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Friday, September 24, 2010

IBB Shames Nigerians In Diaspora

•General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, a.k.a. IBB

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, a.k.a. IBB, kept Nigerians in diaspora who went to visit him in Minna, the Niger State capital, Nigeria, waiting for three days before seeing them.

The Nigerians in diaspora were brought to Minna by his ardent lackey, Chief Alex Akinyele, to show their support for his dream of becoming Nigeria’s president in 2011.

They were, however, kept waiting for three days despite Akinyele’s closeness to IBB. The Nigerians came from North Amerca and Europe to visit him.

The supporters were further embarrassed yesterday when he warned them not to address him as ‘His Execellency’ but ‘General’.

Babangida interrupted the Director of Media of the group when he addresed him as ‘Your Execellency’.

“ No. I have warned not to be addressed as ‘Your Excellency’. I prefer General. Alex Akinyele should have told you that,” IBB said.

The group, who claimed to be lovers and supporters of IBB in North America and Europe spent three days in Minna trying to see the General despite the closeness of Chief Alex Akinyele to IBB and his family.

“I am sorry I was told you spent three days waiting to see me. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was in Abuja to submit my nomination form,” said IBB.

Babangida later described the forthcoming 2011 general election as a war for the unity and progress of Nigeria.

He said he remains commited to his campaign and wants Nigerians in diaspora to be given a chance to vote and be voted for.

Chief Alex Akinyele, who led the group to IBB, descrbed critics of IBB’s eight years of dictatorship as those who are not well informed.

“All the misdirected academics and those professionals, comedians and those professional agitators and protesters rather than looking at the positive aspects of what you have done they pick just one point and they begin to roll on it over and over and over, which gives the impression that they are not well educated,” Akinyele told IBB.

He further said he has been called names in the media because of his alliance with Babangida, adding that he will not stop identifying himself with him.

Chairman of the Nigerians in diaspora North America and Europe for IBB, Ibrahim Balogun later presented an 18-seater bus and T-shirts bearing IBB’s campaign mantra to Babangida.


Ashton Kutcher allegedly cheats on Demi Moore

According to this week's Star Magazine, Kutcher Kutcher has been having an affair with 21-year-old Brittney Jones, who shared private text messages from the actor with the magazine.

"When's the next time you're gonna have an empty house?" Brittney wrote to Ashton.
"Not sure," he replied. "Maybe the end of the month." He then added, "I'm w/ my daughter."

"Ashton was really paranoid," Brittney told Star about the texts.

Last week, Star was the first to report the affair, claiming that Jones and Kutcher had sex on a couch while Demi was filming 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud,' her upcoming feature with Miley Cyrus.

Ashton and Demi married in 2005.

Demi left Bruce because he cheated right? Men and their wahala...
But is anyone surprised? I'm not...


Former IG Okiro To Run For Senate

62-year-old retired former Inspector-general of Police, Mike Okiro, yesterday publicly declared his intention to run for the sole senatorial seat in the Federal Capital Territory. He announced that he will contest on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).


Gay Pastor Escapes Mob Attack in Lagos

A 21 year old man, Elijah Adisa, who was accused of sodomising teenagers for ritual purposes, narrowly escaped being lynched by a mob at Amai Street, Amukoko, on Thursday morning. According to residents of the street, Mr Adisa, who was revered as a man of God, had been engaging in that act for a long time but luck ran out of him last week when his neighbours discovered he was having sex with one of the boys.

"We rushed to his house but he saw us coming and jumped the back fence of his house and ran away," said a resident of the street who did not want to be named. Mr Adisa was sighted on Thursday morning in the area and it took the timely intervention of the elders in the community to rescue him from a gathering crowd that had descended on him. He was subsequently taken to the house of the Baale (community leader) of the area where some of the youth in the area continued to torture him.

Hypnotic Act
Eyewitnesses accused Mr Adisa of hypnotising the boys before sleeping with them on a white cloth spread on the floor in his apartment.
Azeez Kareem, one of the boys who admitted being a victim of Mr Adisa's sexual acts, narrated what he experienced in his house. "One day we were going to the field to play football when this man called us. He asked our names and our religion, I said Islamic and my cousin said Christian. He said I should leave. I went and came back and they were preaching. I don't know what they are talking," said Master Azeez, 17.

"One day, I just enter the house and I saw one boy. He told the boy to go outside. He then said I should go and buy Atare (Alligator pepper). When I came back he said I should pull my clothes and lie down on the floor, there was a white cloth on the floor. I don't know what he was doing. When he did that finish, he said I should eat the alligator pepper but I did not eat it."

Residents said that Azeez's cousin, Tunde, who had moved in with Mr Adisa for several weeks, had become a changed person in recent times. "I just came back from school to see that my brother has started living with him. I didn't know him before. I asked my mother that this person that my brother is living with, did he know him somewhere before? She said no, that he is a prophet of God, that God sent him to help the boy. That was the first time I would meet that terrorist (Mr Adisa)," said Wale Razak, Tunde's elder brother.

Tunde was unavailable at the time of the incident; he had gone to write his General Certificate Examination papers. "He (Tunde) used to be a very noisy chap but since he began living with the terrorist he became a very quiet person, he changed completely. And we were thinking the man was really preaching to him, we never knew he was using juju on him."

Admission and Denial
In absolving himself of any wrong doing, Mr Adisa denied indulging in any ritual act. "Whatever they say, it is only God that really knows the truth. I did not run away, I went to the mountain to pray, at Osogbo. I only make sex with them," said Mr Adisa. "I started doing it just this month and I've slept with only two boys. There is nothing like ritual. I don't force them nor give them money and I don't spread anything on the ground."

The beatings that Mr Adisa received from the mob, prompted him to excrete on himself; and the gathered youth proceeded to rub his mouth on the excreta before stripping him naked. "It is very very bad and they say he is using it for money rituals. It has been going on for long but they just brought the matter to my attention and we have to take it very serious," said Jide Saliu, the Baale of Alafia.

"I have called the police under my jurisdiction. I will hand over everything to them. And I've talked to the Oba of Ijora and he said I should take the matter serious." It was gathered that police officers from the Pako Police Post, Amukoko, arrived the scene later and took Mr Adisa away for questioning.