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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuface: I Won’t Abandon My 5 Kids

Multiple award-winning musician, Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia, has said despite undue criticisms from some quarters, he will not abandon his five kids and their moms.

The African Queen crooner currently has five kids from three ladies but he said even though he is not yet married to any of the ladies, he will not shy away from his responsibilities as a father to the kids and their mothers.

Tuface said: “I have five kids from three lovely ladies. Abi na women I go call them? I try as much as possible to see them because I have little or no time.”

On the reasons why he decided to be a polygamist, he said: “I did not plan to have kids from different women but at a point in my life, it happened and I said I will not run away from it. I will stand and face the responsibility.”

The Benue State-born singer has refused to comment on whether he will settle down with one of the ladies that bore him kids or not.

“I never know oh! It might be one of them and it may not be,” he said.

Women And Finance In Relationships


I know this is one article the women won’t be happy to read. The Nigerian culture is one that has transferred everything about finance and upkeep to the man. But times are changing. We no longer live in that era when women are asked to sit at home, be full time housewives and just make babies.

Things are getting tougher in our society and men are now left with so many burdens as regards the upkeep of the wife and children. Women are also not helping the men as we are most times selfish in our relationship with them.

I know most women frown at the idea of having a joint bank account with their husband. I know so many women have had series of bad experiences when it comes to this. I know women who, in the case of a break-up, lost everything as the man plays a fast one on them. I know women who worked hard all their life and when it is time for them to relax and start enjoying the fruits of their labour, they realize there is nothing left in the account. But the truth is that until we get to this level in our relationships, we have not really yielded to love one another.

I understand your fear, but the question is: is this God’s plan for us? I am one person who does not believing in deceiving myself. What we have in a good number of Nigerian marriages are two adults living together as house-mates, having sex and making children, pretending to be in love while in actual fact, they are far from being one. I wonder when I see men and women now use their children and siblings as next of kin when it should be their spouse. This shows there is nothing like trust in our homes. I don’t blame you as a woman because we all have different stories to tell. But that this is the way it is done doesn’t mean it is right.

I have had women who are housewives tell me how foolish their husbands are. According to one of them, the man stopped her from working and ordered her to become a full time housewife. But I can tell you that this lady has no less than N20 million in her bank account, all gotten through stealing from the man.

There is yet another lady who said she never pays her children’s school fees if she doesn’t get N500,000 out of it. I marvel when I hear all these stories because this is like a thief stealing from herself.

Ladies now go and meet those dishonest doctors, and have them diagnosed of a terminal illness. The doctor’s diagnoses will frighten the man so much that he is ready to do anything to keep his wife alive. The one I heard speak said the husband drops N600k every month for her treatment. She goes behind to take N500k while the doctor takes the balance. I don’t know what to say about this because the man will be going about with the mindset that his wife is dying. He could even be fasting and asking God for healing without knowing it is all fake.

Why have we suddenly become so desperate that we are now ready to do anything for money? I haven’t seen that thing that can make me begin to lie and commit all sorts of crimes just to get money. I say this to people anywhere I am and this is subject to verification. As a signatory to my husband’s account, with a right to sign cheques alone, I never at any time took money out of that account without his consent. I never in my life gave money to my parents without his knowledge because I have a different view of marriage. If really we are one, let us be one indeed.

You can do it and get better results from it. There is no point writing a long market list just to collect his money when you know there are things in that list that you don’t need. So many women, while going to market write three items but with different names on the same list. I see women use their children’s health to get money from their husband. Why bring evil upon yourself because of greed? What spirit has entered us that we no longer think before taking certain steps?

Some women have so belittled themselves that they go to finance people in schools to assist them in getting money from their husbands. Have you ever sat down to think of how they see you and the children you are raising? If at this stage you are doing this, remember you will someday become a grandmother and then you will graduate from stealing from your husband to stealing from your children and helping your daughter steal from her husband.

I was dumbfounded the day one of my workers told me about her landlady who advised her to always collect money from her husband before he sleeps with her. According to her, the landlady told her this before other women. She vowed never to allow her husband touch her without money. What a shame! She is not the only one guilty of this as I know a particular lady who confessed to this. Her husband is a very rich and good looking man. This got me thinking he is not in his right senses. How can a woman make herself a whore in her own house?

The pastors’ wives are not left out as all they are after is how much the husband is getting from the ministry. I recently told someone how miserable a pastor would have been if God hadn’t blessed his ministry. This is because all the wife is interested in is the money that comes in. A friend recently told me about her former church, where the pastor’s wife calls men and tell them to give her money for lace wigs, Brazilian hair and designer jewellery for their wives. She told me that the first Brazilian hair she wore was from that woman. What a devil in the church!

Girls, we all need money and it is necessary for us to be more fulfilled in life. But you can get all the money in the world and still feel empty. It is time you run away from all those friends that give you those negative ideas on how to relate with your husband. I believe I can get whatever I want in the place of prayer. It really worked for me. That I don’t get anything from my man is only if I am not really serious about it. I don’t have to lie, cheat, or fight him to get what I want. Begin to see yourself as a princess who shouldn’t do everything for money. Remember, one day you will leave it all here and face eternity.

If you are a working class lady, please look for a way to assist your husband. I am of the school of thought that a man should be able to provide for his home. Even the Holy Bible says it that if a man cannot provide for his family, he is worse than an infidel. But there are times the man loses his job; there are times his business takes a downward turn. Are you then going to watch him suffer and go through pain when you are in a position to help out? I have seen women with jobless husbands who go the extra mile to cover up for them. C’mon, you can cover his nakedness.


Is D'Banj losing steam?

Is D'Banj losing steam?

THAT exactly will be what is going on in the minds of the Koko Master's fans regarding his latest work, Mr. Endowment. After almost three weeks of the song’s release, it has lacked the basic characteristics of D'Banj in popularity and acceptance. Unlike his previous songs like, Why Me, Igwe and others that became anthems of sort within few days of release, many still are not aware the multiple award winning star has a single out. With Wande Coal now the new toast in the Mo'Hits family and taking home five awards at the last Hip Hop World Award (HHWA) and D'Banj going home with none, music analysts are of the opinion that the Kokomaster might have worked in a hurry to no avail to regain his position within the scene


New Independence N50 note Launched With 50th anniversary logo

G. Jonathan and Sanusi Lamido

Abuja, Sept. 29, 2010 President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday launched the redesigned N50 commemorative note and non-circulating coins to mark the 50 years of Nigeria as an independent State.

President Goodluck Jonathan, today, formally launched the N50 commemorative notes and non circulating coins, as part of activities to mark Nigeria’s 50th independence anniversary.

The new note is expected to exist side by side with the old one, while the coins will serve as souvenirs during the anniversary.

The launch was done during a brief Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, which lasted for just about 48 minutes, and was presided over by the president.

While speaking at the occasion, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, stated that the new note, which is designed to commemorate the anniversary, is obviously the same with the circulating N50.

The only difference, he noted, is the addition of the 50th anniversary logo, a gold iridescent band, and a goodwill message written in varnish.

“The new note will circulate side by side with the existing N50 polymer notes. While some of the commemorative coins are produced in 22 carat gold, others are gold plated silver.” - Courtesy NEXT


Jewel by Lisa releases their first fashion short film “A Day in the Life of A Jewelette” starring Eku Edewor

Jewel by Lisa has just released a short film entitled “A Day in the Life of a Jewelette“. Ex-Model and TV Presenter, Eku Edewor stars in the video which chronicles her day and matches different JBL pieces with different aspects of her day – from a lunch date to a movie premiere. The five minute eighteen second video is supported by the soundtrack – “Play” by Kate Nash.

JBL is taking definite steps to promote their brand in innovative ways. Obsidian set the pace with their fashion film “Control” which they released in May 2010.
JBL has become a firm favourite among young, africhic women. We are looking forward to more from the label.

