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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New York bed bugs invade UN building

Mayor worried about their effect on city's global image

UNITED NATIONS - New York's bed bug epidemic has struck the UN headquarters which confirmed Wednesday that the dreaded insect has been detected.

The blood-sucking bugs have been found at landmarks such as the Empire State building, department stores such as Bloomingdales, big name hotels and the Carnegie Hall in recent months and authorities have warned the problem is worsening.

A UN spokesman said the insects were found on October 22 in the library at the world body's headquarters and one week earlier on the upper floors of the HQ. An infestation in 2009 led to an outer building being fumigated. The spokesman stressed however that no staff had reported being bitten.

"We continue to follow the expert advice of our exterminator specialist making further tests with the bed bug sniffing dog to more fully assess and manage the problem," said the spokesman.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed concern this week about the effect the brown insects are having on the city's global image.

The bed bug's bite is a little painful rather than dangerous, but inhabitants are scared because the creature mainly attacks when people are asleep.


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