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Sunday, May 15, 2011

She's not my daughter

Genevieve and her ‘daughter’

Superstar actress Genevieve Nnaji has come out to clear the air, stating that her look-alike teenager who posed in a picture uploaded online recently with her, was one of her teeming fans and not her daughter either
The actress offered this explanation, as internet boggers are drawing conclusion that the beautiful teenager is her daughter.
Genny had a daughter at the age of 17, whom she has not allowed to grow up in the public eye. But reacting to the picture on her Twitter page, Genny was quoted as denying the fact that the young girl was not her daughter. She writes , “ well, while some hv decided to allow thir curiosity gt the better part of dem and be gullible to jist about anything, some people however still do as they pls and not give in to pressure of any kind.

My everything else dat is personal to me, is a prvt matter and as such wld be treated a bit more delicately dan dis when “WE” r good and ready and not a day earlier.
“The girl in d photo is a fan of mine and a pretty one at dat. Shikina! Pls tweEVEs!! U really need to stop believing everything u read so no one succeeds in making a fool of us. Deal?” Indeed, while the internet is wash with discourse on the picture, the question remains, whether Genny is really telling the world the truth about her relationship with the damsel

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