Check out the video:


BN on CNN: Founder Uche Eze interviewed by CNN’s Isha Sesay for i-List Founder, CEO/MD of BainStone – Uche Eze was featured on CNN i-List on the 28th of September 2010.
The interview was conducted by CNN reporter, Isha Sesay. During the interview, Uche discussed the genesis and inspiration for the BellaNaija brand, social media and social media activism in Africa and the plans for

What is i-List?
A special program that visits a different country each month and look towards its future. We highlight innovation and influence in business, industry, culture and more.

In September, i-List visits Africa for the first time, with special programs from Nigeria. Watch CNN live from Nigeria on World One all week from 27 September at 1900 GMT/ 2000 BST/ 2100 CET.
For more details on CNN i-List, visit

Sincere thanks to all BellaNaija readers! Any success that BN has been blessed with is courtesy of YOU. – From the BN Team


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kidnappers abducted 15 students in Aba

Kidnapping has gone to a different level now, apparently Fifteen students of Abayi International School, Aba, were on Monday morning abducted in their school bus in Abia State.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the driver of the bus had picked the children at designated points and was on the way to school when the suspected kidnappers struck. NAN learnt that a Toyota Camry saloon car blocked the bus and the occupants, and men brandishing guns alighted and ordered it to stop.

“As the driver came down, the hoodlums collected his cell phone and ordered him to lie face down while they drove off with the pupils towards Etche in Rivers (State),” an eyewitness told NAN.
Most of the abducted students are said to be mostly nursery and primary school pupils.

Geoffrey Ogbonna, the Abia State Police Command spokesperson, told NAN that he was yet to get any report on the incidence as at press time.
The kidnappers are said to be demanding N20 million as ransom.

The Abia State Government, last week, gave kidnappers in the State two weeks ultimatum to surrender their weapons and be rehabilitated by in an amnesty programme.


How to Navigate this Blog with ease

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What Tricia Eseigbe did with her off-shore lover …On his birthday

Tricia Eseigbe

Married life really pays TV personality, Tricia Eseigbe. The presenter of international TV show, Bold Faces is happy. Reason: It's her hubby Kingsley Kerry's birthday last week. And Tricia called friends and associates to announce the celebration, which is low-key, upon her return into the country from UK.

We gathered that she gave her husband a dinner treat at Chinese Restaurant, Jade Place on the Island to mark the day.
Kingsley, a citizen of Great Britain, got married to Tricia Eseigbe in a glamorous way a couple of months back in Lagos having dated for several years.

Trust some Lagos busy bodies; they didn't fail to ask: Since she wasn't planning to give them a bash, why so much fuss on the birthday? But observers won't blame the sultry actress who hugged stardom with 'Samadora' after all she went through before she finally hooked the guy; she needs to put all efforts to make the marriage work.



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ije, the Journey

No publicity is bad publicity. I am here to praise Ije and condemn the filmmakers. I watched the first 20 minutes and had to leave. I could predict the entire movie so I was not hurt to leave. Don't get me wrong. I am dying to watch the rest. i had to leave because I had a flight to catch from Lagos to Senegal. Yes. I am enjoying my graduation, touring countries in Africa and doing a small hand held camera work on cultures.

I have read many reviews that have called Ije the standard setter. The young filmmaker herself called her NYFA Thesis film the first Hollywood Movie of Nigeria. What an insult to Nigerian filmmakers. I doubt Chineze wants to start her career by making enemies in an industry she CAME TO MEET. I have read many comments that share my anger.

For clarification, Ije came to meet the Nollywood revolution and is one of those movies that will be included in the revolution. It did NOT start the revolution neither is it a pacesetter. It is rather a desperate attempt to get noticed by Hollywood from Chineze and the rest of the crew and cast excluding Genevieve, Omotola and Clems. They already have their fame. The movie painted Nigeria is such an ignorant light, and tried in every way to make the black man the victim. so cliched!! At least, it won 8 awards from unknown festivals and that is always a start. I am not hating on Chineze. I am telling her to put a stop to belittling Nigerian filmmakers because she was lucky enough to have NYFA student benefits extended to her, plus family money to go make a good movie.

I want to draw her attention to Jeta Amata. Who made the first bonafide Hollywood movie Amazing Grace. He has made another called Black Gold with Billy Zane of Titanic fame. Other filmmakers have used real Hollywood stars like Billy Zane, Nick Moran, Jimmy Jean Louis, Hakeem Kae Kazim, Caroline Chikezie etc. I can also remember the movie Secret laughter of women with Nia Long which started the likes of Joke Silva.

How then is Ije the movie all these people must emulate? Have I forgotten to mention ground breaking, box office breaking movies like Through the Glass from Stephanie and The Figurine? So Ije with is struggling thespians cannot be anything Nigerian filmmakers need to follow. It is not a Hollywood Film. It is a Nigerian Film.

Pride goes before a fall. These filmmakers she is disparaging have struggled against odds of making movies in our substandard industry and yet have managed to make good films. She was surrounded by school professors and a 99% American crew and 80% American equipment. No struggles to find equipment or crew who know what to do.

I would like to see how she fares by working alone in Nigeria. No Paula Moreno to produce and no Kevin Smith to DOP. Just use resources in Nigeria, race against Nigerian time and lets see what happens.

Ije should be marketed with all the aplomb, but do not make it larger than life because there is nothing special about it. it is nothing Nigeria film industry had not seen before. It is least the African Film industry has seen compared to the likes of Gaston kabore, Sissako and Darrel Roodt.

Genevieve looked damn good in the movie, not sure why they made her talk like some illiterate Nigerian, (insulting if you ask me), she is a banker, in Nigeria, why should she be naive?
Regardless of the predictability of the piece, its naivete nature and factual errors, Ije is very entertaining and beautifully shot. Try and watch it!!

jeta Amatas black gold.


T.W.O: Dynamic Duo. Love Unending. Legitimate Music.

The Charly Boy Show was an integral part of the Saturday ritual for those who grew up in Nigeria, in the early 90s. The show was popular for segments like ‘Joker,’ ‘This is Not the News,’ ‘Madam Zizi,’ as well as the highlight of the show ‘Candid Camera’. It was the crux of Saturday afternoons back then (If you didn’t have cable, there wasn’t much to watch on TV).

Specifically, Wunmi made spoofs as Miss Snowbottom and Tunde was a regular with the Joker segment. In 1998, it became common knowledge that Tunde and Wunmi had gotten married. It was no surprise seeing as their chemistry on-screen was scorching to say the least. What most people do not know however, is that they’d met years earlier while they both were students of the University of Lagos .

They were members of the on-campus music band, Turning Point. The story began with Tunde’s initial indifference to her presence, then the gradual warming up, the eventual friendship and the (still) blossoming romance. The relationship which has spanned over 20 years has given birth to a happy relationship with lots of good and wholesome music. With their exploits on TV behind them, they delved solely into music – the reason they’d met in the first place. Their brand of music is lighthearted, high spirited and fun. Over the years they’ve added great songs like Mogbomoya, Zombie as well as Like a Fool in their kitty.

Last year, there were rumors that they’d given up their music for TV. And as if in answer to those rumors, they began recording a new album titled TWO legit. They released the said album, titled TWO Legit on August 2nd, 2010. The LP boasts of production credits from heavy weights: ID Cabasa, Puffy T, Rymzo, and Foster Zeeno amongst many others.


Lady Gaga's grandfather dies

Joseph Germanotta, the 88 year old grandfather of Lady Gaga, died on 24th September 2010. Gaga had only visited Joseph on Wednesady 22nd. The mature person in me though realises how heartwarming that may be for her in the months to come. It would have been worse if she had not seen him for months.
Whilst touring the UK in May Lady Gaga broke down on stage and told the audience about her grandfather's ill health.
Gaga's boyfriend Luc Carl has been comforting her since her grandfather's death and being as supportive as possible.
The Mail Online has reported that:
"Dozens of messages of sympathy and support for the star have been posted, both at an online obituary for her grandfather and on Twitter.
The obituary in the Star-Ledger said Mr Germanotta had lived in New Jersey. He was self-employed and had served in the Army during World War II. He was survived by his wife of 57 years, Angeline, as well as his son Joseph and granddaughters, Gaga and her sister Natali.
The obituary asked that in lieu of flowers, donations were made to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research at"
Although they looked sad, Lady Gaga and Luc Carl were spotted in New York on Saturday. As ever Gaga was making a statement piece with her clothing. She was wearing a leotard, killer heels and a leather jacket.
Then again perhaps her grief just made her forget to put a skirt or trousers on.
RIP Joseph


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wole Soyinka Launches Political Party, Declines to Contest Next Year

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has launched his political party, Democratic Front for Peoples Federation (DFPF).

