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Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is the ‘Best’ Place to meet your Mate?

The other week, one of my fellow male colleagues in the office chided me for working late. According to him, my ambitious life style is one of the primary reasons behind my single status. “If you stay couped up in the office from morning to night and spend most of your weekends indoors how do you expect to find a boyfriend?” he asked rather bluntly. I stared back in silence, for two reasons. One, my father had said the exact same thing to me the week before and two; I was beginning to think they both might just be right!

I discussed my dilemma with a few friends and we came up with a list of the tree top places for such romantic encounters….

We all agreed that the best place to meet someone was at a quiet, laid back, ‘get-together’. This is primarily because at such gatherings everyone is usually ‘at ease’ and more likely to mingle than at elaborate events where people tend to stick close to their own crowd.

Coming a close second was at weddings. According to my friend Temi, this is because weddings remind single guys that they need to settle down and there are always ample amounts of single ladies looking extremely hot! Whether this is true or not is off course open for debate!

Third, but definitely not the least was the almighty hook up! Yes, I agree that this isn’t technically a place but according to my friends, having someone who knows you (flaws and all) hook you up with someone else they know well, could actually be a match made in the stars.

We also concluded that the most unlikely place to meet ‘the one’ was at a club. This is primarily because there are way too many alcoholic contents floating about and the last thing on any guys mind at that point is looking for a bride.

Personally, I’m not too sure about strategizing or mapping out certain places to frequent in order to ‘meet’ the one. Call me romantic or na├»ve but when I do finally meet him I want to be pleasantly surprised and not secretly thankful that my ‘plotting’ worked. Plus, I also believe there is something to be said for letting fate guide you along life’s path without you second guessing each and every turn.

But what do you guys think? Have my friends and I totally missed the plot with our list? Do you have any other places in mind? If you are married, where did you meet your mate?

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7 die in renewed cult war in Ambrose Alli varsity

BENIN CITY – THE university town of Ekpoma, turned into a theatre of war since Wednesday, as rival cult groups in the state owned Ambrose Alli University (AAU), engaged themselves in a renewed cult clash killing seven persons so far.

Vanguard was reliably informed that the clash is between the Maphite Confraternity and the Black Axe. It was learnt that one of those killed was a student who had completed his exams and was awaiting his call up letter for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Vanguard gathered that the six of the people killed in the cult war were shot dead in different parts of Ekpoma, while one of the deceased was shot in front of university gate Wednesday. Five was said to have been killed last Wednesday while two was killed yesterday (Thursday).

But the state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Peter Ogboi, confirmed only three dead and disclosed that two suspected cultist are already in police net in connection with the killings.

Ogboi explained that “the situation is worrisome but it is under control. We have sent we have sent operatives to the area and they are already making huge success to get all those involved. Two suspected cultists are already with us now, they were arrested with arms. They are being questioned over what happened in Ekpoma by a special squad of anti-crack team and they are going through intensive interrogation”.

However, the Public Relations Officer of the University, Dr Chris Adamaigbo, claimed that the deceased students were not students of the university and that the institution has nothing to do with the ugly incident.

According to him, “the ones we are aware of now are not registered members of the university so we cannot say they are students of the university. The university authority has nothing to do with what is happening outside, the people involved have no business with the university”.



We're excited to deliver Darey's new singles ('the way you are' and 'dont let me know') to you - first for your listening and enjoyment,
and then for you to kindly share with your other forumites, express your views and we are hoping you will find these cuts worthy of your
precious time.


S’African court cautions Okah’s wife

Azuka, Okah, the wife of the leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, Mr. Henry Okah, on Thursday landed in the soup when her mobile phone rang at the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court.

She found herself on the wrong side of the law during her husband’s bail application in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, the South African Press Association reports. When Azuka’s cellphone rang, the Magistrate, Mr. Hein Louw, ordered the court inspector to send her to the court’s holding cell.

However, Azuka pointed the inspector to her driver, who was seated in front of her, and he was sent to the court jail instead. When her driver was called to stand before the court, she claimed responsibility for the interruption.

The magistrate said, “She wilfully disturbed the court. My court is like Park Station. I have never seen my court this busy.

“Reporters are going in and out of my court, and I have warned people to switch off their phones.” Park Station is Johannesburg’s main railway station.

He said he understood that Azuka was under a lot of pressure, but could not accept the court being disrupted.

But Okah’s defence lawyer, Rudi Krause, pleaded with Louw for leniency in dealing with the matter. Krause explained that Azuka always had her phone off and that it was his fault that she switched it on.

