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Friday, November 12, 2010

‘I’m Sorry To Say, But 2face Is Empty’ – Sir Shina Peters

In a brief interview, conducted at TV Continental in Lagos, Shina Peters tells us ‘…I want to see someone like 2face to be very successful because everything is just name. But deep down, I’m sorry to say this, he’s empty and it’s not good for our artistes…

Dbanj and Snoop: Collabo For Real?

In recent weeks, D’banj has been constantly in the news for one controversy or the other. Notably was his scuffle with video director Clarence Peters few weeks back.

His outburst was reported to have resulted from the ‘ridiculous’ cost of N3m charged by Mr Peters for the shoot of his highly anticipated ‘Scapegoat’ video.

Sources say the ugly incident occurred on the set of MTV’s ‘REP NAIJA’ Video shoot, which the Capital Hill boss was directing. He walked Dbanj out of the set after the Scapegoat singer allegedly made some ugly remarks about him, Ill Bliss, MTV and DJ Tee.

Now the new buzz coming from the Mo’hits headquarters is the appearance of the Dogg father (Snoop) on Dbanj’s ‘Mr Endowed remix’. Fans, friends and the media are already asking questions – anticipating to know the truth about the collaboration as many are wondering if it’s not another alleged ‘doctored’ track like that of 2face’s ‘Flex’ with R.Kelly.

According to Don Jazzy’s Twitter status on Friday 29th October 2010, the collaboration is a fact.

‘Hi tweeps. So everyone is asking me about ENDOWED RMX ft snoop dogg. Good news is YES its true. Bad news is today is not the release date’, he Tweeted through his handle @donjazzymohits.

If this development is confirmed, then Mr Oyebanjo was with his right senses when he came out of the blues to declare his new nickname as Mr Endowed. And with the Koko Mobile, Koko Mattress and Koko Water still in the pipeline, it will be unfair to say D’banj’s newly acquired alias is not justified.

‘Mr Endowed remix should have been out last Friday but there are some internal issues being sorted out in Snoop Dog’s camp, that’s why it’s delayed. It will be released this week’, one of Mo’hits sons, D’Prince tells.

Snoop Dogg’s management had not responded to our E-mail enquiry to confirm the collaboration as at press time.



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