At the official launch of the party in Lagos, South-West Nigeria, Professor Soyinka said he was not contesting the 2011 presidential election, but the DFPF is launched to provide a platform for people of unblemished character who have been frustrated out of the Nigerian political arena due to its monetized nature.

Members of the new party elected him as its leader during the party's inaugural meeting this afternoon, Saturday, September 25.

The 76-year-old essayist, easily recognizable by a shock of white hair, later told reporters he wouldn't run as a candidate in the nation's 2011 presidential election.

Instead, Soyinka promised the party would use the power of persuasion and words to affect the outcome of an election many worry will be tainted by political thuggery, violence and ballot-box stuffing. But it remains unclear what effect a party that pledges to take in no money will have in a nation where stolen oil money fuels the whims of the political elite.

"It is an experiment... that directly challenges those who grumble that there is no platform, no springboard from which they can propose the political arena fresh and innovative ideas," Soyinka told those gathered at a Lagos hotel ballroom Saturday.

He therefore called on people of like minds to register as members of the party that will provides alternative for what he describes as a corrupt and morally bankrupt system.

"The nation is comprehensively sucked dry by a minority that is so lubricated that they slip out of grasp when their hands are caught in the till," Soyinka said.

Soyinka won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986, the first African honored with the award.

The convener of Save Nigeria Group (SNG), Pastor Tunde Bakare and President of the Campaign for Democracy, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin who attended the occasion, said the launching of a political party by Professor Soyinka is a welcome development.

Nigeria, home to 150 million people, has conducted a string of criticized elections since becoming a democracy more than a decade ago. Its 2011 election, scheduled to be held in January, likely will be moved back over concerns about having enough time to register an estimated 70 million registered voters. The nation's National Assembly meets Monday to discuss postponing the election.

Since the hand over in 1999 from military rule to a civilian government, Nigerian politics have been dominated by the ruling People's Democratic Party.


I’m A Scape Goat--Tuface Idibia


Tuface Idibia will be having a special show on Sunday at the Eko Hotels and Suites. He spoke about the significance of the show, his music, life style and other things

2face, wetin dey happen?
I dey oh.

What is happening to 2face for some time now, we have not heard from him?
Well, I have been doing something, at least, I dey try to arrange myself. I will be doing a show on 26 September, 2010.

What are the expectations of your fans?
Plenty of things. I want my fans to come en mass because the show is like one-on-one as it will be as if I am sitting with them in the backyard and just singing.

Is it a way of getting across to them in form of interaction?
Yes, you are right.

Your latest audio CD titled Unstoppable is being sold for N1,000 and people have been complaining about this. Why is it so?
I think the pricing is right because of the quality of the songs and the its production. It is only in Nigeria that you spend so much on production and get so little. In fact, the price of an empty CD is more than a CD with music in Nigeria. It is only in Nigeria that you find such a thing. I think an empty CD is sold for N500 while a CD with music is N150. What is left for the artiste?

With your experience, can you say that it has been a success?
Oh yes, I will not say that I have sold over five million copies but I will prefer selling about 100,000 copies and make my money rather than selling over three million before breaking even. So far, so good, the response has been good because people now realise that they have to go for quality things.

What has been your driving force, being the first to sell a CD for N1,000 per copy as well as pioneer hip hop music star among other things?
I just want to be like a scape goat by sacrificing myself through experimenting with many things and that is if it works, it is okay and if not, it is all well and good. But if it works, it is for the betterment of everybody.

What do you like to sing about or what kind of lyrics influenced you?
I want to sing about everything. There is no topic I will run away from when it comes to music.

Are you satisfied with the level of hip hop music in Nigeria today?
I will not classify myself as a hip hop artiste.

Then what kind of music do you play?
Na de problem be dat. I no get classification. If na makossa enter my head when I dey write song, na that I go take write the song.

Only Me, What inspired the song?
It is about doing something so far. That you ‘own’ today does not mean that another person cannot own tomorrow. If you dey reign today, e no mean say anther person no fit reign tomorrow. That means that at every point in time, no be only you go get things.

What troubles and tribulations have you gone through in your career?
Well, there is this saying that what does not kill you will strengthen you. For me, I am grateful to God. I am human, I have tried.

You expended so much energy on stage, do you take any stimulant?
No, for the fact that I like what I do, it gives me strength like Maradona. A lot of people think he was on drugs but because he loved what he was doing then, he was able to make it in football. For me, I love music, it is in my system. So, when I am on stage, people see it in me.

How many kids and wives do you have officially?
Well, I have five kids from three lovely ladies. Abi na women I go call them or girls?

How do you see them?
It is not that I just try as much as I can to see them because I have little or no time. I am in a lot of places.

Why did you decide to be polygamist?
I did not plan to have kids from different women but at a stage in my life, it happened and I said I will not run away from it. I will stand and face the responsibility.

When are you getting married?
I never know oh!

Who among them will you marry?
It may be one of them, it may not be. If it happens, well, you will know.

Do you intend to have more kids?
Not now, maybe later.

Apart from music, what other things do you invest in?
All my investments are entertainment-oriented but now, I have been putting money in some other things like property.

Where are the properties?
I cannot say, but I am into properties. I have three properties of my own in Benue, Lagos and Abuja.

Do you see yourself as a superstar?
No, maybe when I buy my own private jet, then I can call myself super or even hyper star.

Tell us about your days in Enugu when you were known as Edy?
Dis name wey you dey call me don tay oh. Na few people know me for that name but I thank God.

How do you manage stardom?
I am just myself. I know I am an artiste and if I do anything wrong, people will talk. So, I try to be myself at every point in time.

Breaking News! Chidinma Wins Project Fame Season 3

The little girl wins big...

After several weeks of hard work; the training and grooming from the faculty team, harsh criticisms from the judges and the in-house quarrels amongst the housemates, a winner has finally emerged in the third season of Project Fame West Africa. Amid tension, fear, hopes and high expectations Chidinma was tonight pronounced the winner of Project Fame West Africa season 3.

The last six contestants – Kesse, Ochuko, Eyo, Tolu, Yetunde and Chidinma lined up after their performances for the night, waiting for the breaking news. The comperes, Benjamin and Adora delayed the announcement as usual, raising the fright even more. Their eyebrows were blinking per second. They breathed in and out almost every minute – the tension is heightened.

The studio was quiet for few minutes as the validated voting result, enclosed in an envelope was handed over to the hosts. Even the Joke Silva led faculty crew looked tensed. Eventually, Chidinma Ekile who drastically improved in the cause of the show was pronounced the 2010 Project Fame star as she was presented the cheque of N2.5m and keys to a brand new Toyota RAV4. She’s also entitled to a recording contract.

It’s the first time a lady is winning the contest. And Chidinma’s win makes it the third time a Nigerian is coming tops.

Gifted Ghanaian singer Kesse Frimpong was named 1st runner up winning- N1.5m and a Toyota Corolla while Eyo Eminue made the 2nd runner up position and went home with N1m and a Toyota Yaris.

Fan-favourite Yetunde (a.k.a. Omo Ibadan) was named third runner-up.

The other two contestants, Tolu Adeshina and Ochuko Ogbu-Sifo didn’t completely lose out of the competition as the top six contestants are expected to release a group song, produced by one of Nigeria’s leading producers; a well as a video.

Ultima boss Femi Ayeni tells us the Academy is committed to pushing and supporting all six finalists…

Iyanya was the winner of the debut edition MTN Project Fame (season 1) in 2008. Shortly after his historic win he released a single and eventually an album which ushered him into the hall of fame of Nigerian musicians.

