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Monday, August 30, 2010

...If your child is gay?


Homosexuality is fast becoming a phenomenon worldwide. Even in Africa where hitherto it was unheard-of. The easiest explanation is perversion. At least in the layman’s understanding. Otherwise what would make an able-bodied man turn on another man in search of sexual gratification when a lot of women abound?

In the western world, it’s even a subject of legislation and has somewhat polarized developed societies. Familyline conducted a short survey to determine the disposition of parents on this vexing issue. Views of some respondents are presented below:

Mummy T
First and foremost, it is a devilish spirit, more terrible than that of dogs . There is no doubt about it. Before answering the question perse, what factors could make a child gay? Idleness is a factor .

When our children are idle, they become the devil’s tools. Secondly, not bringing them up in the fear of the Lord is not right. It is your foundation that determines the type of structure you would build on it. If the foundation is weak, whatever you have on it will definitely collapse.

Too much freedom can be dysfunctional. Children should not grow without proper supervision.
When a child becomes gay, the best thing is not to disown him. He needs counseling , parental attention and commitment. He needs God more than ever before. Such child needs to be re-generated in God’s way. Thorough intercessory prayers is required because it is evil in God’s sight.

In Islam, it is disgusting. That is why God provided us with the Sharia law. It’s not only meant for Moslems , but for everyone. No parents would be happy with such development . I only know that I would seek God’s help, as it is beyond me.

God forbid! Where would he inherit such? Any child that engages in such is destined for hell fire. Such a child needs serious prayers and counseling. Most times, the blame should be on parents. We shirk our responsibilities, get preoccupied with things we don’t need and give less attention to our homes. Sometimes, we are busy, but guilty. Since it has happened, the best way out of it, is to seek God’s mercy and grace. It’s absolutely a sad thing, but the only solution is God.

My child a gay? No, No, No. Biblically, we all know how immoral and disgusting act it is. Now, seeing him/her as one of them is an issue. No physical effort would solve it as it is a spiritual issue. I think a fervent prayer is just the only help here. No level of shouting or beating would do, no. I believe in God Almighty that He would take control.

May God have mercy on this generation. It’s a sign of the endtime, which we must as quickly as possible reject. The child should be committed to God Almighty for total deliverance, because he’s no doubt possessed with the evil spirit . May God help us.

My child will never be gay in God’s name. I would have laid for him a good foundation from the very beginning. It happens in most foreign countries and I heard there are some here in Nigeria. But in the Biblical era, they were destroyed and I know God will still destroy them should they fail to turn away from such a disgusting tendency.

Though homosexuals may persist in their perversion , their judgment is imminent. It shall descend on them just like in the days of Noah when they least expected.

It is apparently caused by an evil spirit. When one lacks the spirit of God, the demonic spirit finds the heart empty and occupies it. It further goes out and brings with it worse terrible spirits. And what happens? The end of such a fellow is worse than his beginning.
If I notice such tendency in my child, I won’t take it with levity.

The best way to correct a child is not to disown him. First, we must love him and pray ahead of any other step to be taken. Secondly, we should ask him what really motivated him to be gay. But to me, I think it is more of a spiritual and psychological problem. No sane person would be interested sleeping with or making love to people of same sex. It is absolutely uncalled for. I would first stop his education and seek divine solution to the problem before he/she continues school.

I have been hearing of gays, and I regard them as beasts and nothing more. It’s one of the signs of the end time. If my child is homosexual, which I know cannot be, I would not mind that he should be disciplined publicly. This would definitely change one or two things in him. After this, we can think of the way out.


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