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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"I don't do drugs" Majek Fashek

"No, I don’t do drugs. I use spiritualism. I’m spiritually filled. I smoke Igbo and I drink. I drink a lot. But I'm trying to cut down" Majek Fashek said when asked he's on drugs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i dont do drugs. i use spiritism yet i smoke 'igbo' and drink a lot. the million dollar question here is who is fooling who? is 'igbo' not drugs and yet a man who is supposed to be a social reformer says smoking 'igbo' is not the same as doing drugs!!! somebody should please tell majek fashek to take a good look at his pixs in his "send down the rain" album era and now in his 'igbo' and 'alcholic' drinking era and i bet him that he will weep for what he has become!!! michael jackson may have spent a fortune in enhancing his monster looks, but majek fashek is fast aquiring that same look with cheaper price tags. what a shame and waste!!!