Mike Anyasodo emerged the second winner of season 2 in 2009. With his debut album in the pipeline, he has released several singles including the recent ‘Fine Fine Lady’ which is receiving massive airplay on TV and Radio stations in the country.

Now it’s Chidinma’s turn to rock stardom, with her already acquired platform. Hopefully she would be the next big thing happening to the Nigerian music industry in a matter of months….

Story by Dimeji Ogedengbe

Aṣa Is Back With Second Album - Beautiful Imperfection

The very talented singer is back with sophomore album titled Beautiful Imperfection which will be out from October 25, 2010. The 12 track album has songs like Dreamer Girl, Bimpé, Be my man, maybe, Oré, questions and so on...
I hear it's a great album.


Michelle Obama Meets Chantal Biya's orange hair

First Lady Michelle Obama did well to keep a straight face as she embraced the lion-maned wife of the Cameroon president.Chantal Biya was sporting the gigantic orange hairdo on a tour some days ago hosted by Mrs Obama for the spouses of heads of government attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York.


Man beheads nieces for N2million

Udo Mbakara
You might not believe this, but it’s true. In a desperate bid to become rich, a young man in Calabar, popularly known as Udo Mbakara, has sliced off the heads of two young girls who are his nieces.

Mbakara, 28, told police detectives in the Cross River State capital that he beheaded his two young nieces so that he could sell the heads. Each of the head, he said, was to be sold for one million naira.

The suspect lives with his mother, his younger brother and two nieces at 65, Edim Otop in Calabar. His elder sister and mother of his nieces is said to live in Lagos. The sister only comes from time to time to visit.

Narrating the incident at the police station where he is being detained pending his arraignment, Mbakara said: “On that fateful Saturday morning at about 9 am, Princess, aged nine and Rachel, aged six, were all at home when I offered to cook rice for them. But unknown to the children, I had drugged the food and did not allow my own younger brother to eat the food.

“After consuming the food, they fell asleep. Then I carried them to the inner room where I started hacking off their heads. I was offered the sum of one million naira for the head of a virgin. I was to be paid two million naira for the two heads.”
Investigations by Daily Sun revealed that Mbakara, who has since refused to disclose the proposed buyer of the sliced heads, might not be a first offender. Many people believe he has for long been in the business of selling human heads to ritualists within the Calabar metropolis.

“It is even rumoured that he’s behind the sudden disappearances of most of the missing children in the town, and that he has been fronting for those in the business. It was also gathered that his elder brother is serving a jail term in the Afokang Prison for despoil,” a resident told Daily Sun. Police sources said that in the last three months, the command has received reports of missing children and has even gone on air to announce the particulars of some of them.

A family source confided in this newspaper that it was Udo Mbakara’s younger brother that raised the alarm on what the suspect was doing inside the room. According the source, who pleaded anonymity “due to family considerations,” the younger Udo claimed that he heard the children screaming inside. The source continued: “So he went and peeped and saw his elder brother mopping blood on the floor.

His entire body was also very bloody. At the gory sight, he rushed out and informed neighbours that there was something going on in the house and the girls were screaming. At that moment, some neighbours went in to see what was going on. They then alerted men of the Airport Police Station who responded promptly and arrested Udo Mbakara.”
The slaughtered kids were pupils of Holy Family Nursery and Primary School, 34, Otu Ansa Street in Calabar.

At the children’s school, the headmistress, Mrs. Rosa Samuel Edo, described them as very brilliant, saying it was a pity that the school has lost them. According to her, it was as if the unlucky children had known that something would go wrong, noting that they both developed fever on Thursday and Friday. Princess’ class teacher, who would not disclose his name, was crying profusely when Daily Sun sought to speak with him. He said he was close to the girl who he described as “very brilliant.”

Mbakara, who is presently being interrogated at the homicide department of the state police Command, Diamond Hill in Calabar, would soon be charged to court.


Saturday, September 25, 2010


When we hear the word Menopause, we usually think of older women above the age of 50, since Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman’s life when she is no longer able to become pregnant. Very rarely do we think of young ladies. But these days, studies have revealed that menopause is not a stage relegated to elderly women alone as more and more young ladies between the ages of 30 to 40 are now reaching menopause. This occurrence in these young ladies is referred to as Early Menopause. Early menopause can occur for a variety of reasons and when it happens, it creates great anxiety in the minds of the women it affects. In this report, City People Fashion Editor, BOLA AKINBOADE brings to you details of these unusual occurrences, causes, symptoms and why it’s becoming more common.


Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman’s life when she is no longer able to become pregnant. It is a gradual process that starts between the ages of 45 and 55.

However, premature menopause occurs in women between the ages of 30 to 40. This is known as premature ovarian failure and is sometimes called premature ovarian insufficiency. Because premature menopause occur at such an uncommon time in a woman’s life, it may be seen as symptomatic of other conditions. Women with premature ovarian failure have ovaries that aren’t functioning properly. Either they stop producing eggs or no longer produce the hormones needed to ovulate. And these days more and more younger women are being diagnosed with early menopause. This has also been ascertained as one of the increasing rates of infertility in these women. As a result, women who are experiencing infertility or are dealing with menopausal symptoms at a young age no longer have to wonder why.


More often than not, doctors are unable to determine a cause for menopause in younger women. This can be very frustrating for women as it makes it difficult to accept and deal with this new stage of life. Sometimes though, there are obvious causes of early menopause, however, factors outside of a woman’s control can lead to early menopause. Some of these factors include lifestyles, genes, hereditary, health reasons amongst others.


Lifestyle plays a dominant role in the cause of occurrence of menopause in women. This is usually as a result of lifestyle choices such as poor nutrition, heavy smoking, heavy drinking and chronic stress to the body.


Autoimmune disorders are responsible for more than 65% of premature ovarian failure cases. With these disorders, the body develops antibodies to its own products, including ovum and menses.


Genetic factors may also be involved in Premature Ovarian failure. Most times, women seem to follow in their mothers' footsteps, entering into menopause early. Some women are just born with fewer eggs. They will also experience premature menopause. When a woman's mother underwent menopause, it’s a good guide to her own genetic predisposition.


Some women are born with irregularities in their X chromosomes, interfering with egg production, hence early menopause. Other women are just born with very few eggs, causing menopause to occur years before it should.


Given that menopause is associated with fewer primary follicles being able to develop and ovulate, it is easy to see why a woman with fewer follicles or damaged eggs which are unable to develop into an ovulatory egg is prone to an earlier menopause.


Infection is also linked with premature menopause. Infections such as the mumps and tuberculosis can infect the ovaries, affecting a woman’s hormonal balance and can damage her eggs.


Menopause can be caused by chemotherapy or radiation for cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells but, unfortunately, they also kill healthy cells. Hair cells, digestive cells, and ovarian cells are particularly at risk.
If a woman has undergone radiation therapy or chemotherapy, large numbers of eggs can be destroyed. With fewer eggs left, menopause will be earlier than in healthy women.


Surgical menopause involves the conscious decision of forcing women into menopause for specific health reasons. Women who suffer from endometriosis, polyps, or ovarian cancer may have to undergo an oopherectomy (removal of the ovaries) or a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and sometimes ovaries). These surgeries dramatically cut off ovarian function causing estrogen levels to drop suddenly and forcing the woman into menopause. Any surgery to the pelvic area can disrupt blood flow and cause ovarian failure.


Another ovarian disorder, called 'diminished ovarian reserve', is often a preamble of premature ovarian failure if it occurs in woman under the age of 40. In it, a woman may still have reasonably regular periods, but she begins to experience the symptoms of menopause. However, ovarian failure does not necessarily mean that the ovaries have run out of eggs. There may be eggs present, but a woman's body does not respond to the hormonal signals they create.


Menopausal symptoms are often more severe in women going through early menopause compared with natural age of menopause because early menopause is often due to illness, surgery, or genetic issues causing a rapid decline in the amount of estrogen (known as "estrogen crash") in the body.

