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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Gorilla who walks around on two legs

It's a known fact that gorillas share close to 95% of their DNA with humans. But it seems Ambam the Silverback may have found the other five - as he swaggers around his enclosure like a man. The 18-second clip, shot at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, shows the hulking ape walking upright on his hind legs, and has become an internet sensation. 
Source- Daily Mail UK

'The Nigerian Boy Who Conquered America': The King of Home Equity Fraud

A luxury suite at the W Hotel in Dallas is as good a place as any to conquer the world. At least it seemed that way in 2007 when Tobechi Onwuhara got the crew together. They'd meet there often, seven or eight of them. Some had nicknames from the Ian Fleming lexicon: C, Q, and E. Others were called Mookie, Orji, Uche. They would spread out on designer sofas and at the wet bar, open three-ring binders, and fire up laptops with hard-to-trace wireless cards. On a nearby table there'd be prepaid cellphones with area codes taped to them. A phone for Southern California. A phone for Northern Virginia. A phone for any place Onwuhara had found the "good money."