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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top 5 Nigerian Female Singers

If you’ve been on twitter over the 2 past months, you’ve probably seen all kinds of top 10 rapper lists. From MI, to DJ MightyMike, to Ovie of NotJustOk, and DJ DeeMoney. Everyone had some sort of top 10 rapper list, and various opinions were brought as well as rebuttals. That’s all good and dandy, and I’m not going to drop another rapper list for you. I think by now we know who is hot and who’s not. Instead I’ll be shedding love to the ladies of vocal power in Nigeria. Too often we get caught up in this male dominated industry that we forget that the women are also making their impact in there.

This list is not an attempt to diss anyone or neglect talent, and for the most part it’s my opinion (Aribaba). I did however get validation from a mini sample set of music listeners to get a more refined list. This isn’t really a popularity contest, so just because someone is popular doesn’t mean she will be number 1. Without too much long gist, here goes…


5. Eva D’Diva
In some ways, folks might be puzzled by my #5 pick, but like I said earlier, this is far from a popularity contest, and so in my opinion and the opinion of a few others, Eva D’Diva (EVAEZI OGORO) deserves to be on here. After listening to her song “God Hand” a few months ago, I was more than convinced that she has to be one of the top female voices in Nigeria. Here’s a little kicker though; 13 years ago her voice box was crushed after a ghastly auto accident. Today, her voice can move furniture in a banquet hall. Under her belt are a slew of hits including “God Hand”, “Na So”, “Mo Fe Be.” She’s been nominated for numerous awards, and has nice collection of hardware in her possession. Don’t take my word for it though… Check her out on our music player & on you-tube.


4. Waje
The first time I heard Waje (Waje Iruobe) on P-Square’s “Do Me” I wasn’t really moved in all honesty. I guess the gbedu aspect of the jam kinda drowned her vocals out, but then years went by, and then I heard “For A Minute”, “Thief My Kele” by Banky W, “So Inspired” and a few other features, and I was sold on her. She has that star factor that any singer wants; A consistent voice that never disappoints. My favorite work from her is “So Inspired.” Her album is one I’m definitely waiting for. Doubt me? Check her out. She’s all over this site.


3. Omawumi
*Sigh*. My beautiful, wonderful crush, Omawumi (Omawumi Megbele). If I wanted to do partia I’ll put her at #1, but I’ll refrain from that. Omawumi has probably had the biggest year of anyone on this list, and for good reason. Omawumi the semi finalist of West African Idol 2007, burst into the scene shortly after the show, and gave us a wonderful track, “In The Music” where she seriously stamped her name in our minds as a voice to be reckoned with. I don’t really think I need to justify this pick too much. The proof is in the music. Her songs, Love Nwantinti, Today na Today, and Niger Delta speak for themselves. Probably my favorite work from her is what she did on Da Grin’s “Thank God”. Her hook took that song from a level 8 to a level 12. Omawumi na pure talent and there’s no denying that.


2. Asa
If this was based on success alone, Asa would be #1. She is probably the most successful female artist of the past 2-3 years. Hit after hit, she’s proved that she is here to stay. I see her being very relevant in the next 10 years. With Asa it’s not just about the vocal ability, but the intangibles she possesses with her music. She is a musician in the true sense of the word. 2 albums under her belt, and multiple hits including, Jailer, Be My Man, There’s a place, Fire On The Mountain… I mean do I need to continue? No I don’t. You get the point.


1. Lara George
I have a feeling some people might jump on my #1 pick, but nah that one concern you…jk. I’ve seen a lot of performers live, including some on this list, and no one… I mean no one (no offense to other singers) can hold a candle to Lara George on stage. This gospel artist flies under the mainstream radar, but anyone that has heard her sing knows that she’s the real deal. Her hits include “Nobody Like you”, “Ijoba Orun”, “Forever in my heart” just to name a few. Still not convinced? Just ask a friend that was at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2010 in New York. They are all living (i hope) testimonies to her vocal power on stage. Or better yet, ask the good people at BET; Yes she was featured on BET Now earlier this year. Check out my #1 female singer in naija Lara George – Nobody Like You.

Close calls in no particular order:

Tiwa Savage – Still waiting for an over the top tune from her. Solid work so far though.

Lami – Love her work. If this was top 7 she’d definitely be in it.

Chidynma – One more song from her that is 80% as good as Obimmo and she’ll jump to #3 for me.

Well there you have it. My top 5 female singers in Naija. This is mostly my opinion with some input from a few music listeners I know. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me… actually I predict only about 20% of the readers of this post will agree with me. So you have an issue? Drop a comment and let me know what your top 5 is, or who you are pissed off is not on the list. Or maybe you feel I know nothing about music… Let me hear it. I would insert 9ice’s famous line, but it’s getting played out. Peace.

*Look out more top 5s*

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