatre artist. So, in this case, her claim of being “professional” in taking that role is ambiguous in my rating. However, she strikes me as a pseudo-bohemian .

In Nigeria, her new found “soft porn” status could very well boomerang on her. No matter how she and many others think the Nigerian society is “hypocritical” when it comes to moral issues, it’s that moral restraint that defines us as a nation and a people! Tonto would very well do herself a favour to compare notes with Cossy Orjiako and see if notoriety in a stereo-typical immoral role is akin to stardom. For Tonto, who by the way has some malleable talent, an extra fifteen minutes of fame may be added to her career by this but the clock ticks fast!

The controversy took a new turn when Tonto took to online social network Twitter to defend her role in the movie, saying she was only being professional. “Why should we enjoy seeing nudity in Hollywood and not Nollywood. It’s f***king professional, peeps grow up. I’m all out doing my job and f**k you hard if you think otherwise. Rubbish f***king pretenders. I have got the fake damned tradition. I have got the mind and heart my profession requires. Period.

Aki and PawPaw Part Ways over Secret marriage Plans – debunk MON rumours

Aki and PawPaw

Diminutive actors, Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, popularly known as Aki and Paw paw, are renowned for holding on to their bond of friendship with utmost respect. This has not only seen them pairing in countless home videos, but have literally had them living like Siamese twins in the showbiz industry. It is on record that they share the same room during recording trips, the same meals, and even the same jointly-furnished apartment inside the Lagos State Property Development Corporation (LSDPC) Estate in Ogba, Lagos.

But NFC sources squealed that things are fast changing for the actors as they continue to mature into full adulthood. Contrary to rumours being peddled in town that the duo have been having a row over the MON award conferred on Chinedu Ikedieze (one of the pair) by the President Goodluck Jonathan led government, the duo decided to live apart, owing to Chinedu IKedieze’s fiery urge to settle down with his current girl friend.

To this end, Aki as he is fondly called, has moved out of the LSPDC Estate, Ogba for another choice apartment, located within Unity Estate in Ojodu, Lagos, while Osita has also found himself an apartment at the Omole area in Lagos.

According to Chinedu Ikedieze, there is no bad blood between him and Osita, contrary to what some sections of the media have been speculating. He told NFC that maturity was responsible for the reason why both of them had to part ways in terms of sharing an apartment.

“As we grow and mature, there is no doubt that our priorities will begin to change. And two people do not have the same priorities all the time, so it is just natural that a balance must be struck. “