In women who are going to have an early menopause, the first symptom may be some irregularities of menstrual periods or lack of return of periods after stopping the oral contraceptive pill, while for others; it may be difficulty or inability to get pregnant. Sometimes symptoms may fluctuate – sometimes feeling hot, sometimes irritable and anxious or as if having premenstrual symptoms, other times having sore breasts and bloating. Menopausal symptoms may start while the woman is still having menstrual periods; the symptoms becoming more frequent as the periods occur less often. Some women have no symptoms except for the menstrual periods stopping.

Other symptoms common in women include; night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, joint or muscle pain, vaginal dryness, reduced sex drive (libido), urinary frequency, tiredness and irritability.

Body shape changes are also common, causing you to put on weight around the abdomen. Additionally, water retention and menopause commonly go together.

Menopausal women can experience emotional ups and downs, including anxiety, depression, cravings, and forgetfulness. All of these symptoms are triggered by the fluctuation of hormones in the body during menopause. In particular, estrogen levels reduce dramatically during the onset of menopause, causing a variety of changes in the body's functions. These symptoms are a sign that the ovaries are producing less estrogen.


To diagnose premature menopause, the doctor will most likely perform a physical exam and draw blood to rule out other conditions, such as pregnancy and thyroid disease. There might also be a need to measure the patient estradiol levels. Low levels of estradiol, a form of estrogen, can indicate that the ovaries are starting to fail. When estradiol levels are below 36, it may signal that the woman is in menopause.

However, the most important test used to diagnose premature menopause is a blood test that measures follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH causes the ovaries to produce estrogen. When the ovaries slow down their production of estrogen, the levels of FSH increases. When the FSH levels rise above 30 or 40 mIU/mL, it usually indicates that the woman is in menopause.


Unfortunately, there are no menopause cures. Premature menopause is the result of an underlying process. Once the process has started, it's unlikely to be reversed. Menopause treatment has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years, though. It is suggested that most women who have undergone early or premature menopause seek out hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Menopause symptoms will be very sudden and severe, especially after surgery, and can be lessoned by taking appropriate doses of estrogen. If oral medication is too difficult to take directly after surgery, estrogen patches that release hormones through the skin can be used to help lessen symptoms.
As the body changes, leading a healthy lifestyle is even more important. A body that is in better condition is better prepared to handle not only the physical symptoms of menopause, but the emotional ones as well. The most important lifestyle changes a woman needs are as follows: Quit smoking, Alcohol should be consumed in moderation, if at all; Practice physical exercise a for a minimum of 30 minutes per session, 3 times per week; Do you best to avoid situations you know will induce stress.




Check out the beautiful face of ?????. The smooth, silky skin of ???? is so appealing!

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IBB Shames Nigerians In Diaspora

•General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, a.k.a. IBB

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, a.k.a. IBB, kept Nigerians in diaspora who went to visit him in Minna, the Niger State capital, Nigeria, waiting for three days before seeing them.

The Nigerians in diaspora were brought to Minna by his ardent lackey, Chief Alex Akinyele, to show their support for his dream of becoming Nigeria’s president in 2011.

They were, however, kept waiting for three days despite Akinyele’s closeness to IBB. The Nigerians came from North Amerca and Europe to visit him.

The supporters were further embarrassed yesterday when he warned them not to address him as ‘His Execellency’ but ‘General’.

Babangida interrupted the Director of Media of the group when he addresed him as ‘Your Execellency’.

“ No. I have warned not to be addressed as ‘Your Excellency’. I prefer General. Alex Akinyele should have told you that,” IBB said.

The group, who claimed to be lovers and supporters of IBB in North America and Europe spent three days in Minna trying to see the General despite the closeness of Chief Alex Akinyele to IBB and his family.

“I am sorry I was told you spent three days waiting to see me. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was in Abuja to submit my nomination form,” said IBB.

Babangida later described the forthcoming 2011 general election as a war for the unity and progress of Nigeria.

He said he remains commited to his campaign and wants Nigerians in diaspora to be given a chance to vote and be voted for.

Chief Alex Akinyele, who led the group to IBB, descrbed critics of IBB’s eight years of dictatorship as those who are not well informed.

“All the misdirected academics and those professionals, comedians and those professional agitators and protesters rather than looking at the positive aspects of what you have done they pick just one point and they begin to roll on it over and over and over, which gives the impression that they are not well educated,” Akinyele told IBB.

He further said he has been called names in the media because of his alliance with Babangida, adding that he will not stop identifying himself with him.

Chairman of the Nigerians in diaspora North America and Europe for IBB, Ibrahim Balogun later presented an 18-seater bus and T-shirts bearing IBB’s campaign mantra to Babangida.


Ashton Kutcher allegedly cheats on Demi Moore

According to this week's Star Magazine, Kutcher Kutcher has been having an affair with 21-year-old Brittney Jones, who shared private text messages from the actor with the magazine.

"When's the next time you're gonna have an empty house?" Brittney wrote to Ashton.
"Not sure," he replied. "Maybe the end of the month." He then added, "I'm w/ my daughter."

"Ashton was really paranoid," Brittney told Star about the texts.

Last week, Star was the first to report the affair, claiming that Jones and Kutcher had sex on a couch while Demi was filming 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud,' her upcoming feature with Miley Cyrus.

Ashton and Demi married in 2005.

Demi left Bruce because he cheated right? Men and their wahala...
But is anyone surprised? I'm not...


Former IG Okiro To Run For Senate

62-year-old retired former Inspector-general of Police, Mike Okiro, yesterday publicly declared his intention to run for the sole senatorial seat in the Federal Capital Territory. He announced that he will contest on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).


Gay Pastor Escapes Mob Attack in Lagos

A 21 year old man, Elijah Adisa, who was accused of sodomising teenagers for ritual purposes, narrowly escaped being lynched by a mob at Amai Street, Amukoko, on Thursday morning. According to residents of the street, Mr Adisa, who was revered as a man of God, had been engaging in that act for a long time but luck ran out of him last week when his neighbours discovered he was having sex with one of the boys.

"We rushed to his house but he saw us coming and jumped the back fence of his house and ran away," said a resident of the street who did not want to be named. Mr Adisa was sighted on Thursday morning in the area and it took the timely intervention of the elders in the community to rescue him from a gathering crowd that had descended on him. He was subsequently taken to the house of the Baale (community leader) of the area where some of the youth in the area continued to torture him.

Hypnotic Act
Eyewitnesses accused Mr Adisa of hypnotising the boys before sleeping with them on a white cloth spread on the floor in his apartment.
Azeez Kareem, one of the boys who admitted being a victim of Mr Adisa's sexual acts, narrated what he experienced in his house. "One day we were going to the field to play football when this man called us. He asked our names and our religion, I said Islamic and my cousin said Christian. He said I should leave. I went and came back and they were preaching. I don't know what they are talking," said Master Azeez, 17.

"One day, I just enter the house and I saw one boy. He told the boy to go outside. He then said I should go and buy Atare (Alligator pepper). When I came back he said I should pull my clothes and lie down on the floor, there was a white cloth on the floor. I don't know what he was doing. When he did that finish, he said I should eat the alligator pepper but I did not eat it."

Residents said that Azeez's cousin, Tunde, who had moved in with Mr Adisa for several weeks, had become a changed person in recent times. "I just came back from school to see that my brother has started living with him. I didn't know him before. I asked my mother that this person that my brother is living with, did he know him somewhere before? She said no, that he is a prophet of God, that God sent him to help the boy. That was the first time I would meet that terrorist (Mr Adisa)," said Wale Razak, Tunde's elder brother.

Tunde was unavailable at the time of the incident; he had gone to write his General Certificate Examination papers. "He (Tunde) used to be a very noisy chap but since he began living with the terrorist he became a very quiet person, he changed completely. And we were thinking the man was really preaching to him, we never knew he was using juju on him."

