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Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is the ‘Best’ Place to meet your Mate?

The other week, one of my fellow male colleagues in the office chided me for working late. According to him, my ambitious life style is one of the primary reasons behind my single status. “If you stay couped up in the office from morning to night and spend most of your weekends indoors how do you expect to find a boyfriend?” he asked rather bluntly. I stared back in silence, for two reasons. One, my father had said the exact same thing to me the week before and two; I was beginning to think they both might just be right!

I discussed my dilemma with a few friends and we came up with a list of the tree top places for such romantic encounters….

We all agreed that the best place to meet someone was at a quiet, laid back, ‘get-together’. This is primarily because at such gatherings everyone is usually ‘at ease’ and more likely to mingle than at elaborate events where people tend to stick close to their own crowd.

Coming a close second was at weddings. According to my friend Temi, this is because weddings remind single guys that they need to settle down and there are always ample amounts of single ladies looking extremely hot! Whether this is true or not is off course open for debate!

Third, but definitely not the least was the almighty hook up! Yes, I agree that this isn’t technically a place but according to my friends, having someone who knows you (flaws and all) hook you up with someone else they know well, could actually be a match made in the stars.

We also concluded that the most unlikely place to meet ‘the one’ was at a club. This is primarily because there are way too many alcoholic contents floating about and the last thing on any guys mind at that point is looking for a bride.

Personally, I’m not too sure about strategizing or mapping out certain places to frequent in order to ‘meet’ the one. Call me romantic or naïve but when I do finally meet him I want to be pleasantly surprised and not secretly thankful that my ‘plotting’ worked. Plus, I also believe there is something to be said for letting fate guide you along life’s path without you second guessing each and every turn.

But what do you guys think? Have my friends and I totally missed the plot with our list? Do you have any other places in mind? If you are married, where did you meet your mate?

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