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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Omowunmi Akinnifesi
No doubt, this Ex. Beauty Queen, Omowunmi Akinnifesi is one of the show-stoppers in Nigeria at the moment. The controversial leggy queen of beauty who has denied ever romancing Ambassador Kema Chikwe’s son known as Naeto C was at a party recently on Lagos Island and her beauty couldn’t save her from the disgrace she got when she stormed the place without an invite and she was gated.

According to the story, Omowunmi was invited by a friend to the event only for her to get to the venue very late and even without an invite. gathered that in a bid to cover her shame, she tried reaching her friend, on her phone, who was obviously grooving inside but the noise, we learnt, didn’t allow her friend to notice on time until about 40 minutes later and the friend came for her rescue and took the very angry Miss Akinnifesi into the wedding reception. Her wretchedness was later compounded when she got inside the auditorium to discover that her dressing was completely out of place.

Those who sighted her in such an odd dress sense couldn’t fail to register their disappointment. “Didn’t she know before she left the house that she was coming for a big society wedding of this magnitude? How could she have dressed in that manner?” These and many more were the rhetorical questions on the lips of some big wigs that graced the event as well.

In a very devastated manner, Omowunmi couldn’t even leave her seat as she was behaving like a fowl drenched by heavy rain.

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