Admission and Denial
In absolving himself of any wrong doing, Mr Adisa denied indulging in any ritual act. "Whatever they say, it is only God that really knows the truth. I did not run away, I went to the mountain to pray, at Osogbo. I only make sex with them," said Mr Adisa. "I started doing it just this month and I've slept with only two boys. There is nothing like ritual. I don't force them nor give them money and I don't spread anything on the ground."

The beatings that Mr Adisa received from the mob, prompted him to excrete on himself; and the gathered youth proceeded to rub his mouth on the excreta before stripping him naked. "It is very very bad and they say he is using it for money rituals. It has been going on for long but they just brought the matter to my attention and we have to take it very serious," said Jide Saliu, the Baale of Alafia.

"I have called the police under my jurisdiction. I will hand over everything to them. And I've talked to the Oba of Ijora and he said I should take the matter serious." It was gathered that police officers from the Pako Police Post, Amukoko, arrived the scene later and took Mr Adisa away for questioning.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

'No Tithe, No wedding' - Pastor Adeboye declares at Redeemed

Members of the fastest growing church in Africa, The Redeemed Christian Church of God are in shock as their respected General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has decreed that defaulters in the payment of tithe would no longer enjoy their marriage being blessed by the church. It was gathered that during the last Holy Ghost convention that held between August 9 -15, 2010, at the Redeemed camp, Pastor Adeboye had a private meeting with his senior pastors where he told them to inform their parish members that henceforth, anybody who does not pay his or her tithe is not faithful and as such will not get any assistance from the church. Furthermore, he stated that it will be a major criterion for ordaining pastors. If you want to be ordained as a pastor and you default in this area you will be disqualified. This includes deacons and deaconesses. Also if you want to get married in the church, your tithe record will be the deciding factor. Parish members were informed that from their head assemblies, they will send their tithe envelopes for upward review at the headquarters. Pastor Adeboye said this new rule will show the members obedience to the church and to God.

Source: Encomium mag

I'm too angry to comment. I will leave that to you guys...


Hooray for Nollywood!

No makeup artists or luxury trailers ... Nigerian actress Wumi during a shoot. Photograph: Ludovic Careme/Corbis

Inspired by Bollywood musicals and Brazilian soap operas, the Nigerian film industry is now the second largest in the world Die-hard fans have known for some time that the Nigerian film industry is truly unique, but even they may be surprised to discover just how big – and lucrative – it has become.

A new festival, Nollywood Now, takes place in London from 6-12 October and is the first major event to celebrate the second largest film industry in the world. Its chief aim is to draw wider attention to the success and popularity the films enjoy across Europe, and particularly the UK.

Nollywood makes about 2,400 films per year, putting it ahead of the US, but behind India, according to a Unesco report last year. Nigerian film-makers tend to operate in a fast and furious manner; shoots rarely last longer than two weeks, cheap digital equipment is almost always used and the average budget is about $15,000 (£9,664). The finished products often bypass cinemas altogether and are instead sold directly to the "man on the street" for about $1.50 (£1). Most films shift between 25,000 and 50,000 copies globally – although a blockbuster can easily sell up to 200,000.

So, what exactly is it about the films that resonates so much with their audience? For all of their populist appeal, Nigerian films are very rooted in local concerns, according to Nollywood Now's creative director, Phoenix Fry: "Many of the films have looked at how traditional beliefs co-exist with Islam and Christianity, Nigeria's main religions," he says. "There are some superb sequences using quite simple video effects to transform aunties into demons, or show evil animal spirits being driven out from the possessed."

This view is shared by Nigerian director and producer, Ade Adepegba, whose feature film Water Has No Enemy, explores corruption in his native country: "Nigerians are the largest group of Africans living in the UK, and the majority of them live in London," he says. "Nigerian films still hold their strongest appeal to first generation immigrants who feel a deep attachment to their homeland. So, at the moment nostalgia is the main reason for the appeal of Nollywood."

Ultimately, it's the way the films are crafted, rather than their juicy content that gives them universal appeal, says Fry. "The storytelling is so good. Nigerian filmmakers really know how to entertain their audiences. They've studied the populist genres from other countries – Bollywood musicals, low-budget horror and Brazilian soap operas, for example – and reworked these to appeal to anyone with a love of drama."

The process is tried and tested, and the main reason Nollywood is currently in such rude health, but how long can it stay that way? It's hard to see how an industry that prides itself on producing so much in so little time won't start to lose its momentum in the coming years. Diversifying is probably its best hope of lasting success, but loyal and long-standing fans may see that as a betrayal of its origins.

Adepegba believes that widening its scope will serve Nollywood well in the long term: "The industry needs to start making films with deeper social and artistic values – the path to even greater success," he says.

In October, Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence, and thanks in no small part to Nollywood, its creative industries are under the global spotlight like never before. Film-makers need to make the most of these new opportunities to showcase the country by accurately portraying its flaws as well as its triumphs. This may mean tackling less savoury subjects regarding everyday life in the country, such as crime, corruption and abject poverty. It will not please everyone, but to ensure the legacy it deserves, Nollywood audiences should demand no less.

Story by Ludovic Careme/Corbis


Banky W MAMA 2010 performer


Lagos, 22 September 2010: Change is in the air as MTV and Zain lock down Banky W, Fally Ipupa, Teargas and Daddy Owen to deliver a series of spine-tingling live performances at the upcoming MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (MAMA). The four artists are the first performers to be announced for the 2010 edition of the Awards, which take place on Saturday 11 December 2010 at the Eko EXPO Hall, Lagos, Nigeria.

Smooth R&B artist Banky W is the first Nigerian artist booked to perform at this year’s show, while South African outfit Teargas will be representing the best of South African Hip Hop on their MAMA debut.

Kenya’s Daddy Owen will make his mark as the first ever Gospel singer to perform at the MAMA Awards, showcasing the unique Gospel
vibe that’s successfully made the cross-over into the mainstream music consciousness. Congolese star Fally Ipupa makes his second appearance at MAMA, after his exciting collaboration with Mozambique’s Lizha James and Uganda’s Blu3 at MAMA 2009 in Kenya.

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, “Banky W, Teargas, Fally Ipupa and Daddy Owen are all thrilling performers that epitomize the awesome spirit and passion of contemporary African musicians. Their involvement in this year’s awards is sure to guarantee that 2010 will be the most creatively inspiring and exciting MAMA event so far.” Commented Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa, “Music in all its genres or origins strikes a chord with our continent as it provides a platform to express ourselves at each turn in our daily lives.

The choice of the performers at the 2010 edition shows an excellent choice of musicians with a wide appeal in the continent." The “crown prince” of African R&B, Banky W is the stage name of Olubankole Wellington, whose ultra-smooth voice, writing and production skills and uncanny showmanship and dance skills have catapulted him into the contemporary music spotlight. Born in the United States to Nigerian parents, Banky moved to Nigeria, West Africa at the tender age of 5, getting access for the first time to the traditional African music and rhythms that are deeply rooted in his sound and which form the basis of huge hits such as Lagos Party and Strong Ting. Using his everyday struggles as a source of inspiration for his music, Banky has gained an army of followers around the world thanks to his heartfelt lyrics, larger-than-life presence and mesmerising live show, and has won numerous awards including the Urban Independent Music Award for R&B/Soul, The Nigerian Entertainment Award, and the highly coveted songwriting award from the John Lennon Foundation.

Charismatic South African Hip Hop trio Teargas is made up of Ntokozo “K.O.” Mdluli and two brothers: Ezee “Ma-E” Hanabe and Bantu “Ntukza” Hanabe. Five years after their critically-acclaimed debut album “K’shubile K’bovu”, Teargas is riding high on the success of their third album “Dark Or Blue”, which was released at the end of 2009, spawning a host of hit singles including “Go Away”, “Party 101” and “Mhlobo Wami” and winning them Best Rap Album at the 2010 South African Music Awards.

Bringing his uplifting, Gospel-fusion sound to MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain, Daddy Owen is the self-appointed creator of “Kapungala“ - a jubilant mash-up of Gospel with Kenyan genres Kapuka and Lingala.

