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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Caught in the act

Meryl & Sheila

The whole of Africa has not stopped talking about the girl to girl act in the all star‘s house. A few days before Kenya‘s Sheila was kicked out of the Mnet‘s Big Brother Africa, she and Namibia‘s Meryl made out under the same bed for over 30 minutes as the rest of the housemates were out there in the jacuzzi. Meryl and Sheila kissed, touched and did all silly things as the barn mates watched every move they made under the sheets.

This left all the barn mates perplexed because they watched a lot going down between these two.

This hurt Hanningtion so much that he kept on saying ‘‘I knew it‘‘ and he added that he wants to go back to the house. Yacob said that was cool because they showed them what viewers are able to see.

Tatiana said that it looks like it is not the first time they were doing, it looks like they have been at it all this while.

Story by Agency Reporter

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