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Friday, August 6, 2010

Is Third Mainland bridge collapsing?

Dilapidated Adekunle end of The Bridge, Lagos. Photo: Abiodun Omotoso

"I passed through the third mainland bridge yesterday when I was coming back home. And that was when someone was trying to find out from me - is it true that third mainland bridge is collapsing? Er at that time I was even driving through the third mainland bridge, so it is so crazy, so ridiculous that Nigerians are so unpatriotic, what they do is to create restiveness which don’t appear. And in the first instance, if anybody has information which is important like that there are criminals operating somewhere. We have several channels, security channels through which they can alert the police to get at those hoodlums. It is not to circulate such information to the whole world, if it actually happened, that is very very wrong…it never happened, it was a lie…the intention was just to create restiveness and fear. I don’t know what that person seeks to achieve. I think err it is most unfortunate." Lagos State Commissioner of Police Mr Marvel Akoyibo, speaking with Sahara reporters 4Th of Aug 2010

A text was recently sent out (by unknown person/people) asking motorists not to go through the bridge cos it's opened up.

God protect us all...

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