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Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Tell Us What Your $200m Donation To Entertainment Industry Is Meant For" Tunde Obe to FG

I’m yet to understand what the money’s meant for. Who’s to manage the funds? Who’s to account for the funds? I’m a very active member of this industry, and if I can’t answer these questions with my level and reputation in the industry, I wonder what my younger colleagues would understand about the 200 million US Dollars. Maybe in subsequent months, somebody would be able to break it down for us on how the funds is to be utilized because it is Nigeria’s money. You can’t just say you want to give people money, what is it for? Is it a loan? And if it is, what are the modalities involved? How do you get access to these funds? Would such money be available in 20 years for another generation of this industry? I mean it’s not clear to me and the government should come out to explain what it is all about to us,” - Tunde Obe

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