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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We will shut down Nigeria - The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)

“There is no going back on the strike. We are going to shut down everything, including the airspace. What can stop the strike is if President Goodluck Jonathan immediately sends the draft bill on the minimum wage agreement to the National Assembly to be passed into a law.” - The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said, as it vowed to shut down the country with effect from 12 midnight on Tuesday.

Trade Union Congress and NLC want the minimum wage to go from - 7, 500 to N18, 000 and have threatened to embark on a three-day warning strike starting from today.

What our president had to say about the minimum wage when you continue...
“I know that even if you leave the minimum wage at N18,000, there will still be increase along the line, the Federal Government will still effect it. If we are able to move from N7,500 to N17,000, the difference of 1,800 should not result to labour issues or strike. So, we are engaging labour now to work out the issues. If it was salary increase, I don’t think we will be discussing this matter but this is minimum wage, because it is minimum wage, it has to pass through all the sections of government as specified by law. It must go to the National Assembly because the law must be made and the minimum wage does not affect only government employees and that is what Nigerians should know, this is because the private sector is also involved.” - President Goodluck Jonathan.

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