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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Omosede Igbinedion's two-year-old marriage crashes

The two-year-old marriage between the daughter of business mogul, Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, Gabriella Omosede and a Benin Prince, Aven Akenzua, has crumbled.

Residents of Edoyaye Avenue off Osawe Street, Etete, GRA, Benin City, were some weeks back thrown into panic when armed mobile policemen, said to be acting on the order of the Esama stormed the palatial mansion of his in-law (Aven) in two lorries to evacuate his daughter’s belongings.

Aven, is a son to Enogie Uyieken Akenzua, the younger brother of the Oba of Benin, His Royal Highness, Oba Erediauwa and had against the wish of the Benin palace forged ahead and got wedded to Omosede, the eldest daughter of Lady Cherry Igbinedion.

The marriage produced a baby boy in 2009 and was widely celebrated by the house of Igbinedion in a grand style.
Although the reason for the separation is being kept as a top secret, a palace source who craved anonymity said the marriage probably crashed on the ground that the ancestors as epitomised by the Oba of Benin never gave their support and blessings as required by Benin tradition.

In what appeared to be a total disregard to the apparently disapproval of the Benin monarch to the marriage, Chief Igbinedion and Enogie Uyieken gave their son and daughter in an uncommon colourful royal traditional/church wedding on December 31, 2008 and January 5, 2009 respectively.

Consequently, the marriage was said to have triggered unprecedented vexation in Benin Kingdom as Oba Erediauwa eventually drew a battle line against his younger brother for daring to discard his advice.

The travails of Igbinediion, who has since been stripped of his Esama title by the Benin Traditional Council, started when without recourse to the Benin monarch, the traditional custodian of beads, single handedly gave out traditional beads to JP Patterson, former Prime Minister of Jamaica and co-visiting Aghantehene of Kumasi.

Igbinedion has since been declared “Oghion Oba” (Enemy of the Oba).

“The Royal Family and indeed all Binis are opposed to their sons or daughters marrying into the family of “Oghion Oba” Enogie Uyiekpen knows this. He was advised to postponed the engagement until Chief Igbinedion is granted pardon, Enogie Uyiekpen was aware that Chief Igbinedion plea for forgiveness is at present before the Omo N’Oba, but he ignored the advice for reason best known to him which made the family to snub the marriage,” a source said.

Tagged, ‘Marriage of reconciliation’ by Igbinedion, the union never ushered in the much-expected cordial relationship between the Benin palace and Igbinedion and was seen by many highly-placed Binis as an embarrassment to the esteemed Benin monarch.

Speaking with News Star, a top management staff of Independent Television (ITV), a broadcasting station owned by Igbinedion, who pleaded anonymity, said although he was yet to have a full detail of what actually transpired between the couple. He promised to get back to News Star which he never did.

“You know the man in question is a patron to the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). I will advise that you drop the story,” he said.

Another staff, who confided in News Star, said he also heard about the separation saga.

“We were terrified when we saw the heavily armed mobile police men, initially we thought it was a war situation, some of us ran for our dear lives,” said one of the neighbours of Prince Aven.

Story by newsstarng


Anonymous said...

O what a shame to Avan and his parents who has BLUE BLOOD flowing in them have allowed a common benin servant to embrass them, they are a shame to the Bini Royal Family and to the Great Benin Kingdom. It is a very unfortunate incident that up to light bulb was removed from the house to the extent that Avan was said to be arrested. WHO BORN MONKEY BANANA? OBA GHA TOR KPERE! ISE! LONG LIVE OUR ANCESTORS!

Admin said...

Thank you for commenting on this issue. It is a very important one as it involves the Royal family of Great Benin Kingdom. The Benin Kingdom is one of the most respected empires
In the world. OBA GHA TOR KPERE! ISE. My take on this issue will be for all indigenes of Edo State to respect and regard his Royal Highness. Oba Erediauwa. For he is our earthly ruler and commander of the great Benin people.

Anonymous said...

Shame on AVAN and his so-called father UYIEKPEN,only God can tell their reasons for ignoring the FATHERLY counsel of our very revered king EREDIAUWA,only to go dancing in the market square naked.''AIMUAN-OBA-EMWEN''

Admin said...

Yes it is really not good to Daunt the words of his Royal Highness. the Oba needs his followers to believe in him. Long live Oba of the Great Benin Kingdom. ISE...

Anonymous said...

it was obvious on d wedding day dat it was an arrangy wedding cos dey were like strangers 2 each oda,Avan needed money n igbinedion wanted d royal blood.itz a game 4 both sides.d wedding dat was anounced every sec,min n hr lik 4mths b4 d d-day??????????itz suppose 2 last 4 ever

Admin said...

Well I think the marriage was not destined to be and the great Oba foresaw this, that’s why he did not give his blessings. But how could the younger brother of our great King disobey his brother’s rule. We all should be loyal
To our great king and his immediate family should show example by not disobeying him. Long live the Oba of Benin..

Anonymous said...

hmmmm i dont know why people run into marriege and run out. may God help us we the binis and my our king live long. amen

Gino said...

yea long live Oba of benin. May God help us

Anonymous said...

Look the guy avan or wateva is a thief, suing ur not so honest father in law for N500 million is a joke. Why did the obas brother defy him? Simple money. Every1 knows tha igbinedion is a social climber and he does it well, after all only he can boast of gov for a son, more money than sense, a house in the best part of London , all wid no education. Omo had a guy that she was dating george wea and every1 was shouting he's too old, but at least he was not a gold digger. Believe it or not Omo was jus obeying orders. As that Avan he is just a common thug related to royalty, further more social climbing is not a crime, it's not it a way of life in England and it how English royalty have survive.

Anonymous said...

benin people una too can avan be arrested a royal blood 4 that matter.the guy was busy flezing his life in abuja while igbinedion and omosede busy stealing bulbs and cooking utensils from his house wat a shame