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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Michelle Obama Meets Chantal Biya's orange hair

First Lady Michelle Obama did well to keep a straight face as she embraced the lion-maned wife of the Cameroon president.Chantal Biya was sporting the gigantic orange hairdo on a tour some days ago hosted by Mrs Obama for the spouses of heads of government attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York.



Ghislaine said...

i like your article. i'm a cameroonian and we are all really asking us question about the hairstyle but it's great...
i like your blog!
and over all you are a boy???
hope that i'm not confusing!keep going on!

Admin said...

Thank you very much Ghislaine, for your kind comment. Yes am a boy, you can find me on Facebook with Gino Wine. Am here to keep you guys up to date with nice and interesting Celeb jist. Please i will appreciate you always visit my blog. thanks and have blessed day.