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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Patience Jonathan Secret Visits to T.B. Joshua Worries SSS

The church is ground and pillar of truth. Folks attend church services for different reasons; but a unique feature among all church goers is that they go there to meet a need. Nevertheless need vary from one individual to another, while some go to church to fellowship with God and satisfy their spiritual needs; others attend church services with the prospect of landing a husband or wife. For some others, church is place to network and display their latest wares.

Among these aforementioned, none, attend church services in disguise, which begs the question, why Nigeria`s first lady, Patience Goodluck Jonathan has to conceal her identity each time she visits T.B. Joshua`s Synagogue Church of All Nations.

The President’s wife, Patience, has met with T.B. Joshua three times, since she became first lady of the federal republic of Nigeria.

A highly placed source within the church who preferred to remain anonymous, said,

“Though the president had not met with Joshua for any reason since he became the first citizen of the country, his wife had visited the church three times”.

According to the source, the first lady’s interest in the man of God began when he accurately predicted the death of the former President, Umar Musa Yar’Adua, the week he was rushed from Nigeria to a hospital in Saudi Arabia.Prophet Joshua in his usual prayer session that afternoon told the congregation and Nigerians to pray for the soul of the President.

He also told them that the country needed prayers because he was saw darkness enveloping her as he was looking at a basket covered with the colours of the Nigeria flag.

Before the former President fell ill and when he was persuading the militants of the Niger Delta region of the country to accept his amnesty offer, TB Joshua had stated that the militants were only fighting because they were oblivious of God’s plan for them. According to him, somebody from the region would emerge on the seat of power unexpectedly.

“So as someone who was favored by the prophesy, the woman decided to sometimes visit the church whenever the need arose.

The source also confides that the second time the first lady visited the church was when her husband became the substantive president and the Prophet was said to have declared that Jonathan would later be interested in the presidency and that his decision to contest might pitch the southern part of the country against the north.

He therefore warned the president not to declare any intention till the after August this year.

“If you remember, the president was lukewarm to the issue of his ambition and he left Nigerians guessing his future moves.

“It was because of the prophesy that he delayed. And you could see what has been happening in the political environment even before he declared his willingness to contest for presidency,” the source said.

She visited not too long ago and has been in communicating with the Prophet. But is it a crime for a person to be religious in Nigeria?” The source asked.

However, the first lady’s visit had always been shrouded by her.It was learnt that she always visited the church with only two security operatives and this had been giving the Lagos state secret security service, SSS some concern.

The operatives, the source say, are concerned of her safety and as a result, they had asked the church to compile the list of both local and foreign politicians and political office holders who visit the church.

However, the list is still being prepared.

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