Daddy Owen has already enjoyed an amazing 2010, receiving massive radio airplay for hit tracks Tobina and Kiriro, and sweeping the boards at the 2010 Groove Awards, East Africa’s annual celebration of Gospel music, where he took home gongs for Male Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year (“System ya Kapungala”), Video of the Year (“Kiriro”), Central Song of the Year and Collabo of the Year (“Kiriro” – Daddy Owen ft Allan Aaron & Kerah).

Fally Ipupa, nicknamed “Dicap La Merveille” (DiCaprio the marvellous) by his Congolese fans, is riding high as one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s most successful music exports. A silky-smooth voice, skilful songwriting skills and a larger–than-life personality
that have made Ipupa a hit in Africa and on the international music scene, reaching the hearts of many with his infectious blend of soukous, ndombolo, pop and R&B.

Teargas said, “We are truly honoured and excited to be given the opportunity to perform at one of Africa’s biggest ceremonies and to reach our fans in the rest of Africa, and the world. We’d be lying if we weren’t a little nervous about being told that more than one billion people might be watching! We’re interested to see which other great African artists we’ll be collaborating with.” Known for its awe-inspiring staging, exhilarating music and gripping musical collaborations, the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain was created in 2008 to recognise and reward Africa’s finest contemporary musicians.

Past winners have included:

Amani (BEST FEMALE 2009)


Samini (BEST PERFORMER 2009), P Square (BEST GROUP 2009)

Zebra & Giraffe (BEST ALTERNATIVE ACT 2009)






Daddy Owen MAMA 2010 performer

MAMA 2010 performers Fally Ipupa

MAMA 2010 performers Teargas

Story by Ayeni Adekunle Samuel

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Omosede Igbinedion's two-year-old marriage crashes

The two-year-old marriage between the daughter of business mogul, Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, Gabriella Omosede and a Benin Prince, Aven Akenzua, has crumbled.

Residents of Edoyaye Avenue off Osawe Street, Etete, GRA, Benin City, were some weeks back thrown into panic when armed mobile policemen, said to be acting on the order of the Esama stormed the palatial mansion of his in-law (Aven) in two lorries to evacuate his daughter’s belongings.

Aven, is a son to Enogie Uyieken Akenzua, the younger brother of the Oba of Benin, His Royal Highness, Oba Erediauwa and had against the wish of the Benin palace forged ahead and got wedded to Omosede, the eldest daughter of Lady Cherry Igbinedion.

The marriage produced a baby boy in 2009 and was widely celebrated by the house of Igbinedion in a grand style.
Although the reason for the separation is being kept as a top secret, a palace source who craved anonymity said the marriage probably crashed on the ground that the ancestors as epitomised by the Oba of Benin never gave their support and blessings as required by Benin tradition.

In what appeared to be a total disregard to the apparently disapproval of the Benin monarch to the marriage, Chief Igbinedion and Enogie Uyieken gave their son and daughter in an uncommon colourful royal traditional/church wedding on December 31, 2008 and January 5, 2009 respectively.

Consequently, the marriage was said to have triggered unprecedented vexation in Benin Kingdom as Oba Erediauwa eventually drew a battle line against his younger brother for daring to discard his advice.

The travails of Igbinediion, who has since been stripped of his Esama title by the Benin Traditional Council, started when without recourse to the Benin monarch, the traditional custodian of beads, single handedly gave out traditional beads to JP Patterson, former Prime Minister of Jamaica and co-visiting Aghantehene of Kumasi.

Igbinedion has since been declared “Oghion Oba” (Enemy of the Oba).

“The Royal Family and indeed all Binis are opposed to their sons or daughters marrying into the family of “Oghion Oba” Enogie Uyiekpen knows this. He was advised to postponed the engagement until Chief Igbinedion is granted pardon, Enogie Uyiekpen was aware that Chief Igbinedion plea for forgiveness is at present before the Omo N’Oba, but he ignored the advice for reason best known to him which made the family to snub the marriage,” a source said.

Tagged, ‘Marriage of reconciliation’ by Igbinedion, the union never ushered in the much-expected cordial relationship between the Benin palace and Igbinedion and was seen by many highly-placed Binis as an embarrassment to the esteemed Benin monarch.

Speaking with News Star, a top management staff of Independent Television (ITV), a broadcasting station owned by Igbinedion, who pleaded anonymity, said although he was yet to have a full detail of what actually transpired between the couple. He promised to get back to News Star which he never did.

“You know the man in question is a patron to the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). I will advise that you drop the story,” he said.

Another staff, who confided in News Star, said he also heard about the separation saga.

“We were terrified when we saw the heavily armed mobile police men, initially we thought it was a war situation, some of us ran for our dear lives,” said one of the neighbours of Prince Aven.

Story by newsstarng

Why men beat their women


Go to any place where a wedding is taking place and observe the gaiety, excitement and beauty of the coming together of a man and a woman, you will promptly feel the urge to also walk down the aisle with someone.

Ordinarily, marriage is beautiful. God ordained it to be so. That’s why when the first man saw the first woman, he exclaimed: “This is the bone of my bones, and the flesh of my flesh!”

It is for this reason that the Good Book says that a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife to become one body and one soul. This also presupposes that the two are one and what affects one affects the other. It is also expected that love, trust, understanding and patience will be the oil lubricating the relationship to make it work and fulfill the purpose of God in instituting marriage: friendship and companionship for life.

Unfortunately, marriage does not always turn out to be like what God envisioned. And this is an all too clear reminder of the corruption that came into the world following the fall of man at Eden.

Today, you find some men transform overnight into a nightmar, and become a Mike Tyson at home, turning their wives, the same ones they fed cake at the wedding reception, into punching bags at the slightest provocation. Invariably, many sane people are left to wonder whether the couple are no longer one body and soul as God Himself originally planned.

The rampancy of wife battering has made social scientists ‘burn’ hours in research efforts attempting to explain why some men exhibit this aberrant behaviour. Though scientists have come up with findings on why and how this ‘twist’ occurs in the nature of man, turning once loving man into an unfeeling hard heart that relentless batters his wife, the fact remains that every environment has its peculiarities as much as America is completely different from Africa.

In the African setting what is responsible for this ungodly tendency of men to turn their wives into punching bags? We asked some notable personalities and what they said is quite revealing. Excerpts…

Nagging works a man up –Bright Chimezie
Bright Chinmezie, singer and musician: There are lots of reasons but I think the most prominent of them is nagging. When a woman is always nagging, the man gets worked up. You know that women talk more than men and when such becomes the case, men resort to physical assault.

Some men are naturally violent –Mike Aremu
Mike Aremu, Christian motivational speaker: I think some men have violence as a natural trait. They cannot control their temper and because they don’t know when to draw the line, they batter their wives to prove a point. Battering one’s wife is like an abomination; it is not the right thing to do because it just shows how animalistic such men are. There are other ways to correct a wife without battering her.

Only mad men beat their women –Bovi Ugboma
Bovi Ugboma, entertainer, compere and TV presenter: Any man who does that is mad because even the bible says that it is better to stay at the roof top than be in the same house with a nagging wife. So, there is no excuse whatsoever to batter one’s wife. Women sometimes can be nasty because they talk more than the men and this always brings about assault and battery.

A woman who can’t cook...
Dr Uchendu Alaefule, medical practitioner and grassroot public health awareness campaigner: Several reasons could be attributed to why a man would beat his wife. Some women out of laziness or sheer negligence fail to satisfy their husband’s stomach needs. There is a saying that a hungry man is an angry man and if a man has given enough money for feeding and upkeep of the home only to come home and find the dinner table ‘undecorated’ with inviting delicious food, he would be tempted to descend on the woman especially when she used the money to buy such things as jewellery and cosmetics.

Also, wife battering can happen where there is lack of understanding between the couple. This exposes the man to rumour about his wife without confirmation, which ultimately leads to unnecessary beating. Women also talk too much and for a man who has reached the limits of his endurance, the last option he has is his hands.

What does a battered wife do?

