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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stolen Benin Mask to be sold For £5 Million In London in 2011

A 16th century ivory mask looted by the British during an invasion of Benin in West Africa (Nigeria) in 1897 is set to go for £5 Million at auction at Sotheby's ( Phone :+44 (0) 20 7293 5000) in London. It was kept by the family of British commissioner Lt Col Henry Galway and recently resurfaced  

The auction has been fixed for February 17th, 2011 at Sotheby's in London with a guide price of £5m and some Nigerians want to protest the sale.

If you want to protest too, then go here to sign the petition


agbede yonkupa said...

This is a wonderment!
oh,the mask from d great Benin kingdom-Ugodomigodo representative.
what a huge amount of money looted from d Benin kingdom by the British.
Nigerians that can protest should pls do so,cos we need it back,it is our property,not the British's.

Admin said...

my broda Yonkupa, no be small thing oh. I wish they could retrieve it back to Benin. Thanks bro for commenting.

agbede yonkupa said...

the oba of benin should not allow it be sold.if must to be sold,he should try to buy it back.the mask belong to the great benin kingdom.

Admin said...

yea Agbede, the matter will be taken up. People have started championing there minds. It will not be bought back, they will return it without paying any penny. How wicked the British are.