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Friday, December 17, 2010

Why lesbianism thrives in Nigerian universities

Higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, degrees are awarded after students have been found worthy in character and learning. But with the level of moral decadence that has set in, one cannot but wonder whether graduating students still fulfill the clause on the certificate most of them brandish.

The days of “Aristo”, where female students are packaged for rich men outside their campuses seem to be fading away gradually. It is a modernized form of prostitution used by female students to meet their financial needs. There are also tales of students who went into “Aristo runs” just for the sake of adventure. It is an open secret that girls from higher institutions attend social functions just to be noticed by rich patrons who would thereafter pay for being kept company by such girls.

Though the Aristo bug is a vice that has eaten deep into institutions of higher learning, Street Journal’s investigations have revealed that lesbianism, which is the female version of homosexuality, has taken root in almost all tertiary institutions. The act, which many believe is alien to African culture, has become so acceptable to those involved in it that they even flaunt their lesbian partners.

The male-female relationship seems to be going out of vogue in many Nigerian schools. In most institutions, those involved in the act include poor students, who are often in it to get attached to rich partners; some students from affluent backgrounds are also involved too. With their financial muscles, they attract and lure other female students to bed. There is also a third category of those who are doing it just to catch their fun.

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