Open up, don’t suffer in silence
Dr Joe Okei Odumakin, human rights activist: Any woman that finds herself in that kind of situation has to brace up to the challenge because marriage is a life contract, most importantly if children are involved. I do not often advise the woman to leave or divorce her husband, but one thing she must surely do is not to keep quiet mouth on the issue.

She must make sure that she doesn’t make herself available for battering. She must try to move away from her husband if the argument becomes hot and she sees that the husband is likely to hit her. She must also avoid any situation that will lead to argument, which will result to battering. If it happens very often, she should report the matter to any of the NGOs that work on women issues. The husband will be invited for counseling and advice.

She should report him to the family’s spiritual leader (either a pastor or an imam) for necessary intervention. The last intervention, which I do not often advise except when it becomes very necessary, that is where all other interventions failed, and the man is unrepentant, then the woman should have the man arrested by the police and she should seek redress in the law court.

In this case, the man is stopped by law from battering his wife or a separation is granted until the man comes to realize his folly. However, in all of these, the woman experiencing battering must be able to open up and not suffer in silence; that is the first important step to take.

Leave if you don’t have children for him.
Funke Fadugba, former NUJ Lagos Council chairman: If I am faced with a battering spouse, I will be faced with two options. One, if I have not given him any issue at all to contend with then I will be faced with leaving while the second option is that if I have children for him then maybe the children will be what will tie me down.

I’ll walk out...
Easy Lizzy, Nollywood actress and entertainer: I can’t take it. It shows he doesn’t love me. So, I would consult my in-laws who would try to call him to order but if he does not stop, I will walk out on the relationship because my life is at stake.

Story by Oge Okonkwo

Corpse Found In Arik Aircraft

A corpse was allegedly discovered in an Arik aircraft last night, sources told P.M.NEWS today.

Our sources said that the deceased passenger was a man. However, no one is sure if he was a genuine or illegal passenger.

Details about the tragic incident or the deceased were sketchy at the time of filing this report.

The media officer of Arik Air, Mr. Adebanji Ola told our correspondent that it was a security issue and did not go into details.

He said: “It’s a security issue beyond the airline’s control. The airport security operatives will be in a better position to give details.”

The Media officer to the Director General of NCAA, Mr. Sam Adurogboye, sent our correspondent back to Arik when he was asked to comment about the incident.

“Talk to Arik,” he said.

The incident comes weeks after a similar incident happened on an Arik flight to the United States.

Story by pmnews/Simon Ateba

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DANGEROUS MEN: The Next Big Nigerian Film After IJÉ the Journey

DANGEROUS MEN is a thriller by GuGu E. Michaels, an accomplished filmmaker who has worked as a director and producer on a number of commercial and independent projects including the feature films "Thugz", "Repentance" and "Dangerous County". He has also helmed a number of campaigns for retailers like Cadillac, Lamborghini and Porche. Prior to co-founding New Era Pictures, Michaels served as president of Dallas based Redrumm Records and worked with such artists as hip hop giants UGK.

DANGEROUS MEN will start showing at Silverbird Cinemas from October 15, 2010.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Omawumi Shone, Jim Iyke, 2Face, MI & DaGrin Won, Jesse Jagz Lit Up the Stage – Scoop from the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) 2010

The 2010 edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) took place in New York over the weekend. The awards show is positioned as the premiere diaspora based awards event for the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. The event was hosted by powerhouse crooner Omawumi who also scooped up two awards at the event. Omawumi was a confident and vivacious hostess! She got commendations from all those at the event. There were also standout performances from Jesse Jagz and Lara George (she won the award for Gospel Artist of the Year).

We wish Da Grin was alive to enjoy all the fruits of his work. The late entertainer won the Album of the Year award. Music producer Kid Konnect who created a recent sensation with his “video for a beat” – Afu Lah Gah Fu Le Geh won the award for Best International Producer of the Year award. 2Face, MI and Jim Iyke were among A-List Nigerian celebrities at the event. 2Face won two awards while MI reiterated his recent statement that he is leaving the music industry to pursue a career in Nollywood. Sorry Mr. Incredible! We are not buying that – We reckon that this is part of the hype strategy for his new album – MI2.

The red carpet was hosted by Uduak Oduok, the lawyer/entrepreneur behind the Ladybrille Media Group. She interviewed all the stars and guests who graced the red carpet. There were an array of guests at the event including Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and models, Kendra and Ify Jones.

What is a Nigerian Entertainment Awards show without controversy? Iceberg Slim performed his MI diss track during the event right soon after left the stage after picking up his award for Best Rap Act of the Year. Awkward. At the after party, the two MCs engaged in a freestyle battle. Want to guess who won? You don’t have to, check out the video below. There were also some complaints around the timing and organization of the event. It is worthy to note that we have never witnessed a Nigerian awards ceremony start on time and devoid of complaints around sound and stage management. We encourage all awards show organizers to improve in these areas.

Overall, it was an interesting show and a great opportunity for diaspora based Nigerian entertainers such as Tolumide and DJ Xclusive to shine alongside their Nigeria-based counterparts.

Special Thanks to Trendy Africa and Face2FaceAfrica for the photos and Olamild Entertainment for the information. We encourage you to visit these sites.

A New Boost for the African Music Video Industry – Introducing the African Music Video Festival (AMVF)

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has exploded in the recent years creating a boom with more people joining the industry in both the music and film sectors.

Do you remember the days when you would be totally feeling a song and then the video would premiere – suddenly your love affair with the song would disintegrate due to the low quality of the video. Those dark years where foreign music and films were more appreciated than the locally grown content is gone and our stars that appear in them are now, more than ever, celebrities in every sense of the word.

In light of this, there has become a need for artistes to further promote their brand and music through visuals. This has lead to the explosion of music videos all over the continent including Nigeria. Pulling away from artistes going out of our shores to shoot ‘quality’ videos, Nigerian video directors have stepped up their game in not only quality, but creative concepts. We now have homegrown music videos competing at international awards platforms. In light of these developments, K’Alpha Innovations led by Kemi Adetiba is launching the African Music Video Festival (AMVF).


This initiative was created to inspire young unknown directors, artistes and serve as a platform where their ingenious, music videos can be celebrate where they might otherwise not be seen.

The music video climate, although growing, is dominated by a few. Rotation circulates round well-known artistes as well as the big named directors that shoot their videos. It becomes a monotonous cycle where the same big artistes collaborate with the same big named directors, and this makes it more or less impossible for the young video director who made a highly creative music video on a shoe-string budget to break in and make his/ her seen.

It would also serve as an opportunity for aspiring, independent directors to learn from their mentors and notable directors behind some of their favorite videos.


The AMVF is not an award ceremony. It is a platform that gives opportunities to a wider bracket of Directors and artistes where their work can be celebrated, rewarded and given an opportunity to break out into the ‘big-time’. Independent directors get to go head-to-head with submissions from bigger named directors, while the well known directors are able to reiterate through their submissions why they are the best.

The African Music Video Festival will commence end of the first quarter of 2011, kicking off with a four-month period for music video submissions.
A panel of judges made up of six notable respected aficionados in the industry will be set up to deliberate on the thirty (30) short-listed videos and an eventual winner. The Festival itself is a five-day fiesta. Starting with a meet and greet gala evening and accreditation process on the first day. The next three days will have screenings of the videos and conference clinics featuring four of the biggest directors in the world. One from the United States, the UK, South Africa and of course our very own Nigeria.

They will inspire the audience through interactive presentations, opening up on how they got into the business, tricks of the trade and never before heard stories behind some of their most famous videos.

Participants will also get a chance to work closely with one of our esteemed directors when a select few are opportune to shoot a video for a well-known artiste with one of our international directors.

The festivals ends with an ending celebration party, which would include performances by the artistes featured in the final three shortlisted videos, some well known, already established artistes, the award presentations and a chance for all participants to mingle and create long lasting relationships.


The music video submission will be narrowed down to three choices by our chosen panel of judges. These shortlisted videos will then be tiered in the winning order. All three shortlisted videos get awards with cash prizes included, with the winning video winning the most.



This is definitely a welcome initiative that will help accelerate the growth and development of the already budding African Music Video industry.