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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

+18: Sexual Seduction: Does the 'size' of your man matter?

This is a sexual question.. I don't know if you will think its an odd question coming for a girl but... does size matter to a guy??

Yes, it definitely does. For several reasons. One reason is that men are very competitive and like to be better than other men. Another reason is magazines, you know magazines put pressure on women to be thin and attractive. Well the magazines put pressure on men to have six packs, muscular bodies and big body parts. Then of course there are women who also put pressure on a guy to go to the gym, have a six pack and muscular body and that big body part that you talk about.

For example: my first boyfriend was quite well-endowed, we were together for ages and i was used to his size, the sex was great. Now we've broke up and i recently started a sexual relationship with a guy who is a lot less well-endowed. well it has made a difference for me.. i don't really feel him inside me the way i did with my previous boyfriend. But i can live with it..

Yes, the thing is it's very rare that you would find a bloke that's absolutely perfect, that you can tick all the boxes. One bloke you might have immense fun with and your personalities really do match, but he has a small one. Another bloke may have a big one, provide you with brilliant sex but you can't tolerate his personality and he bores you to death. The truth is you need to stick with a guy that you are comfortable living with, the best option you can find, no guy is really going to be perfect in all categories.

Rather curiously my last girlfriend said that her ex had a big one and she didn't enjoy sex with him because it was painful, then she followed up with you are quite big as well (what she meant by that, I don't know). So I think maybe some women do not like big guys.

what worries me more is that maybe HE doesn't feel much when he's inside me.

The truth is that when guys have sex with a woman in this way, they usually only get one orgasm and that's when they come. It can be good sometimes but really this is the same old sex that guys have all the time, so it can become boring.

He seems to always want a blow-job and sometimes i wonder if thats because he finds it more satisfying than having sex with me!!

A blow job is just so much more satisfying to a man than most other sex acts. There are many things about it that are just so good. There are all the different textures and different feelings and you don't know what you are going to feel next. A woman uses her tongue, lips, mouth, fingers and hands, all of which provide these different feelings and textures. It's also a very intimate act to a man, because a woman is dedicated enough to the relationship to be able to put her mouth on this part of his body. The feeling lasts much longer and there is much more scope for him to have many more orgasms.

When he's having normal sex, he has to concentrate on you and make sure you are enjoying it, concentrate on controlling his muscles and pushing himself in and out, concentrating on what position to go into next and he only really gets a slight buzz for a few seconds occasionally when he touches you inside. All this requires sensory overload and in general satisfying himself is just one of many things his body and brain is concentrating on.

In contrast a blow job, he can just relax his muscles, lay back and enjoy himself while you pamper him and it really is a good mental feeling as well that a woman actually decides to take the initiative and take control of him and give him some pleasure without him having to worry about all those other things.

I don't want to ask him about this but please tell me what you think.

I'm not sure whether he doesn't feel anything when he is inside you, but I can tell you that most if not all men prefer blow jobs to normal sex, because men get much more of a concentrated and longer lasting buzz from it. Yes, it maybe that your guy gets even less out of sex with you because of his size and so prefers a blow job more often than other guys. But to be honest most guys would much rather have a blow job every sex session than having to spend the whole sex session looking after the woman's sexual needs.

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