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Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo of the day. Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon

haven't only been told I have a grammatical swagger by the youth but also that I am a fashion trendsetter. Hope you like my new picture

Yes we like it
Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon. The Nigerian Parliamentarian who speaks big big grammar. I'm sure you all know him

Some of his tweets when you continue:

There are a lot of questions to be answered fools to be castigated and calamities to be discussed. As soon as my assidous weeks are over

Ob Owie the people of Nigeria. I have been acutely bombarded with the force of immense task. I do it because I amour my country with my all.

To anyone who dare questions a Politician. The quagmires of Politics is no joke

A 16oz cup of Milo with an hint of condense milk should do the abaracadabra

Words to describe my day: Distressed, enervated, exasperated, brain fag, debility, enervation, ennui, fatigation, languor, lassitude

If she doesn't let you infiltrate her bom bom after that line, then she is hopeless with a hint of homosexuality

Of head scatters! Each sensor in my dome harmonizing to your embodiment with the tune, shege!

You are Gods masterpiece of sugar-coated palatableness that illuminates an essence of Cleopatra beauty that puts me in a state

lol...this man will not kill person. Follow him @HonPatrickO and laugh your ass out

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