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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abia State Notorious Kidnapper, Osisikankwu Killed By Soldiers


The soldiers drafted to Abia State to halt the kidnappings in the state on Sunday killed the state’s most notorious kidnapper, Mr. Obioma Nwankwo, nicknamed Osisikankwu. The criminal was killed at Ugwuati Evil Forest when his gang engaged security forces in a gunfight according to Army spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa.

Osisikankwu and his gang of kidnappers had terrorized Abia residents before the Federal Government deployed troops to quell their activities. He and members of his gang had been in hiding since the troops arrived in the state in September after the kidnap of journalists. - The Will Nigeria


agbede said...

terrible! the guy has met his water loo. thank GOD!

Get Nigerian Jobs said...

Yea pretty good for him. Thanks bro.