“I was trying to get hold of her on her cellphone and I tried a number of times and could not talk to her,” Krause said.

Eventually, Azuka phoned Krause back and he asked her not to switch off her cellphone again. The charges she faces were not clear, but her case was postponed to Friday (today), SAPA reports

Click the link below to go to ...

VIDEO: Henry Okah's Full Interview Implicating Jonathan With Transcript


''9ice ingrate''--- RUGGEDMAN REPLIES 9ICE(LYRICS)

TITLE:9ice The Ingrate (The Beef Goes On)
RECORD LABEL:Rugged Records

(rap)Abolore or what do they call you"Alapo Stupid" Hey yo 9ice,You must be out of your mind to think RuggedyBaba the man that brought you up in this industry will stoop low to exchange childish words with you,For what?

Yo stop being a coward,say what your problem is or shut up.Face your music,try to fix your marriage
(singing):And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting

Mr Gongo aso don did it this time,his last album couldnt cut it so now he
is beef inclined thats lame,he got fame backstabbing like Brutus Tradition album wouldnt sell,now he's selling rumours Rugged straff dancers?
Perhaps but him na single chap you tried do am too your marriage collapse

You had Toni Payne jumping taxis with your baby boy but she bought the first car
you drove Honda Baby boy,Now Toni Payne "used and dumped"
Jah Bless "used and dumped"
Cabasa "used and dumped"

we all know you's a chump,Rugged made you who you are now you wanna Baba diss
you cant sing,you are chanting incantations like a herbalist
Ask about T.Boi you need a line to him?I'll give you his number,
go ask him why Rugged fired him
Rule number one dont let it go to your head,me calling your name on a track is
something you should dread,something you should dread

CHORUS:CHANT: When i say 9ice,you say ingrate

9ice" "Ingrate" "9ice" "ingrate"
When i say bashorun you say gor "bashorun" "gor" "bashorun" "gor"
(singing)And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting,Ever lasting

VERSE 2:Talking about your girlfriend giving your best friend a blow job
the girl got a hoe job,you? you got no job,Your so called street credibilitys a scam
you've used up all the yoruba adages you can,You couldnt even spell your name right

you need to get a life,you couldnt keep it tight,you couldnt even keep your wife
Since you dwell on rumours,heres a few
i heard people say little birdy told me 9ice is gay,he swings both ways
Wande Cole slapped him,he got a crush on Don Jay (Don Jazzy)

Smokes jay,messed up Nelson Mandelas birthday,Calling Ruggedman a bastard
thats funny yo,i heard your mother abandoned you when you was 8months old
And your father threw you out to go live with your grandma,he suspected somebody else's did it with your mama.

Rule number two,dont get too full of yourself me calling your name on a track is bad for your health

CHORUS:CHANT: When i say 9ice,you say ingrate 9ice" "Ingrate" "9ice" "ingrate"
When i say bashorun you say gor "bashorun" "gor" "bashorun" "gor"

(singing)And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting ,Ever lasting
And the beef goes on (2X) 9ice you're so dumb,everlasting.Ever lasting

VERSE 3:What kind of father are you?I end the matter with you,so Baba dont gotta bother with you,He got you the money,he got you the wife,now i am taking the 9 out your name and putting you on ice Cos you are a scam artist,the sham artist I aim at you ,
you'll never hear me say "damn i missed"So when Zion grows up and asks
"Ta lo bi mi"(who is my father?)we gone tell him its one ingrate called 9 I.C.E

Only place you sound nice is when you asleep and snoring,only man who can smoke weed,sing and still sound boring

Rule number three never bite the hand that fed you,me calling your name on a track will likely dead you

(talk):Abeg commot for there,you think we dont know its your ex girlfriend you caught give person blow job?
Instead of you to open your mouth,you just keep quiet and let rumour mongers try to tarnish Ruggedmans image.

Dey tarnish your wife image,your own wife,mother of your own son wey born ur pikin?Man you are a wicked,evil ingrate.Wait self,you are asking about never hear Ruggedman new song "Sanwo"features Vino.

Make i even ask you guy,where is Jah Bless?Where is 2Phat?Where is Cabasa?Where's Toni Payne?Where's your child?Man tell us what your problem is guy,or straight up shut up.Oya you hayam Lizining.

Abolore my son,i sent you to school you dont know how to spell your name,N or 9? Olodo

Sebi you lied you owned H-Mans house where you were squatting before,H-Man is the landlord and you were a tenant.
This is Ruggedmans boy replying you o,we will diss you to death!